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Do you fancy a cocktail? Take it in Torremolinos
21 June, 2019
The Inca Mill, a garden to loose yourself among springs, birds of prey and plants.
17 July, 2019

10 romantic plans to enjoy in Torremolinos

torremolinos en pareja

In our city you will find plans for everyone, because love is everywhere … especially in Torremolinos. If you come with your couple, you will enjoy the sunset while walking along our magnificent beaches, or make cultural visits with a lot of charm, sports plans, as they say, that couples who do sport together, keep close and you will end up discovering some of the most valued Restaurants by our visitors and neighbours on TripAdvisor, for a complete and unforgettable experience on the most romantic evenig of the year.

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Enjoy the sunset on the beach

Torremolinos has more than 300 sunny days a year and thanks to the good weather, it is always a perfect romantic plan to enjoy a sunset at any of its beaches. From Playamar Beach, very close to the center, walk through Carihuela Beach, if you want to breathe the seefaring flair, in one of the most traditional neighbourhoods of our city. In addition, because of its sand, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Orson Welles and Frank Sinatra were enchanted during the 50s and 60s. If you walk to the east, you will find La Punta or Morro de Torremolinos, the natural monument that divides our promenade in two. On the other side, you will find Playa del Bajondillo that has a pedestrian access from the center. We recommend to go down the famous Cuesta del Tajo, where handicraft lovers can enter the many shops along the way.

A cocktail after a walk around Los Alamos

Another perfect option, if you want to continue enjoying the beach, is going to Los Alamos, which although it is the furthest beach from the center, stroll along its promenade and finish the evening drinking a delicious cocktail in any of the beach bars that you will find on your way. Chill-out music, leisure and gastronomic offers, make this area a perfect environment to enjoy a romantic date.

torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja

Romantic selfies with the Pimentel tower in the background

In Torremolinos you will find multiple corners with a perfect aesthetic to take a photograph with your partner. In this post we are going to recommend you a very special one, for its night lighting and monumental history. It is the Pimentel Tower, which dates from the 13th century, the Nasrid period and keeps the secret of the name of Torremolinos. It is located between San Miguel street and Cuesta del Tajo, if you continue walking you will end up in front of the sea, on Bajondillo Beach.

We also tell you a secret, if you have forgotten to buy your partner a little gift, next to the tower you will find many shops where you could do it.

To enjoy the visit of the Navajas House

The Navajas House is another of those unique corners of Torremolinos. It is a mansion from the year 1925 with neomudejar style which deserves a photo with your partner because of its beautiful facade, interior and sea views. Visit it on Valentine’s Day and it will make you to fall in love!

In addition, on many days cultural activities are held here without entrance free.

Let yourself be carried away in the Botanical Garden “Molino de Inca”

If you follow the Pines Wood Path (Camino de los Pinares), you will find this magnificent Botanical Garden. We advise you to visit it without looking at the clock, enjoying its magical corners. Also if you like Asian culture, in the Molino de Inca you will find a small space to travel to Asia without leaving Torremolinos. The Japanese Garden will attract you with the sound of water, the main focus of the garden.

And you will wonder, if I do not have a partner, what can I do here? Inside the Botanical Garden you will find almost a thousand plant species and a dozen of different birds, so whether or not you are in love, it is always a good option. Of course, if you are, sit next to the natural maze in the center of the complex and immortalize the moment for eternity. And hey, if you’re looking for a beautiful, magical place with perfect aesthetics to propose, do not hesitate, you’re in one of the most romantic areas of Torremolinos. This is the reason why the most top wedding photographers choose this scenario.

torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja

Boat ride in Battery Park

If you go to Madrid and someone asks you for something romantic to do as a couple, you inevitably think of El Retiro park and its boat rides. Well, in Torremolinos we have our own retreat, where in addition to being carried away by the romanticism of taking a boat ride on its large lake, you can enjoy its beautiful gardens and one of the best views of the city, from the watch tower which is 15 meters high and has a lift so you don´t get weary during your romantic visit. We are talking about Battery Park.

It is located in the North of La Carihuela, next to Montemar Alto train station, it has more than 74,000 square meters and one of its attractions is a magnificent venetian style carousel, which in addition to fascinate the youngest of the house, also it is loved by everyone who keeps his inner child alive.

Cañada del Lobo Natural Viewpoint

As there are plans for all tastes, why not enjoy a bit of hiking with your couple? If you are one of those who takes a backpack every weekend to discover nature, you have to take the route of the Water Trail that connects with the Great Path of Malaga and the natural viewpoint of Cañada del Lobo. From here you can enjoy see the best views of Malaga bay and Torremolinos. The wolf sculpture, will be a witness and a special spectator of your particular love story.

Horse ride

For those who like to live new experiences, you can start in the world of horses and enjoy a magnificent walk through the natural paths of Torremolinos. In El Camino del Pilar you will find El Ranchito Riding Club where you can book a ride for two. If you have never ridden a horse, do not panic because they are specialists and they will train you so that you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

torremolinos en pareja
Parque de la Bateria

Golf Baptism

Costa del Sol is also known as Costa del Golf because of the incredible conditions that it has for practising this sport. If you have never practised it, a golf baptism could be a new experience to live a different date with your partner. In Torremolinos, the perfect place is Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf Academy, where they will teach you how to take the first shots and get a good swing.

A romantic dinner in one of the 10 most valued restaurants in Torremolinos on TripAdvisor

There is nothing more romantic than a dinner in a good restaurant. Torremolinos has a wide range of cuisine all year and, of course, you can not leave without tasting the delicious espetos (small sardines) you will find at any of the beach bars on our beaches. If you are looking for the most valued by our visitors and neighbours, we leave the 10 restaurants with the best scoring on TripAdvisor. In addition to varied, they are for all budgets. Surely you will find a Restaurants that will be the final touch on your perfect date.

  • Ibiza Style Bar Restaurant located on 4, Skal street, downtown, it is the most valued by tourists and people fromTorremolinos. You could enjoy grilled dishes.
  • Meatina Steakhouse, on 65, Decano Higueras del Castillo street, La Carihuela, it is a small family restaurant specialised in grilled meat.
torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja
  • Caliu Restaurant, situated in 18, España avenue, Montemar. In it, you will find a varied menu of Mediterranean cuisine. If you choose the Caliu, your partner will be surprised.
  • The Carvery, on 2, Saltillo street, Montemar, it is a modern restaurant, specialised in meats and English dishes.
torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja
  • Mmmmmmmm!!!, located on 4, Lido avenue, Playamar. Specialised restaurant in Belgian cuisine.
  • Casero, on 4, Skal street, Pueblo Blanco, downtown area. Specialised in Mediterranean food. Its distinctive touch is the home cooked food, as its name indicates.
  • The Wala Room, on 1, La Toja Street, Local 7, Los Alamos. It stands out among the first on TripAdvisor as this restaurant offers a different concept, based on healthy life betting on a vegan and raw food.
torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja
  • Spice Grill, situated on 18, Bulto Street, La Carihuela. It is another restaurant with a different concept that mixes Indian and Mexican cuisine.
  • Bistro Tia Chiara, in 3, La Nogalera street, downtown area. The home-made pasta highlights in its menu.
  • Vintage 8, on 2, Antonio Navajas Ruiz Street, Bajondillo. Gourmet restaurant specialised in Halal cuisine making a Spanish-Moroccan fusion.
torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja
torremolinos en pareja

If you choose any of these plans, your date will be surely unforgettable. But if you come without a partner, don´t worry, everything we recommend here, it is also a perfect plan to be enjoyed on your own.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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