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Digital nomads, Torremolinos combines work and paradise

Combine work and paradise in Torremolinos

Recently, when we talk about lifestyle, one of the most heard ideas is to be a digital nomad, with new work patterns for the new professions that will appear in the coming years. The digital nomad is the person who uses the Internet to develop his work and use his knowledge to earn a living, without making a difference whether it is sold to companies or individuals. In other words, he works remotely, which allows him to lead a nomadic lifestyle and travel while working.

In this sense, Torremolinos is one of the best destinations to spend a season as a digital nomad. A town with an impressive international tourist tradition on the Costa del Sol. Famous for its beautiful beaches, its magnificent restaurants and its great variety of shops and businesses of all kinds. But in the surrounding area it is also possible to find amusement parks, golf courses and numerous centres of traditional Andalusian culture.

Can you imagine working in Torremolinos and, at the end of your day, spending a few hours sunbathing on the beach of La Carihuela, strolling through the botanical garden of «Molino de Inca» or walking through the beautiful old town centre? Moreover, teleworking in Torremolinos is simply a very popular option between professionals from different countries, with a wide range of coworking spaces and excellent communication possibilities, whether by plane, train or road.

Reasons to telework in Torremolinos

To spend a season as a digital nomad in Torremolinos is to enjoy the affection and hospitality of the locals, who for many decades have welcomed new cultures that have gradually found a place for themselves in the region. But there are many other reasons why we encourage you to enjoy the experience of working remotely from Torremolinos.

  • The weather: One of the biggest attractions of working from Torremolinos is the weather. And it is that the town has as many as 300 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 19 degrees.
  • Close to Malaga: Torremolinos is located 7km from Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport and only 15 minutes (12km) by car from Malaga city. But if you want to get there using public transport, you will be able to benefit from the services of a large city, but living in a more quiet area and in many cases, for a better price.
  • Beaches: With more than 6 km of coastline divided into four beaches of incomparable beauty, Torremolinos is one of the most highly regarded sun and beach destinations in Spain, both, for the beauty of its beaches and for the wide range of services they offer. In this aspect, we highlight the beaches of Torremolinos that have the highest distinction,the «Q» for quality.
  • Gastronomy: In Torremolinos, the Mediterranean diet prevails, with the most common dishes being sardine skewers, gazpacho, roasted red peppers, fried fish and seafood. The restaurants in the area offer a wide range of coquinas (fine cockles), sardines, large sword clams, prawns, langoustines, etc. In addition, the municipality has a wide range of high-quality international dishes.
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  • Atmosphere: The city has a wide variety of bars, wineries, beach bars and restaurants to suit all tastes. From traditional taverns to ‘highstanding’ establishments such as those on the beach promenade or in the old town.
  • Multi-culturality: Torremolinos is a very cosmopolitan city with one of the largest cultural diversities in Spain. At present, 21% of the population are foreigners, and in spring the «Jornadas del Residente» ( «Days of the Resident») are held, where cultures from many different countries such as Germany, Argentina, China, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, the Philippines, India, Morocco, Mexico, the Netherlands and many others, come together. This makes the culture of Torremolinos very rich and diverse.
After all, being a digital nomad for a season in Torremolinos is a more than a recommendable experience. You are just minutes away from some of the best beaches in Spain and can enjoy a rich gastronomic offer and a lively atmosphere day and night.

And, why not, practice sports at our sports village «Ciudad de Torremolinos», outdoors, in the ocean or in the countryside, whichever suits you best. This makes Torremolinos the ideal town for young people, but also for couples and young families looking for peace and quiet.

Torremolinos tourism

Browse our blog and you’ll find out that Torremolinos, although we always associate it with the beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places as original as the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a “Jábega”, a traditional fishing boat.

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