9 June, 2021
Hoteles Renovados en Torremolinos

Renovated hotels: Torremolinos, a Safe Destination for comfort

Since the Pez Espada Hotel was inaugurated in Torremolinos in […]
13 April, 2021

Kisses every day in Torremolinos

Today we celebrate the International Kissing Day. we do want all the possible kisses in the most romantic and beautiful corners of Torremolinos, where you can surprise your partner, friends, children, pets... or even yourself! Love and romance all over the town. For this, we have prepared Kiss Street… #BésameenTorremolinos
3 September, 2020

Torremolinos beaches, a must-see

Going to the beach in summer is almost an obligatory […]
2 September, 2020

Torremolinos, destination for instagrammers. Discover our most photographic corners.

Torremolinos has been a perfect destination for a few years […]