Disfruta «Los Mejores Días del Año» en Torremolinos y comienza a vivirlos en FITUR 2024
22 enero, 2024
Ruta del Rock de Torremolinos: dos fines de semana de conciertos y la mejor restauración local
9 febrero, 2024

Enjoy «The Best Days of the Year» in Torremolinos and start living them at FITUR

In an illustrious display, Torremolinos graces FITUR 2024, asserting its status as the crown jewel of the Costa del Sol, where it excels in crafting nothing short of ‘The Best Days of the Year.’ These days provide the ideal juncture to immerse yourself in Torremolinos’ culture, relish its climate, and become part of the unique ambiance, allowing you to embrace something as exceptional as this municipality. 

Torremolinos Shines Bright at FITUR 2024

Once again, the Torremolinos City Council graces the 44th edition of FITUR (International Tourism Fair of Madrid), one of the world’s foremost tourism fairs, unveiling its wonders and novelties.

FITUR 2024 is held from January 24th to January 28th.

From January 24 to 28, Torremolinos unfolds its unique charm, revealing why each day here transforms into an unparalleled experience. Our municipality emerges as the quintessential destination for savoring the finest days of the year – from delectable gastronomic delights and high-energy sports activities to cutting-edge digital innovations, memorable cultural escapades, inspiring encounters with biodiversity, and a celebration of diversity in the LGTBI community. In essence, Torremolinos is the perfect canvas for painting your best days.

On January 24, FITUR Sports 2024 dedicates itself to Outdoor Sports. The fair opens its gates from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on January 24, 25, and 26.

On January 27, the International Tourism Fair extends its hours from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, and on January 28, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Los Jazmines Lounge Bar

Discover Torremolinos: The City that Breathes Life into "The Finest Days of the Year"

In Torremolinos, the best days of the year bloom with vibrant hues. As summer fades and routine threatens to reclaim our lives, the city transforms into a magical haven. It defies seasonal constraints, hosting visitors seeking those unforgettable moments that define vacations.

Secure your dates now and brace yourself to live your best days in Torremolinos! We invite you to uncover its magic and jot down some of the many exceptional experiences that Torremolinos promises:

The finest Days for a Gastronomic Soiree by the Sea

Picture a sunlit day, the ocean breeze caressing your face, as you relish a delectable paella right on the beach. Torremolinos not only offers this but goes beyond, with over sixty beachfront chiringuitos where exceptional gastronomy melds with the feel of sand beneath your feet. From live music to nocturnal events, the beachfront provides a complete experience from dawn to dusk, with enchanting summer nights and sunny winter days.

The Finest Days to connect with Nature

Nestled between the southern sea and northern mountains, Torremolinos boasts a unique natural ecosystem. Explore diverse hiking trails, ascend to Cañada del Lobo for a mesmerizing view of the Costa del Sol, or engage in trail running and mountain biking. A natural sanctuary seamlessly blending with the Malaga coastline.

Senderismo bicicleta Torremolinos

The Finest Days for Sports

Temperatures, coupled with a variety of outdoor sports activities, make Torremolinos the ultimate haven for sports enthusiasts. The Torremolinos Sports Village boasts Olympic pools, a running track, and top-notch facilities. Evolving continually, the city plans to introduce the first Skate Plaza in Andalusia and additional outdoor spaces for sports along the squares and promenade.

The Finest Days to Immerse Yourself in Culture

Torremolinos stands as a cultural treasure trove, with unique venues paying homage to its history and the Mediterranean. From the panoramic view at Sansueña to the Casa de los Navajas, the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center, the Battery Park or the Inca Mill —every corner tells a story that transcends time.

The Finest Days to Project into the Future

The Torremolinos Congress Palace, an iconic attraction, draws professionals from across the globe. With ongoing projects catering to the demands of digital nomads, Torremolinos cements its status as a place for envisioning, creating, and working.

The Finest Days to Celebrate Diversity

Committed to diversity, Torremolinos takes pride in being an LGTBI destination. Events like Pride, Event of Tourist Interest in Andalusia in June, Drag Gala in February and MadBear Beach, in August, underscore its commitment to Equality.

Pared Torremolinos
Pride 2023
Espectaculos en el Pride de Torremolinos

The Finest Day to Daydream

Torremolinos is a realm of dreams, inviting you to journey back to the ’50s with the Rockin’ Race Jamboree or immerse yourself in centuries-old traditions like the Procession of the Virgen del Carmen, Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia, or our Holy Week. A city of myriad hues, blending tradition and modernity, nature and relaxation, leisure and culture.

As you can appreciate, dear traveller, there are infinite ways to enjoy a vacation, but only one destination invites you to do so fully: Torremolinos. If you have not yet explored our charming municipality, it means that you have not yet experienced your best days of the year. And for those who have already done so, we extend our most sincere thanks for choosing us as the stage for your most memorable moments of the year and we invite you to come back.

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