Torremolinos opens Boulevar. A new urban center where you can walk and buy
13 mayo, 2019
Arquitectura Relax Torremolinos Blog
Torremolinos, principal exponente de la Arquitectura del Relax
13 mayo, 2019

A few days ago we revealed the first part of a blog where we want to show you the main reasons to come to Torremolinos. We could give you a million, but we summarize them in 50. Here, it is the second part of a blog that begins in this post.

A cinema city.

Torremolinos gathers wonderful charms to be the perfect setting. And the producers and the big audience series know it. Perhaps for this reason, our city has been the protagonist of mythical films and today, it continues to be so. Las Aventuras del Barbero de Sevilla, Cuidado con las Señoras, El Puente, Vampire Blue, Toro, Brigada Costa del Sol have been shot here.

In addition, the cinema is very present in our cultural programming. If you come in summer, do not miss our programming Cinema on the Beach, because watching a good movie by the sea is priceless.

Comfort in accommodation and fully renovated hotels.

A renovated hotel for all tastes is waiting for you. And there are very different types, so that you are at the moment you are, you can feel as comfortable as if you were at home. All inclusive hotels, family friendly, LGBT, only adults, thematic, holiday apartments. Search what you seek, you will find it.

A relaxing experience to pamper yourself.

With more than 25 specialised beauty centers, Torremolinos has the latest trends in beauty & care. Spa centers, with personalised treatments, for leisure and health.

A destination to forget about stress and rest.

Torremolinos offers unique places that will make you move to other places, such as El  Molino de Inca Botanical Garden and its Japanese Garden or La Bateria Park. Escape with the best sunsets while you have a coffee in one of the beach clubs that you will find on our promenade.

Events to enjoy all year and for all ages.

No matter how old you are and come to Torremolinos when you come, you will find a combination of popular festivals, traditions and events to enjoy the good atmosphere. Pilgrimage of San Miguel, Holy Week, Fair of La Virgen del Carmen … discover all the events here.

Different renowned festivals on the Costa del Sol.

Are you a festival- goer? Well, in Torremolinos you can have a great time throughout the year with some of the most important festivals of the Costa del Sol: Cultures Festival , Torremolinos Pride, Rockin ‘Race Jamboree Festival.

Enjoy the different characters of the neighborhoods of Torremolinos.

The marine smell is felt on all four sides in both El Bajondillo and La Carihuela, neighborhoods originally fishermen. The memory of the golden age can be found in La Nogalera, which is currently the epicenter of nightlife. And the favorite places to spend the summer of celebrities will be found in Montemar.

70  beach bars (chiringuitos) to taste gastronomy, wines and cocktails.

When you come to Torremolinos you can not leave without tasting the gastronomy, wines and varied cocktails offered by the 70 beach bars that are a hallmark of identity.

6 km of promenade to walk by the sea.

Walking by the sea is priceless and in Torremolinos you can do it along our 6 km of promenade. Stop between La Carihuela and El Bajondillo and fall in love with the magnificent natural monument that divides these two areas of our city. You are at Punta de Torremolinos.

Cycle routes for bike lovers.

Both in the city and in our near natural environment, you will find different cycle routes that you can use to discover our city more thoroughly.

An afternoon of photos and selfies to upload to Instagram.

The hashtag #Torremolinos has already surpassed 283,000 publications. If you like the photography and share it in your networks, you can spend a funny afternoon creating your story of Torremolinos and share it with us. Follow us, tag us on your photos @ttorremolinos and share your torremolinos experience on our blog at My Torremolinos.

Live music with concerts in different stages.

Torremolinos sounds like live music. The different styles are fused all year round outdoors in our city but also in concert halls and festivals. Check the monthly agenda and do not miss anything.

Get excited with the theatre and artistic shows.

If you are a culture lover, surely during your visit to Torremolinos you will visit the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center more than once, which weekly has a large agenda of activities and where the theatre and the performing arts predominate. Travelling exhibitions, and punctual events complete the programming.

A city to go on foot.

Do you like walking? You are in the ideal place, because Torremolinos has been transforming itself into a friendly and sustainable city, with a pedestrian city center and a path of natural paths in our immediate surroundings. The last great pedestrian transformation has been experienced by a historic square, Plaza Costa del Sol, which has now been converted into a large boulevard.

Christmas Time not to forget.

You do not know when to come.  Well, you may want to spend a different Christmas, with pleasant temperatures and sharing unique moments at the Zambombá de Jerez New Year’s Eve Party, at the New Year’s Concert, the Three Wise Men’s Parade, our traditional Christmas Market and the San Silvestre Race. If you come also in these festivities, do not hesitate to visit the Bethlehem located in the City Hall of Torremolinos. We assure you that you will fall in love.

A city increasingly accessible.

You will find in our city that our facilities, infrastructures and beaches are increasingly conditioned so that everyone can enjoy them. Our tourism technicians in the three Tourist Offices distributed by Torremolinos, will be happy to help you in this regard. In addition, our city is a city open to the world, where different cultures coexist and have lived for years and where you will find tourist information in different languages ​​at the click of a mouse.

A cultural heritage within your reach.

Knowing the cultural heritage of Torremolinos is simple, with a route through the most emblematic buildings and corners of our city. You can not miss La Torre Pimentel, La Casa de los Navajas, nor places where the most famous and pioneering anecdotes of tourism in Spain were starred.

For the lovers of sea and land.

Connecting with nature, either by sea or land, is one reason to put Torremolinos in the first place on your list of plans for this year. Horse-riding routes in our natural environment, tour the coast by kayak, contemplate the Bay by boat. Three of the thousand possibilities that our land offers

Cradle of Flamenco.

Do you like flamenco? For years Torremolinos has played with its folk singing, its ring and vibrated with  its flamenco dancing. You can admire this art in the different shows and concerts that you can find in our city. Visit  the flamenco venue (“tablaos”) and fall in love with our music as many of the international characters did during the 60s, 70s, they felt the “quejío”.

Practise sports outdoors.

Our sports infrastructure network is fully available to you if you want to practise sports during your stay. Also check our special tourist vouchers in our tourist offices. Also thanks to our temperatures you can practise your favourite sport outdoors. Running, mountain biking, water sports. Feel the lifestyle.

Ideal place for spiritual and cultural retreats.

In many occasions the only thing we want when we travel is to find ourselves and in Torremolinos you can feel that special magic to make your spiritual retreat. Practise Yoga and Taichi on the beach and get inspired by writing or painting by the sea. Many artists like some poets of the Generation of 27 did so.

Get lost in our streets.

When you come, take a walk, because if you lose yourself in our streets, you will discover places with a lot of charm.

The springs, cradle of Torremolinos.

Water is part of the history of Torremolinos. Relaxing in Los Pinares spot, while the water springs up in the 4 Springs is a perfect plan.

Wine cellars that transport you to our most authentic flavour.

For wine lovers, in our wine shops you can experience gastronomic experiences and discover the aromas of Malaga and some of the most awarded wines in recent years.

We were and we are still pioneers.

Torremolinos has been a pioneer destination in many issues but above all, in everything related to tourism. Coming to Torremolinos is taking a trip along five decades where you can admire monuments, architectural heritage and above all, ethnographic. Because  people of Torremolinos are the perfect hosts of our city, a meeting point between innovation and tradition.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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