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11 agosto, 2020
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13 agosto, 2020

Celebrate Tourism Day with a trip to Torremolinos

On September 27, World Tourism Day is celebrated every year and what better way to celebrate it than living new experiences, feeling new destinations and discovering unique corners. You will find all this in Torremolinos, a perfect place to live a dream getaway at the end of September.

Our ideal temperature with 325 days of sunshine a year and a still summer temperature at the end of September and practically throughout the autumn, means that you can still enjoy our beaches and take a relaxing bath while enjoying a good cocktail lying in the hammock. Torremolinos is a perfect destination for this, to enjoy a few days of relaxation, but also to share your happiest moments. Let yourself be advised by the staff of our beach clubs and discover the most fashionable cocktails. These days you can also try “your best version of Torremolinos on the Coctelmolinos route” and of course, fall in love with the beaches of Torremolinos, you will have no choice.

By plane, by train, by car … one step away for a getaway that will make you smile

Wherever you are, we are sure that you will find the perfect combination to come and visit us, since Torremolinos is a well-connected city, one step away from Malaga airport and the RENFE station and where you can get around with good transport combinations to discover, not only our city, but also nearby destinations that you will also be passionate about.

By land, sea and air, Torremolinos is presented as one of the towns with the best access and easiest way to discover the Costa del Sol. When you come, surely one of our last post will be very useful where we talk about the possibilities to move around our city during your vacations.

Corners you will fall in love with in Torremolinos

Torremolinos has a multitude of corners that will amaze you, unique spaces where you can enjoy your best leisure moments. You will also find places that will transport you to a relaxed environment, full of life and where you can breathe fresh air. If you come to Torremolinos we recommend you visit the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden, the Battery Park, the Casa de los Navajas and of course, make a stop in time in front of the Pimentel Tower.

In addition, you will be in four top corners to take dream photos. So much so, that our city has become an essential destination for instagrammers. The best walks on the beach, sunrises to immortalize in your best photos, don’t forget our new murals or theviewpoint route. Take advantage of the camera in hand to immortalize every moment.

And it is that in Torremolinos you breathe culture, tradition and history, but at the same time innovation, modernity and renewal. If you come for a weekend, don’t miss the route we have prepared for you in this blog to live a perfect getaway and return home with renewed energy.

A cultural agenda full of events and activities for all audiences

Besides, to enjoy after a day of sightseeing, Torremolinos has a great cultural agenda, full of events where culture is mainly lived on the street and with activities designed for everyone’s enjoyment. Festivals, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings and children’s activities take place throughout the year, so when you are here, do not hesitate to take a look at the municipal agenda and attend any of the activities that take place in our city.

Of course, if you decide to come this weekend to celebrate World Tourism Day, you are in luck because you are going to find one of the most traditional events on our festive agenda, the Fair in honor of San Miguel. We assure you that fun, good vibes and the pleasant atmosphere will take hold of you both at the Day and Night Fair, so don’t lose track of everything that will happen these days, thanks to ourblog about the Fair.

Family friendly destination thinking of the smallest of the house

Do you have children? And when you go on holiday or a geteway, do you often look at what options the destination offers for the little ones? In Torremolinos you have it very easy. Our town is one of the most valued family-friendly destinations in Andalusia, with activities and places specially designed for them.

With a hotel offer that meets the needs of families by creating spaces for them and with entertainment packages that will make your children enjoy the beauty. With activities for everyone, with an adventurous touch, aquatic, outdoors, sports but above all, fun. And with restaurants and beach bars that have children very much in mind and offer leisure areas and perfect gardens for them to enjoy.Discover them all in this post.

Gastronomy to lick your fingers

The perfect finishing touch for an excellent getaway is a good dinner or a meal that will make you feel special and above all, that enhances your five senses. In Torremolinos you have a wide network of restaurants and beach bars that will make you lick your fingers on more than one occasion. Be sure to try our fried fish and our sardine skewers. To do this, visit any beach bar on our coast, n this post you can discover them more thoroughly. But if you prefer to try other flavors, you will also find them in Torremolinos. Make a stop at any tavern or wine bar and try our tapas.

Torremolinos is a perfect destination to experience new sensations, try new flavors and discover unique corners. Perhaps that’s why last year nearly one million people chose us to enjoy their getaways or their vacations. We love to get to know about your experiences and share your unique moments with us, so when you come, don’t hesitate to make us participants through our social networks.

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