Diwali: celebra el año nuevo hindú en Torremolinos
25 octubre, 2019
Torremolinos, a “nextit” city for you.
30 octubre, 2019

Diwali 2019 in Torremolinos: Celebrate the Hindu New Year’s Eve

Torremolinos is a prime example of multicultural town, full of different flavours, colours and smells, as well as traditions of different cultures, many of them becoming important single events in our cultural programme. An example of this is Diwali Mela or Festival of Lights, in a way the celebration of the Hindu New Year’s Eve, to be held this weekend in our town.

There is a large Hindu Community in Torremolinos, with more than 500 members, and they will celebrate their New Year’s Eve this weekend together with the rest of Torremolinos citizens. Diwali or Festival of Lights will start on Sunday 27th of October at Plaza de la Nogalera. It is one of the most important festivals for Hindus living outside India, and they make use of the opportunity to buy new clothing, exchange sweets, and enjoy this glorious Indian festival. It is not very different to our European New Year’s Eve, when we dress up in order to welcome the New Year and pay tribute to the past.

But there is a difference: this weekend, Torremolinos will celebrate the year 2075, as the Hindus follow the lunar calendar. Above all, Diwali is a five days family event celebrated in individual homes. Doors and windows will be open decorated with colour lights and candles lit in the evening. That is why Diwali is also known as Festival of Lights. It is a great feast with presents for all the members of the family, these are days full of magic to showcase the Indian traditions and values.

How Diwali is celebrated in Torremolinos

The festival Diwali Mela in Torremolinos is promoted by the Hindu Community in the Costa del Sol, with a variety of activities. 

The festivities and clothes worn during Diwali are marked with vibrant colours, and a great atmosphere on the streets. The popular Calle San Miguel will also hold Diwali lighting these joyous days for Hindu Community.

Dedicated to Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of beauty and fortune

Diwali is the festival of the goddess Lakshmi, symbol of beauty, fortune and prosperity. Therefore, if you enter an Indian house these days, you might find an altar dedicated to this goddess, certainly decorated with flowers, coins and incense.

According to the Hindu culture and tradition, this is the right moment if you need a change: Release the old and embrace the new.

Diwali Festival lasts for five days, although the most important festivities take place on the third day, Sunday 27th October this year. On the first day, called Dhanteras, homes are cleaned and prepared for the visit of Lakshmi. The second day is called Naraka Chaturdasi or Chotti Diwali. The third day is the most important, it is the day of the new moon, the darkest day of the month. Several celebrations are held on the fourth day, depending on the Hindu region, and the last day is called Day of Brothers and Sisters, a day focused on family together sharing delicious foods.

Be that as it may, Diwali in Torremolinos gives us all the chance to know a bit more of the Hindu Community, their traditions and values.

Other events in Torremolinos celebrating multiculturality

Torremolinos is a cosmopolitan city, and for this reason we celebrate various important events to highlight the traditions of other cultures. For example, St. Patrick’s Day in March, when we can taste the famous black beer and Irish food, participate in contests and get “good vibes” from everybody in Plaza de la Nogalera.

The Dutch Community in Torremolinos celebrates Koningsdag or King’s Day in La Carihuela by the end of April every year. It is a special day with Dutch music, food and culture.

Also by April or May we have the Foreign Residents Day of Torremolinos, in order to honour the large number of foreigners of different nationalities who have chosen Torremolinos to live. An example of this mix of cultures is the fact that there are 15.175 citizens of 126 different nationalities registered in the Town Hall as residents.

In June we can also enjoy Festival de las Culturas in Plaza de la Nogalera, one of the most important celebrations in town, with shows performed outdoors, live music, food and craft stalls from many different countries.

And you should not miss Halloween at the end of October, an event that is becoming more important every year, with children’s parties and shows for everybody, and the traditional Trick or Treat practice.

So, do not forget to check the Torremolinos events calendar whenever you visit us, we are sure that you will love and enjoy the experience of local and foreign traditions.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
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