The tower of Pimentel, or Tower of the mills: the emblem of Torremolinos
19 mayo, 2019
Hiking routes on foot and by bike that you can do in Torremolinos
24 mayo, 2019

Family travel is one of the best treats for your children. When you share moments together you have the chance to nurture and bond. Torremolinos is a perfect destination because all family activities are inclusive and with a tiny schedule enjoyment is guaranteed.

This Malaga’s town provides family moments through a number of specific activities and programmed events during the year, tourist resources which encourage family nature and well-being, gastronomy for the most demanding tastes and a hotel offering to meet the needs of this sector.

Nature and Well-being

Nature and well-being merge into a divine combination to experience family moments.

You’d better learn the respect for nature when you do so personally. It is possible to coexist with nature, enjoying each part of it, in “El Parque de la Batería”, “El Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela”, the Botanical Garden – “Molino del Inca”, or the route to the path of “El Mirador de la Cañada del Lobo”, amongst others.

“El Parque de la Batería” is not just another park, but a great green space where time goes by at a very different pace, the pace of children. There are different areas, including nice paths surrounded by gardens which connect with each other, that meet the needs of bikes and fans of running. It is essential during your visit to walk and discover them.

The lake is based in the heart of the park, as taken of the pages of a fairytale. You may ride its 9000 square meters of crystal water in small boats which, for a symbolic price, it is worth a family experience.

The playground, the children’s favourite area, offers real challenges that have little to do with the classical slides and swings. Also, the place has one area for little children and one area for older children, which visitors really appreciate.

Do you know what a soother tree is? This park has one of the few that exist in the world. It is a  tree where babies hang their soothers to say goodbye to that stage.

There’s even more. “El Parque de la Batería”, located on a hill site, has its own story. Its situation allowed to control the ship traffic in order to be able to fight back the assaults and it was fortified during the Civil War; consequently you may find bunkers, tunnels and artillery batteries. This is where its name comes from! The views to the sea from “La Torre Mirador” will put the finishing touch to this visit.

If you like green areas, sure you will enjoy a very special visit: The Botanical Garden – “Molino del Inca”.  

Not very well-known for its spectacular features, it may be accessed on foot. Some people refers to it as a treasure and it is the best kept secret in Torremolinos. This attribute makes it particularly delighful for families who enjoy quietness.

Wandering among its follage, getting to know the different species, travelling for a few seconds to the far east as you cross the Japanese garden, discovering exotic birds, the source of its springs – the Cave, “El Inca” and “El Albercón del Rey” – and also the old water-powered flour mill are just some of the options the place offers.

If you’d like to freshen yourself during the hot summer, the Botanical Garden – “Molino del Inca” is the perfect place to chill out from the hubub of the city, where you may appreciate spending time together in an almost magical atmosphere.

Molino de Inca Torremolinos
Molino de Inca Torremolinos

The sound of the water running through the falls, fountains and streams will take you to the water-powered mill that names the park and it was used to get flour in the 18th century. Kids may visit the exhibition of the scale model mills.

Sticking with water, Torremolinos beaches are part of “El Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela”. Also, if you delve into the fisherman’s quarter, you will find a few traditional houses which still keep that so charming gist. You may taste the famous “espeto” in this quarter, the symbol of Costa del Sol.

If you like the magic of tradition, in addition to the houses, you should have a look at the boats, which date back to the Phoenician fishing activities. They still remain in Torremolinos, but with a small difference: now they are used to play sports, like rowing boats.

The natural monument of “El Morro”, visible anywhere from the Torremolinos coast, is worth a few minutes to enjoy the sight of the waves when they crash against the rocks. Just remember: once you go beyond it, you will reach “El Paseo Marítimo del Bajondillo”, our Shore Path, next to the beach with the same name, where the sunsets with the city in the background are simply amazing. It is the perfect time to stop here and now in order to treasure your family moments.

The good thing about Torremolinos beach is its changeableness: suitable for sun lovers who enjoy the combination of water, sun and sand; and also for those who take advantage of any chance to play sports. If you are among the last ones, there is a wide selection of activities to do: rent paddle-surf, banana boats, pedal boats, diving, kayak, bike rides, trikkes, segway…You may choose among a wide range, the difficult thing is to decide just on one option.

torremolinos en pareja

The 325 days of sun per year in Torremolinos allow you, any time of the year, to enjoy horse – riding, suitable to each family features, cycling routes or raids on the path to “El Mirador de la Cañada del Lobo”.

If you love adventure and have experience on trekking, the views from the upper section of “El Mirador”, one of the best of Costa del Sol, are amazing. Or else, you may always do the part of “Gran Senda” of Malaga, which covers the mountain ridges that overlook “El Valle del Guadalhorce” and “La Bahía de Malaga”. No matter how, such experiences are always rewarding in order to get to know more about the local plant species and wildlife features.

Thanks to the uneven surface area, Torremolinos resembles a balcony that overlooks the sea which allows us to enjoy several viewpoints where you should take photos. First of all, there is “El Mirador de la Cañada del Lobo”, already mentioned. We have also mentioned the second one, “La Torre del Mirador” of “El Parque de la Batería”. The third one is “El Mirador de la Plaza de Cantabria”, overlooking “La Carihuela”, and the fourth is “El Mirador de la Plaza del Panorama”, overlooking “La Playa del Bajondillo”, located in the urban centre with access to the beach by lift or stairs, a very nice experience where you may discover, once more, how important is to enjoy the walk as well as the destination.

As you see, when you are in contact with nature as a family, physical exercise provides you with bigger comfort.

The City Centre

The city centre is full of life, where you may discover the traditional and cosmopolitan essence of Torremolinos.

We told you in the beginning, Torremolinos has a great advantage: you don’t need to make any plans, there are so many options in this Malaga location that all you have to do is to improvise. In case you had enough with nature, the city centre, based in “Plaza Costa del Sol” and “Calle San Miguel”, is what you are looking for.

These two are busy areas and all you have to do is just let yourselves go with the rest of tourists and natives into a harmony atmosphere. We might even talk about synchrony, because its warm and relaxed setting makes the flow of people move around.

When you have a look at the merge of different small shops, famous chains with local businesses, restaurants and cake shops, souvenir shops…, it is just entertainment. Wander around “Calle San Miguel to “La Playa del Bajondillo” and get a souvenir to recall your vacation in Torremolinos: the perfect plan for a family holiday afternoon.

Thereabouts, you will discover the old defender tower which is part of the Kingdom of Granada, also known as “Torre de los Molinos” or “Torre del Pimentel”, built between the 13th and 15th centuries. Around it, there are several of the main mills which benefited from the water jump from the springs at the foothills.

Fotos de Torremolinos


The good food tastes better when you order it as a family.  

If you are starving after so much exercise, you deserve a “espeto” (skewed sardines). At this point you have probably heard that the best “espetos” are in Costa del Sol.

Searching for the most tasty “espeto” in Torremolinos is something any family joins in. Visual and culinary sights go together: discover how the perfect “espeto” is cooked!

Take your logbooks with you and settle your bets! But don’t forget to include in your ratings “pescaíto frito” (fried fish), which is as typical as exquisite. The town has more than three hundred restaurants which put together traditional, local and international culinary tastes.

In addition, every year culinary events are celebrated: “La Ruta de la Tapa”, the Food Trucks Festival, tastes of the world at the International Foreign Resident’s Day and the Festival of Cultures, St. Patrick’s Day and many others. You may keep up to date by checking the agenda of Torremolinos.  

Not everywhere you may enjoy breakfast in the sun like in Torremolinos. What child would resist a sweet afternoon snack in any cake shop of the town? The expert hands of the artisan confectioners will make you daydream with the idea of settling down there. The town has more than one great variety of cake shops, manufacturers, traditional bakeries and specialized cafeterias.  

The perfect option for improvisation is to bring to the seashore appetizers or creative “tapas” at your convenience.

Tapear en Torremolinos

Architecture and History

Architecture and History as unique scenery for your visit.

Norman Foster says that “Everything is design, and the quality of design affects the quality of our lives”. Based on one simple assumption, you will find an extraordinary quality vacation in Torremolinos. Why? Because it has so many areas, corners, squares and fountains which make it an endearing and cozy location, filled with history. Friendliness and the good nature of the natives have much to do with that released aura.

Torremolinos is considered the pioneer in tourism, where celebrities such as Ava Gardner, Orson Wells, the empress Soraya or Anthony Quinn fell in love with this Malaga’s town more than half a century ago.

You shouldn’t miss the sculpture “Mujeres corriendo por la playa” in “La Plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas”, as a tribute to Picasso and Torremolinos beaches; or “El nacimiento de Eva”, by Elena Laverón, placed in the busy “Plaza de la Nogalera”.

Similarly, in “El Paseo Marítimo de la Carihuela” you may find “El Monumento al Pescador” by Aurelio Teno, as a tribute to the fishermen of “La Carihuela”. “El Monumento al Turista” and “El Pez Espada” are two distinguished symbols of Torremolinos, the second one on behalf  of the Hotel that with the same name, the ‘Relax Architecture’ milestone that hosted the great celebrities of the midtwentieth century.

A white bull which represents the love between Zeus and Europe in Greek mythology is based in “La Plaza de la Unión Europea”. Also, “El Monumento a los Abuelos”, based in “La Plaza de Santa Ana y  San Joaquín”, has payed them a well – deserved tribute.

Torremolinos was not always an independent town. For a long time it belonged to Malaga. In “La Plaza de la Independencia” you may find an obelisk as a tribute to the segregation of the village in 1988.

The fountains are also a common decoration of the urban scenery. It is always nice to find water around the setting. It makes even more sense that the name of the town is partly due to the mills located alongside the chanelled water.  

Some of these fountains are “la Caracola”, “las Tres Gracias”, “los Delfines”, “los Caballos” or the one in “La Plaza de Andalucía”.

visitas principales torremolinos
torremolinos en familia

“La Casa de los Navajas” is an architectural masterpiece, which becomes part of Torremolinos history. It is a Neo-Mudejar mansion built in 1925, where a restoring hard work has been carried out during the last years. Distinctly, you will find it opposite the cliff of “La Playa del Bajondillo”. You won’t be able to resist the temptation of taking photos from this wonderful spot with scenic views which also houses exhibitions, official receptions, civil weddings and concerts, every year.  

Another place you may go in order to get to know Torremolinos history is Pablo Picasso’s Cultural Centre, listed as a Building of Cultural Interest which allows for creative workshops, literatury cafés, storytellers, children’s plays and some other entertainment focused on your enjoyment.  

Continuing the cultural theme, poets and writers have fallen in love with Torremolinos, writing down their experiences, like for example the book “The Drifters”, by the American James A. Michener, in 1971. which became a bestseller and was translated into more than fifty languages.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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