5 schrijvers die verliefd werden op Torremolinos
27 octubre, 2020
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30 octubre, 2020

5 writers who fell in love with Torremolinos

Many writers and poets have fallen in love with Torremolinos over several decades and have found a total inspiration for their works in our streets, our coast and our people. In this post, we will list you 5 writers who one day fell in love with our city.

Poetry inspired by Torremolinos

the Hotel Castillo de Santa Clara, which from the top of the Morro, was home to many personalities connected to the world of books. Among its illustrious guests it welcomed in 1928 the poet of the Generation of 1927, Luis Cernuda. The landscape with sea views and the tranquility of Torremolinos inspired the Sevillian poet more than one poem. Among them stands out «Anticipated Elegy», dedicated to the cemetery of Torremolinos. Although he probably wrote it during his time in Torremolinos, the poem did not see the light until the poet was in exile, in his book «As who waits for the dawn.»

Escritores que estuvieron en Torremolinos

He also remembered Torremolinos in «El indolente» ( The Sluggard ), where, under the pseudonym Sansueña, we see our city reflected in the late 1920s. 

Escritores que estuvieron en Torremolinos

He was not the only poet in love with Torremolinos, as many of his colleagues from the Generation of 1927 strolled through its streets.
It is therefore not surprising that the city has hosted the historical magazine of the time «Litoral», founded by the poets Manuel Altolaguirre and Emilio Prados. Dedicated exclusively to poetry in its beginnings, it appeared in the fall of 1926 with collaborations from Federico García Lorca, José Bergamín, Jorge Guillén and Gerardo Diego. Few know that «Litoral» is published in Torremolinos, under the direction of Lorenzo Saval.

Escritores que estuvieron en Torremolinos

Michener’s passion for Torremolinos

The Pulitzer Prize winner was a lover of our city and his book Iberia, a book in which he showed his great passion for Spain, put us in the spotlight for North Americans who were eager to discover the wonders of Spain and Torremolinos. But Michener was attracted not because of the shores, but because of the people. In 1971 Michener published a new novel, entirely inspired by Torremolinos, with the name «The Drifters». The Spanish publishers changed the title to «Hijos de Torremolinos».

Escritores que estuvieron en Torremolinos

«La isla» (The Island) by Juan Goytisolo

In 1961, Juan Goytisolo, the Catalan writer, settled his island in Torremolinos, where the protagonist, Claudia Estrada, spends part of the summer in our city with her husband, although their marriage depends only on appearance. Scenarios such as the «El Remo club», the «Pez Espada hotel» and the «El Mañana» party room are shown. The generational contrast and the contrast between rich and poor are evident somewhere in the novel.

A Torremolinos love story by Sánchez Dragó

Born in Madrid and winner of the Planeta award, the writer Fernando Sánchez Dragó inspired the world of Eldorado in Torremolinos. A book, based on a true story, that would see the light many years after it was written and whose title refers to the bar where he met the main character. As he related years later, the book was inspired by the love story he experienced during a military leave in Torremolinos in 1959, which he calls paradise. The novel tells in 327 pages what happened during those three months in Torremolinos, thanks to the voices of Laura and Jaime.

Escritores que estuvieron en Torremolinos

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