Torremolinos es vanguardia, es turismo: del primer hotel de la Costa del Sol a la innovación turística
9 agosto, 2022
Torremolinos is avant-garde, het is toerisme: van het eerste hotel aan de Costa del Sol tot toeristische innovatie
18 agosto, 2022

A Torremolinos avant-gardist and touristic journey: very first Costa del Sol hotel and tourism innovation

Men and women have always felt a tireless urge to investigate, get to know and discover; this is why they started to hop on surprising journeys to explore different places and cultures.

Torremolinos, home of many stars

Foto cedida por Torremolinos Chic

Torremolinos is a pioneer touristic city, and is at the very origin of tourism on the Costa del Sol. At the end of the nineteenth century, the first English-speaking tourists, discovering the unique coasts of the municipality, were seduced by its climate, beaches, and way of life, making it a prosperous touristic destination. George Langworthy bought here an estate called the Santa Clara Castle; he decided to rent it and transform it into a residence, -this was the first hotel alike ever opened in Torremolinos-, packed with tourists and visitors from Great Britain.

Torremolinos, the avant-gardist, had stepped forward to become a prized sunny paradise. Renowned personalities -such as Dalí, Gala and Luis Cernuda- stayed at the Castle of Santa Clara hotel to enjoy the sea breeze and contemplate its beautiful landscapes.

Truth is that the first residence really considered as a hotel in Torremolinos was the Montemar Mountain Village. For the first time and, promoted by Carlota Alessandri, the Costa del Sol became a touristic destination.  Despite many problems arising during the building of the Parador de Montemar, her relentless efforts were finally rewarded, and she managed to place Torremolinos on the international map.

Hotel Pez Espada before and after. Source: Málaga Hoy and University of Málaga.

Torremolinos remained slightly hidden in the touristic background though, until 1960, when it gained recognition as a sunny paradise, with renowned celebrities coming for the inauguration of the first five stars hotel in the region, the Hotel Pez Espada.

Torremolinos, the pioneer municipality, gained in popularity to become THE place to be, the vacation and leisure spot for Hollywood and worldwide personalities.  Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly, Rainier of Monaco, and Frank Sinatra were among the lucky ones to enjoy the Torremolinos beauties, during their stay at the magnificent and unique Pez Espada Hotel.

Today, Torremolinos wishes to remain a leading touristic destination, with new challenges in mind like innovation in technology and sustainability. Tourism trends and visitor types vary from year to year, making it necessary for Torremolinos to constantly adapt and evolve to be your perfect touristic destination.

World Tourism Day2022: Torremolinos is tourism!

This year, Torremolinos wants to honor all people having participated (thank you for your personal efforts and enthusiasm) in our touristic adventure.

To celebrate World Tourism Day this year, we are gathering old photographs of the catering industry and staff; committed men and women working hard to place Torremolinos on the international map: waiters in hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs; managers, cooks, cleaners, concierges and bellboys in hotels, aparthotels; tour operators and guides, deck-chair staff, entertainers, etc.

Photographs (black and white/ color ones, individuals/groups) can be sent using the form below.

Images are to represent staff wearing uniforms (whenever possible) or staff in their workplace.

Please, state -when known- full name of staff, place, date, and name of photographer.

The present collection campaign is carried out in collaboration with the Torremolinos Chic website.

All participants to the present collection, expressly authorize the reproduction of the images sent, their use in future exhibitions, campaigns, or in social medias.

Said photographs will in no case be used for commercial purposes.

    Torremolinos Tourism
    Torremolinos Tourism
    Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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