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Do you fancy an ice cream? Follow the freshest and most exquisite route in Torremolinos.

Coming to Torremolinos on holiday means traveling to a city where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, renovated hotels, the most top cultural activities of the moment, spectacular traditions and of course gastronomy. And if you always feel like something you need in the summer, it is certainly an ice cream and in our city you have a large choice of ice cream parlors where you can choose the richest and most traditional flavors, but also unique flavors that will surprise you.
Torremolinos therefore has a great ice cream culture, with classic companies and novelties that, although implemented not so long ago, are already part of the top ice cream parlors on the Costa del Sol.

Artisan ice creams with exotic flavors

The fashion for incorporating exotic flavors, seeking to escape the traditional, stands out in our city, where many of the ice cream parlors we find offer flavors beyond the classics, such as «tocino de cielo» or «cheesecake».
This is the case at La Colina ice cream shop (Av. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, 3), a classic whose fame extends beyond Torremolinos and who, like the vast majority, are ice creams made entirely by hand with natural ingredients. It combines traditional flavors with lesser-known flavors in the ice cream menu.

Specialized in lactose-free, sugar-free, vegan or protein-rich ice creams in La Carihuela

But against the most innovative flavors, the ice cream parlors that bet on the traditional flavors stand out and adapt to the entire public. This is the case, among others, at Heladeria San Miguel Desayunos (Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela, 87), Heladeria D’Arbini (Playa de la Carihuela 24, Paseo de Maritimo) who delight us from the Paseo Marítimo de La Carihuela with their ice creams with flavors of ‘kinder bueno’ or the special La Carihuela with buffalo milk, walnuts in caramel and «tocino de cielo». Ice cream made in an artisanal way, specialized in ice cream without sugar, without lactose, with proteins and for vegans.


More traditional flavors in La Carihuela

If you are in La Carihuela and you are an ice cream fan, then you are in the ideal area,
because in this area of Torremolinos you will find some of the most appreciated ice cream parlors in our city. Kenkó (Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela, 56),which also has gluten-free cakes, and Jijonenca Jijonenca (Calle Carmen, 28), famous for its nougat flavor, won’t disappoint either.

The ice cream philosophy is also followed in El Calvario

Having done the «El Calvario» district, its church and the route to the market, you will pass by the Gelateria Fior di latte (Calle Pablo Iglesias, 1) and also the new Capri Ice Cream Shop (Calle Estrella), both from Italy. View all the ice cream parlors in Torremolinos on the interactive map so you don’t miss them on these hot summer days.

Have a nice ice cream while you go shopping in the center

Shopping in the center of Torremolinos? Stop and enjoy a relaxing moment tasting one of the ice creams in one of the many ice cream parlors and gelateries that you will find in the central San Miguel street. Among the handicraft and souvenir shops, the tower El Molino de la Torre (Calle Cuesta del Tajo, 8) appears as a breath of fresh air to regain your strength and continue to enjoy a day of shopping in the center of our city. By the way, if you don’t know where to go shopping, you might want to check out this post.

But it’s not the only ice cream parlor you’ll find in the center of Torremolinos, try the flavors of a classic Heladería San Miguel (Calle San Miguel, 30) from Fredda FolliaCalle San Miguel 48), both on Calle San Miguel or Dolce Italia (Calle de la Cruz, 2). Or if you prefer yogurt ice cream, head to llaollao (Plaza Costa del Sol, 1) and refresh yourself with its rich ice cream flavors and various toppings.
Very close, past the Torre Pimentel, one of the icons of Torremolinos, Glace Gelato (Calle Peligro, 2) will also surprise you with its flavors. By the way, if you want you can try their yummy pancakes, you won’t regret it.

Together with another icon, the «Casa de los Navajas», it is one of the ice cream parlors most appreciated by tourists and residents of Torremolinos. Mandarina & Cava (Calle Antonio Navajas Ruiz, 2) offers homemade ice creams and also a varied menu of snacks, to regain your strength. When you’re ready, don’t hesitate to go to the Casa de los Navajas, a neo-mudejar-style palace that is one of the most romantic and instagrammable corners of Torremolinos. Take advantage of the moment to get carried away with your most creative side and share your best pose on Instagram #Torremolinos @ttorremolinos.


Having an ice cream on the promenade: perfect combination

And after a day of visiting, shopping and sightseeing, the best thing to do is take a relaxing stroll along the 6-kilometer seafront promenade and end the evening with an ice cream. Along the way you will find, how could it be otherwise, several establishments where ice cream is king.

Enjoy an exquisite ice cream, a refreshing ice-cold drink or a delicious tiger nut milk called «horchata» in one of our ice cream parlors on the seafront, a classic and relaxing family moment that you can share while your children play in the sand. Turn the pleasure of an ice cream into an experience by doing it by the sea: breezes, family, unique moments in Torremolinos.

This is the case for the cafeteria and ice cream parlor El Paseo (Paseo marítimo, 65), in the Playamar district, and Helartia Torremolinos (Paseo Marítimo 41), in the Bajondillo district, both located on the seafront promenade. Also in the Bajondillo you can stop at one of the international classics that certainly associate with ice cream: Häagen-Dazs(Paseo Marítimo Pasaje del Bajondillo, 35). The international brand also has its place in Torremolinos. Nueva Gioelia Cremería Torremolinos in El Bajondillo (sea promenade of Torremolinos, 39) and Canela in the artisanal ice cream parlor Rama (Av. Marife de Triana, 14).

And the point is that in terms of ice cream parlors, our city is a privileged place where you might want to stay after an ice cream and continue the night in one of the many beach clubs.

Gioelia cremería Torremolinos El Bajondillo
Canela en Rama heladería artesanal
Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
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