21 December, 2019

Lights, storytelling, parties, tradition. Christmas is coming to Torremolinos

Torremolinos is full of tradition throughout the month of December and the first days of January to welcome Christmas, the most special time of the year is lived with many activities, lights and a festive […]
12 December, 2019

Fun for children in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a family friendly destination, where fun is guaranteed,especially for the little ones, who will find a wide selection of activities to enjoy and have fun.
29 November, 2019

All the information about Torremolinos with a click

Are you planning to visit Torremolinos? To have a good time or to relax on a bank holiday or next weekend? Planning a perfect getaway or ideal vacation, is easy on your computer, tablet or mobile, with a simple click.
30 October, 2019

Torremolinos, perfect destination to come from UK

An average temperature typical from spring all year round and bright sun are already perfect reasons to come to Torremolinos on holidays, wherever and whenever you come we almost assure you good weather. But our city offer many more reasons.
30 October, 2019

Torremolinos, a “nextit” city for you.

It´s a modern naval city, just ten minutes away from the airport, connected by plane, train and highway, with good weather all year round, more than 325 sunny days. It has spaces to walk, beaches to rest, sites for outdoor sports. Is there anything else you can wish?
25 October, 2019

Diwali 2019 in Torremolinos: Celebrate the Hindu New Year’s Eve

Torremolinos is a prime example of multicultural town, full of different flavours, colours and smells, as well as traditions of different cultures, many of them becoming important single events in our cultural programme. An example of this is Diwali Mela or Festival of Lights, in a way the celebration of the Hindu New Year’s Eve, to be held this weekend in our town.
16 October, 2019

Different neighborhoods, different personalities: discover different sites of Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a city with different options, depending on where you move, our corners will evoke different sensations. From the most traditional neighborhoods that keep the essence of what our city used to be like, to the newest areas where many distinguished movie celebrities and writers were inspired.
10 October, 2019

What can you do in Torremolinos on a weekend?

Torremolinos is a perfect destination to spend a weekend and get away from your daily routine, in our town you will find all types of fun activities.
10 October, 2019

Torremolinos, doorway to the Mediterranean and la Costa del Sol

Comming to Torremolinos, is beeing in a town full of possibilities, not only for its gastromic, sports, cultural and leisure attractions, but also thanks to its good connections that make it a perfect place to stay.
24 September, 2019

Do you fancy an ice cream? Follow the freshest and most exquisite route in Torremolinos.

Coming to Torremolinos on vacation, means, traveling to a place with magnificent beaches, renovated Hotels, top cultural activities, spectacular traditions and of course, excellent gastronomy. One of the summer pleasures is having an ice cream, […]