25 April, 2022

Leisure plans in Torremolinos for a weekend getaway

Torremolinos is the epicentre of the Costa del Sol, the […]
26 November, 2020

Torremolinos, a perfect destination to come from Germany

Sun and beach, corners with exciting stories that will make […]
25 September, 2020
Pride 2019 Blog

Torremolinos is Pride: the most pleasant and carefree week is coming

Torremolinos is one of the main LGTBI destinations in Spain, […]
3 September, 2020

Torremolinos beaches, a must-see

Going to the beach in summer is almost an obligatory […]
10 June, 2022

Karate Beach Training by DQ: fresh air, sports and beach in Torremolinos

The current karate’s Olympic runner-up in the kata modality, Damián […]
24 February, 2022

Top 7 secret corners of Torremolinos to put on instagram

For decades, Torremolinos has become one of the most appreciated […]
10 February, 2022

Fall in love with Torremolinos on Valentine’s Day

If you are thinking about your next romantic plan, we […]
5 November, 2021
principales visitas de torremolinos

Most important places you must definitely see when you come to Torremolinos

We always associate Torremolinos with the beach and summer, but […]
29 October, 2021

Torremolinos, a paradise to feel at home

Torremolinos is a modern city with a great seafaring tradition […]
19 October, 2021
Mural Frank Sinatra

Illustrious visitors who fell in love with Torremolinos

Did you know that Torremolinos was the destination that many […]
9 June, 2021

Hotels in Torremolinos: A paradise of comfort

It’s been a long time since the opening of Pez […]
13 April, 2021

Kisses every day in Torremolinos

Today we celebrate the International Kissing Day. we do want all the possible kisses in the most romantic and beautiful corners of Torremolinos, where you can surprise your partner, friends, children, pets... or even yourself! Love and romance all over the town. For this, we have prepared Kiss Street… #BésameenTorremolinos
8 April, 2021
Viacrucis Santísimo Cristo de los Milagros_ (2)

Fun and entertainment on an Easter bridge day

Whether as a family, as a couple or alone, a […]
1 April, 2021

Easter “Holy Week” in Torremolinos. What to see and where

We only have a few days before one of the […]
31 March, 2021
Blog Semana Santa en Torremolinos Via Crucis La Carihuela

Torremolinos, your best plan for Easter

Now that it is Easter, and although we cannot live […]
18 February, 2021

The Torremolinos Tourist Information Offices.

Our municipality has two tourist offices, one of which you […]
11 December, 2020

XXV Day of the Foreign Resident: a celebration of brotherhood and multiculturalism in Torremolinos

In Torremolinos approximately 21 percent of the population is foreigners, […]
30 October, 2020

Torremolinos, perfect destination to come from UK

An average temperature typical from spring all year round and bright sun are already perfect reasons to come to Torremolinos on holidays, wherever and whenever you come we almost assure you good weather. But our city offer many more reasons.
27 October, 2020
Escritores que estuvieron en Torremolinos

5 writers who fell in love with Torremolinos

Many writers and poets have fallen in love with Torremolinos […]
19 October, 2020
torremolinos en familia

Enjoy Torremolinos as a Family. How to live your vacations with your children to the fullest

Torremolinos has positioned itself in recent years as an ideal […]
5 October, 2020
Ruta del Rock Torremolinos

Torremolinos sounds like rock n roll. Music in the street and concerts over two weekends

Rock, Pop, Indie, Blues, Rockabilly, Jazz and even Reggae will […]
24 September, 2020
Blog Torremolinos de Cine

Torremolinos of cinema. Discover the scenes of the series of the moment: Brigada Costa del Sol, Toy Boy, The Crown

Torremolinos has once again been another great film set in […]
21 September, 2020

Where to eat in Torremolinos if you fancy Japanese

If you are one of those who, wherever you go, […]
20 September, 2020

Parque de la Bateria, a perfect plan to enjoy Torremolinos

If you come with children or want to spend some quiet time, enjoying one of our green areas, you have to mark Parque de la Bateria on your map
15 September, 2020

In the Night of St. John, in Torremolinos, we launch the summer: tradition, boat rowing, fair and funfair, gastronomy and good times.

Torremolinos and St. John are synonymous with tradition, good times, […]
14 September, 2020

Free yourself from stress in Torremolinos. Where to go to enjoy a good spa and take care of your health

When the stress appears and you notice you need an […]
4 September, 2020

Torremolinos, do sports also on vacation

Torremolinos has become a benchmark for sports tourism in recent […]
2 September, 2020

Torremolinos, destination for instagrammers. Discover our most photographic corners.

Torremolinos has been a perfect destination for a few years […]
1 September, 2020
Blog Vinotecas en Torremolinos

Wine bars in Torremolinos. Where to go to taste our best wines

Torremolinos is a land of mills, it is a land […]
28 August, 2020

Diwali: Celebrate the Hindu New Year in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is par excellence a multicultural city full of different […]
28 August, 2020

El Morro or La Punta of Torremolinos, a natural corner that will surprise you.

La Punta ” the Point “ or El Morro ” […]
27 August, 2020

Scary Torremolinos: enjoy Halloween with the family at the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden and Plaza de Andalucía

Fifteen ghosts have taken over the Molino de Inca Botanical […]
27 August, 2020

Bridge Day in December: Enjoy a getaway to Torremolinos.

Still not sure where to go in the Bridge Day […]
25 August, 2020

Torremolinos, pioneer destination. We were the first: 10 reasons to confirm it

Torremolinos has been a pioneer in tourism, the forerunner of […]
24 August, 2020

The Inca Mill, a garden to loose yourself among springs, birds of prey and plants.

Visit the Botanical Garden Molino de Inca in Torremolinos, it is a perfect option to loose yourself between springs
21 August, 2020

Discover the chiringuitos ( beach bars ) of Torremolinos, tradition and modernity on the beach

When we talk about the summer in Torremolinos, we are […]
19 August, 2020

More than 30 activities and a great Parade to enjoy the Christmas Holidays in Torremolinos

Christmas, Xmas, Sweet Christmas. In Torremolinos it is already Christmas […]
18 August, 2020

Torremolinos is Culture: enjoy the events of our city to the rhythm of music

If you are a culture lover, you will enjoy coming […]
13 August, 2020

Torremolinos is Bleisure: business and leisure united in a perfect destination for you

Are you the one who take advantage of your business […]
12 August, 2020

Celebrate Tourism Day with a trip to Torremolinos

On September 27, World Tourism Day is celebrated every year […]
11 August, 2020

Street Art in Torremolinos: Take a look at the murals around town

Film stars Brigitte Bardot and Frank Sinatra, artists like Picasso […]
11 August, 2020

Perfect ideas to enjoy in Torremolinos

If you are planning to come to Torremolinos for a […]
10 August, 2020

The Navajas House, a palace facing the sea

If you walk through the area of ​​Bajondillo, you will be surprised by this neo-Mudejar style mansion that stands out among the architecture of Torremolinos. This unique building, built in 1925, belonged to Luque-Navajas family, linked to the sugarcane business in the lands that are now part of Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport in Málaga. At that time, it was one of the most fruitful industries, rising because those lands were irrigated with the water that emerged from the springs of Torremolinos.
8 June, 2020

Interactive Heart

Feeling Torremolinos Interactive Banner Here you have our first Tourism […]
26 May, 2020

10 things you probably did not know about Torremolinos

No doubt, Torremolinos is one of your favourite holiday destinations, […]
14 May, 2020
Hoteles Renovados en Torremolinos

Renewed hotels: a destination for those seeking comfort

Torremolinos is one of most recently renewed tourist destinations, and […]
28 April, 2020

20 places in Torremolinos that will make you smile – Part I

Torremolinos is the perfect destination for your holidays, to switch […]
22 April, 2020

Retro American music returns to Torremolinos

Torremolinos, February 3, 2020. From February 6 to 9, Torremolinos […]
8 April, 2020

Holy Week in Torremolinos

We cannot experience and enjoy the Holy Week this year […]
7 April, 2020

Pasen of “ Heilige Week “ in Torremolinos

Nu er nog maar een paar dagen over blijven voor […]
3 April, 2020

If you love Italian restaurants, Torremolinos has it all

Who doesn’t like Italian cuisine? Mamma Mia! Italians are the […]
2 April, 2020

10 reasons to discover Torremolinos if you haven´t been here before

If you have not yet visited Torremolinos, we give you […]
2 April, 2020

Discover Torremolinos in one day

If on this occasion you only have 24 hours to […]
26 March, 2020

Water and Torremolinos, a historical link

Springs have for centuries been silent witnesses to the development […]
8 January, 2020

Torremolinos at the International Tourism Fair 2020

Torremolinos is once again a preferred destination because of its […]
21 December, 2019

Lights, storytelling, parties, tradition. Christmas is coming to Torremolinos

Torremolinos is full of tradition throughout the month of December […]
12 December, 2019

Fun for children in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a family friendly destination, where fun is guaranteed,especially for the little ones, who will find a wide selection of activities to enjoy and have fun.
11 December, 2019
torremolinos carnaval

Torremolinos: a destination to experience carnival

Every year, Torremolinos experiences the Carnival with intensity, thanks to […]
29 November, 2019

All the information about Torremolinos with a click

Are you planning to visit Torremolinos? To have a good time or to relax on a bank holiday or next weekend? Planning a perfect getaway or ideal vacation, is easy on your computer, tablet or mobile, with a simple click.
30 October, 2019

Torremolinos, a “nextit” city for you.

It´s a modern naval city, just ten minutes away from the airport, connected by plane, train and highway, with good weather all year round, more than 325 sunny days. It has spaces to walk, beaches to rest, sites for outdoor sports. Is there anything else you can wish?
25 October, 2019

Diwali 2019 in Torremolinos: Celebrate the Hindu New Year’s Eve

Torremolinos is a prime example of multicultural town, full of different flavours, colours and smells, as well as traditions of different cultures, many of them becoming important single events in our cultural programme. An example of this is Diwali Mela or Festival of Lights, in a way the celebration of the Hindu New Year’s Eve, to be held this weekend in our town.
16 October, 2019

Different neighborhoods, different personalities: discover different sites of Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a city with different options, depending on where you move, our corners will evoke different sensations. From the most traditional neighborhoods that keep the essence of what our city used to be like, to the newest areas where many distinguished movie celebrities and writers were inspired.
10 October, 2019

What can you do in Torremolinos on a weekend?

Torremolinos is a perfect destination to spend a weekend and get away from your daily routine, in our town you will find all types of fun activities.
10 October, 2019

Torremolinos, doorway to the Mediterranean and la Costa del Sol

Comming to Torremolinos, is beeing in a town full of possibilities, not only for its gastromic, sports, cultural and leisure attractions, but also thanks to its good connections that make it a perfect place to stay.
24 September, 2019

Do you fancy an ice cream? Follow the freshest and most exquisite route in Torremolinos.

Coming to Torremolinos on holiday means traveling to a city […]
24 September, 2019

Celebrating la Romería and San Miguel Fair. Two of the most anticipated events of the whole year.

Tradition, fiesta and colour come together in Torremolinos, starting Sunday […]
20 August, 2019

Día del Carmen, procession with Hail Mary, full of emotion and authenticity

July 16th is the day where tradition, emotion and devotion […]
20 August, 2019

Shopping in Torremolinos, discover where to get the latest fashion

Torremolinos is a cosmopolitan, trendy city with everything you need […]
6 August, 2019

Torremolinos is a sweet area. A Route through the bakeries of Town

Torremolinos is a city full of gastronomic temptations. Our baking is rich in flavours and textures, our village stands out for being a sweet territory, with lots of Bakeries and cake shops where you can succumb to temtation while you are on holiday or just give yourself a treat any day of the week.
6 August, 2019

Torremolinos, main exponent of the Relax Architecture

Do you know what the Architecture of Relax is? In Torremolinos you will find a great exponent of this architectural trend of the twentieth century that is characterized by the creation of spaces to evoke happiness and where the main industry is leisure.
21 June, 2019
cocteles torremolinos

Do you fancy a cocktail? Take it in Torremolinos

Beach, hammocks, Balinese beds, live music and cocktails to enjoy a good after-dinner or to start it or why not? To finish a perfect night. Anyway, if you like to try new cocktails or enjoy good drinks, this post is for you. We will discover the best areas for cocktails in Torremolinos.
12 June, 2019

Enjoy Torremolinos as if you were part of the neighbourhood. Orange Tourism Experience.

Tired of going on holidays and doing the typical things that all tourists do? Do you live in La Costa del Sol and you want to do something different? Well, Torremolinos offers you much more, an orange tourism experience, based on enjoying our city as if you were one of our neighbours.
11 June, 2019
Blog, destination to be happy

Torremolinos: A destination to be happy

In Torremolinos, we have everything you need to make you feel immensely happy and in this post we show it to you to come.
24 May, 2019

Hiking routes on foot and by bike that you can do in Torremolinos

Walking and cycling are two of the healthiest and easiest sports to practise and, in addition, they are available to everyone. In this post, we give you the hiking and bike routes that you can do when you come to Torremolinos.
20 May, 2019

Family vacation in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a perfect destination because all family activities are inclusive and with a tiny schedule enjoyment is guaranteed.
19 May, 2019

The tower of Pimentel, or Tower of the mills: the emblem of Torremolinos

If you walk along San Miguel Street towards Bajondillo Beach, among souvenir shops, you will find the main monument of Torremolinos, the Pimentel Tower.
17 May, 2019

Torremolinos from the heights. Discover our route through the viewpoints of our city

Are you one of those who likes to see the city in a panoramic way when you travel to a new destination? In this post we leave you a route through seven viewpoints of Torremolinos, so you can discover our city from above.
13 May, 2019

50 Reasons to visit Torremolinos Part II

A few days ago we revealed the first part of a blog where we want to show you the main reasons to come to Torremolinos. We could give you a million, but we summarize them in 50. Here, it is the second part of a blog that begins in this post.
13 May, 2019

Torremolinos opens Boulevar. A new urban center where you can walk and buy

In the coming days, the new Plaza Costa del Sol will be inaugurated, which will completely renovate the center of Torremolinos, welcoming an urbanism designed for the enjoyment of neighbours and visitors and where you will have the perfect opportunity to make some dreamy photos thanks to the pergola designed by Salvador Moreno Peralta and the sculpture by Elena Laverón.
23 April, 2019

50 Reasons to visit Torremolinos Part I

There are many reasons to come on holiday to Torremolinos but in our blog we´re going to give you the 50 reasons most indicated by our visitors to enjoy the experience to the fullest. In this first post, we give you the first 25 reasons.
18 January, 2019

Torremolinos is Leisure. Live your experience

Torremolinos is Leisure. Torremolinos is Culture. Torremolinos is Tradition. Torremolinos is shopping. Torremolinos is sport. Torremolinos is fun. #Enjoy