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10 octubre, 2019
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Different neighborhoods, different personalities: discover different sites of Torremolinos

​Torremolinos is a city with different options, depending on where you move, our corners will evoke different sensations. From the most traditional neighborhoods that keep the essence of what our city used to be like, to the newest areas where many distinguished movie celebrities and writers were inspired.

We offer alternatives to let your mind travel, visiting the most charming corners of Torremolinos showing, different neighborhoods, you will realize, that our city is a crossroads of smells, flavors and colors.

The most traditional neighborhoods: La Carihuela, El Bajondillo and El Calvario

La Carihuela, El Bajondillo and El Calvario keep the essence and myth of what once was Torremolinos, a naval city, full of bends and streets reminding us of our fishing districts.

La Carihuela is the ideal neighborhood to know the real idiosyncrasy of Torremolinos. It´s an old fishing village which lived of the rich fish of the Bay, at least until the tourist development started here.

The first 5-star hotel in the province of Malaga, “El Pez Espada”, emerged in this neighborhood 60 years ago; it hosted the best anecdotes from its well-known guests such as Frank Sinatra. If you sit in the cafeteria, you will be fascinated by what happened with THE VOYCE here. Luxury and modernity met in our town, housing the most famous stars and personalities of the time in their rooms.

You will find La Carihuela in the southwest area and walking towards the east, you will reach La Punta or El Morro de Torremolinos, the largest natural monument of our city that separates the beach in two, joining the promenade that involves almost 7 uninterrupted and unbeatable kilometers to walk or to do sports.

El Bajondillo: an emblem in Torremolinos

It is a link between the center and the beach, in this area, you should get lost on its narrow streets and enjoy the sea breeze, it´s one of the most visited by locals and tourists. Go down to the beach along the well-known Camino de la Playa and enjoy the views, or if you prefer, take la Cuesta del Tajo. It is one of the most traditional neighborhoods which underwent a great change in the 50s and 60s. Get some souvenirs from the craft shops and fall in love with the Pimentel Tower and La Casa de los Navajas. Between walks, enjoy a very cold beer at one of the Beach Bars along the promenade.

El Calvario: a neighborhood with tradition

It is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Torremolinos, where you have to go if you want to visit the flea market, which is held every Thursday. This area keeps the essence of the village that Torremolinos used to be, with small one floored houses, where people were originally lived of agriculture and livestock. Take a camera and enjoy the lifelong shops and bars.

Shopping in the center with a stop at Pueblo Blanco

If you can´t resist shopping when you visit a new place, go to the downtown area, where the fabulous San Miguel street stands out among others. You will find shops, taverns and bars where you can take a rest after a morning of active tourism.

Here are some of the most important squares, such as plaza Andalucía where you can visit us at the Tourist Office, or plaza Costa del Sol, recently refurbished with a large pergola that might impress you.

If you are looking for leisure at night, visit plaza La Nogalera, or Pueblo Blanco, a charming area full of color and good vibes.

Montemar and Playamar: residential neighborhoods full of art

Two residential areas stand out in Torremolinos, Montemar and Playamar. These two are full of history and an artistic flair.

In Montemar, southwest of Torremolinos, apart from getting lost in Parque de la Batería, you can discover the most literary essence where many artists, both painters and writers, got inspired. It is the case of Dalí and Gala, who were one of the most important guests of Hotel Castillo de Santa Clara and also writers such as Sánchez Dragó, Juan Goytisolo and James A. Michener, will find many references about this neighborhood in his books.

Playamar is an icon of the Architecture of Relax, where in the 70s the well-known Torres de Playamar were built, representing an architectural trend where Torremolinos was key.

Los Alamos: a neighborhood with the most popular beach clubs

It´s a neighborhood on the border with Málaga, which has become the most popular area of Torremolinos, thanks to the clubs on the beach with its fine sand. Enjoy the music, try the best cocktails and discover a different site of our city. Newer developments stand out in areas such as El Pinillo, and La Colina, near Los Alamos. If you continue towards the highway and the Congress Palace, the Sports Village is very near el Pinar, a residential area, north of town.

Wherever you go, enjoy Torremolinos and all its corners. Discover the different sites of our city, put on your trainers and enjoy its magnificent sports facilities.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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