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24 September, 2019
Torremolinos, doorway to the Mediterranean and la Costa del Sol
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Do you fancy an ice cream? Follow the freshest and most exquisite route in Torremolinos.

Coming to Torremolinos on vacation, means, traveling to a place with magnificent beaches, renovated Hotels, top cultural activities, spectacular traditions and of course, excellent gastronomy. One of the summer pleasures is having an ice cream, there are many ice cream parlors, where you have the choice of rich and very traditional, but also unique flavors that will surprise you. In Torremolinos you will find great ice cream tradition, with classic and modern businesses, being part of the best ice cream parlors on La Costa del Sol.

Traditionally made ice creams with exotic flavors

There is a tendency of new flavors, moving away from the traditional, found in many of the ice cream parlors,that offer unique flavors such as egg custard, or cheesecake. A good example is Heladería La Colina (Manuel Fraga Iribarne avenue, 3)well known not only in Torremolinos. As the majority, their ice creams are traditionally produced, using only natural ingredients. They offer traditional flavors, as well as less typical ones on their ice cream menu.

Traditional flavors with “toque malaguita” in La Carihuela

Next to the new flavors, some ice cream parlors also bet on traditional flavors . This is the case of, among others, Nonna Torremolinos (Paseo Marítimo, 5 Edificio Roca Chica), which delights us with ‘crazy’ flavors, a traditional cake of Malaga or rice pudding. Ice cream made the traditional way with excellent ingredients.
If you are in La Carihuela and also a fan of ice cream, you are in the best place because her you will find some of the most popular ice cream parlors. Heladería San Miguel Desayunos (Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela, 87) , Kenkó (Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela, 56), Heladería Prontito (Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela, 104), Heladería D’Arbini (Costa de la Carihuela, 24), La Barchetta (Paseo maritimo, 23 La Carihuela), la Cafetería Heladería América (Calle San Ginés, 38) and Jijonenca (Calle Carmen, 28), famous for its nougat flavor, which will not disappoint you.

Following the slow-cream philosophy in Torremolinos

The new trends in ice cream are also in Torremolinos. It is the example of Martonela (Calle Mar, 17), a faithful defender of the slow-cream philosophy, giving value to local raw ingredients, supporting the closest producers with natural and seasonal products.
Tourists can see how ice cream is made the traditional way and see for themselves that what they eat is freshly made with much less sugar. Don´t forget to try their cookie sandwich ice cream.

Having an ice cream while shopping in the center

Are you shopping in the center of Torremolinos? Stop for a moment and enjoy a relaxing moment, having an ice cream in one of the many ice cream parlors and gelaterias you can find on San Miguel street. Among craft and souvenirs shops you can stop at El Molino de la Torre (Calle Cuesta del Tajo, 8) o recover and continue enjoying a day of shopping in the center of town. By the way if you don´t know where to shop, you may want to have a look at this post.

But it is not the only ice cream parlour you will find in the center of Torremolinos, try the flavors of a classic Heladería San Miguel (Calle San Miguel, 30) or Fredda Follia (Calle San Miguel 48), both on the same street. Or if you prefer frozen yogurt, go toYogu Yogu (Calle San Miguel, 15 ) and enjoy its rich flavors with varied toppings. Very close bye, passing Pimentel Tower, is one of the icons of Torremolinos, Glace Gelato (Calle Peligro, 2) with surprising flavors. Also try their magnificent crepes, you won´t regret it.

Next to another icon, Casa de los Navajas, there is a very popular ice cream parlor, Mandarina & Cava (Calle Antonio Navajas Ruiz, 2) which offers traditional ice cream and also a varied menu for snacks. After you finish, don´t hesitate to visit Casa de los Navajas, a Neomudéjar-style mansion, one of the most romantic and instagramable corners of Torremolinos. Take a moment to show your most creative side and share your best pose on Instagram #Torremolinos @ttorremolinos.

Having an ice cream on the promenade: perfect combination

After a day full of visits, shopping and tourism, nothing can be better than going for a relaxing walk along 6 kilometers of promenade and ending the night with an ice cream in front of the sea. Along the way you will also find multiple establishments where ice cream is the king.

Enjoy an exquisite ice cream, a refreshing slush or a delicious “horchata” in any of our ice cream parlors on the seafront, a classic and relaxing family moment you can share with your children while watching a movie, every Tuesday or Thursday on the beach from the July 18th, or while your children play in the sand. Turn the pleasure of having an ice cream into an experience by doing it in front of the sea: a breeze, family, unique moments in Torremolinos.

Cafetería y Heladería El Paseo (Paseo marítimo, 65), Playamar area, and Helartia Torremolinos (Paseo Marítimo 41), El Bajondillo area, both located on the promenade. Also in El Bajondillo, you can stop at one of the international classic ice cream shops: Häagen-Dazs (Paseo Marítimo Pasaje del Bajondillo, 35). The international brand also has its space in Torremolinos.

Our city is a privileged place where after having an ice cream, you may want to continue the night in one of the multiple beach clubs of our city.
Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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