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27 agosto, 2020
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El Morro or La Punta of Torremolinos, a natural corner that will surprise you.

La Punta » the Point “ or El Morro » the Nose “ is one of the places that will certainly surprise you when you visit Torremolinos, since it will make you fall in love with it practically from everywhere you stand. It is a natural monument that divides two of the most famous beaches in our city: La Carihuela and Bajondillo and which contains the history of one of the most visited places on the coast. A corner with a long history, El Morro hosted the first hotel on the Costa del Sol, the Hotel Castillo de Santa Clara. Much earlier, in the 18th century, its natural viewpoint housed a defensive battery. And the fact is that Torremolinos, like other corners of Malaga, was particularly vulnerable from the sea for centuries, so, invaders and pirates have often entered through this area. It was therefore for centuries the objective to defending the area and together with this battery we emphasize, in its era, the construction of the Torre de los Molinos or Torre Pimentel, which gives our city its name. If you want to know more about the tower, you just have to visit this blog.


El Morro and tourism, united hand in hand

Thanks to the Hotel Castillo de Santa Clara, which saw the light of the hand of the English soldier George Langwhorty, better known as the Englishman of the Peseta. The lookout of El Morro and the surrounding areas have been visited by famous writers, painters and artists from early 20th century such as Dalí, Picasso and Luis Cernuda. There are many who in their works make allusions to this area of Torremolinos and there are even graphic documents that immortalize those moments. One of the most curious is the one starring Gala Dalí, the wife and muse of the surrealist painter who starred in the first documented topless in the history of Spain and did so on the beach watched by the guardian El Morro.

Langwhorty and his wife decided to remodel the defensive battery, turning it into a residence with beautiful gardens and viewpoints, and they ordered the construction of roads to the beaches of La Carihuela and El Bajondillo, taking the first steps in the history of the tourism in Torremolinos. Years later, after his wife passed away, he decided to convert it into the first hotel establishment on the Costa del Sol.

This monumental rocky elevation has been the protagonist of the great transformation of our city. Well, both, La Carihuela and Bajondillo have been two neighborhoods that after the tourist boom of the 50s, considerably changed their appearance while maintaining their traditions, the essence of two fishing neighborhoods and above all, the friendliness of their people.

At the end of the 60s, with the construction of the Paseo Marítimo, the natural corner went from being a separating element into the the link between two of the busiest beaches where taking a walk is a relaxing experience. Locals say, that standing by El Morro, breathing and sitting in one of the nearby beach bars to enjoy a cold beer, is one of the pleasures that every visitor should experience at least once in Torremolinos. And the view is impressive, especially if you go up to the viewpoint.

Viewpoints to see the whole bay


If you are one of those who, when traveling to a city, look for viewpoints that will leave you speechless with its views, you should know that very close to El Morro we have the Castle of the Englishman » Castillo del Inglés » or the Watchman viewpoint » Mirador del Vigía » .You can visit it from 10 am to 6 pm.

Next to this viewpoint you will find others nearby or very close to it. From the viewpoint on Plaza Cantabria you can see in detail a fantastic view of the natural monument.
If you want to continue exploring views, we recommend that you follow the route of the lookouts that we have already discovered in this blog throughthis post.


More places to visit in the area

But if you are in the area you may want to explore a little more and visit other corners of Torremolinos. Near the viewpoint you will find the Battery Park, one of the recommended visits if you come with children. It is the perfect place to let yourself go with more than 74,000 square meters and a large artificial lake where you can enjoy a boat ride.


Of course, the little ones have their favorite corner and besides the two play areas divided by age, without a doubt, the merry-go-round is the great attraction for them. More than 50 figures decorate it in a Venetian style that will delight children and adults.

Speaking of views, from the Mirador Tower, with a height of 15 meters, you can see one of the best panoramic views of the bay. And unlike other viewpoints, to go up to the top of this tower, there is an elevator.

Relax on the beach in front of the natural monument

But without a doubt, thanks to our average temperature of 18.5 degrees and our warm Autumn, a safe bet to enjoy El Morro is to relax on the beach. More than 2 kilometers of fine sand that will make you forget your routine. Enjoy the water and let your mind fly.

Both La Carihuela Beach and El Bajondillo are among the best considered by tourists and visitors alike, which many Hollywood stars have enjoyed and which has always been quite popular. Rest and enjoyment is in this sence guaranteed and moreover, if you do it while enjoying unique views, we assure you an experience that you will love.

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