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Plezier en vermaak op een brugdag in Pasen
8 abril, 2021
Todas las mañanas Besos en Torremolinos
13 abril, 2021

Fun and entertainment on an Easter bridge day

Whether as a family, as a couple or alone, a long weekend in Torremolinos is a good plan, with good weather guaranteed!

It is the perfect time to take long walks, have lunch on the terraces, or to order food, have a snack now that the days are longer, and even have dinner, and why not visit the cafes or terraces of the hotels that are open, and above all, visit all the secret and magical corners of our city.

Senderismo en Torremolinos

City views and sweets

Why not be a tourist in your own city? Maybe you will discover something new! Visit the city with the guidance of our blogBlog take the opportunity to see the municipality and its plant nursery flourish in this long-awaited spring and explore the culture, art and history of the different neighborhoods such as ,, El Bajondillo, La Carihuela, El Calvario. that you can do on foot or by bike. If you don’t have a bike, you can always rent it. View the entire city from the top of the mountain, fromEl Mirador de La Cañada de El Lobo, and from the Camino del Agua route. Or view our beaches from El Mirador de Castillo del Inglés, Plaza del Panorama, Punta de Tarifa or Boscán Street.

Mirador Cañada del Lobo
Vivero Municipal Torremolinos
Mirador Punta de Tarifa

Explore the streets, shops and restaurants of the pedestrian area to see places of historical interest, such as La Casa de María Barrabino, La Torre de Pimentel or the «Abrevadero de Plaza Costa del Sol» and find the offers in our bars and restaurants.
Try all the sweets in the pastry shops, buy in the best patisseries in the center of Torremolinos or also in La Carihuela, El Calvario and Playamar: the Torrijas (baked bread slices with sugar and eggs), the Pestiños (baked sweet dough with honey), Baked milk … and of course! Easter eggs or Easter chocolate; a day is just a day.

Chocolate Nazareno Semana Santa

A good time to visit our churches

Easter is a great time to experience this period of religious tradition that Torremolinos treasures. Take a walk through the center and visit our churches, the Madre del Buen Consejo (due to the COVID-19, maximum capacity for 100 people at the masses) and San Miguel de Arcángel, then go to the beach and along the promenade you will find, La Iglesia Santa María del Mar in Playamar -Costa Lago and if you are in the area of El Calvario you can visit the one of El Cristo Resucitado or of course the one of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in the Fisherman’s quarter of La Carihuela and with its Cristo de los Milagros where you can enjoy the recitation of one of the last stations by the shore of the sea.

Semana santa
Domingo de Resurreccion, Semana Santa, Domingo de Gloria fiesta torremolinos 21 abril 2019
Pollinica -2018- Rohu
Pollinica, Domingo de Ramos, Semana Santa fiesta torremolinos 25 marzo 2018

Check the timetable of the Masses to be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday and the seating capacity, according to Covid-19 procedures. Follow Easter through the totem poles. And feel our Easter!

Viacrucis Santísimo Cristo de los Milagros_ (2)

Enjoy the most gastronomic experiences

The gastronomic scene of Torremolinos is large and very interesting, even if it is to take home, lunches and dinners are ready to surprise you this Easter weekend. Mediterranean,traditional, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Indian cuisine, for everyone who loves it. And if you want to have a gastronomic feast at home, you can visit and enjoy the local Gastroshopping shops downtown.

Torrija-caléndula-tradicional de pan mojado en leche con helado de leche merengada
Potaje vigilia-Frutos

Enjoy Easter brunch on the beach at your  favorite restaurant or chiringuitoafter a yoga or surf session this weekend and don’t forget to have brunch at the Center of the city during the week as well.

Try Easter chocolate eggs and other desserts that will melt in your taste buds. Also, enjoy the tastiest ice creams and even from the «Torrijas» at your home or on the street. Ready to treat yourself?

Casa antonio en el Bajondillo
Vistas playa la carihuela Horno Beach

Open air Art in the city

Play areas for the children in El Parque de la Bateria, with its recently expanded program from 9am to 9.30pm. This park is very large and with wide cycle paths, the big blue lake, the fountains, and where you can find the history of the cannons. Its viewpoints will be the most entertaining, as the Park complies with Covid-19 regulations, thus keeping the Mirador Tower, rowboats and carousel closed. In the rest of the park, you can walk a long distance. You can also cycle and skate on the beach boulevard El Bajondillo, Playamar and Los Álamos.

Casa de los Navajas

The most spectacular open air museum with Street Art murals by Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Picasso, Dalí or El Pasaje Begoña with significant LGBTI history. A Freetour will be available soon.

Pasaje Begoña street art

If you have already gone skating, cycling or walking, it is time to enjoy the countryside and to have fun with your children. The Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center in addition to greatness, offers garden areas with its statues and also offers workshops for children where you can see many works of art and photographs of local talents. And La Casa de Los Navajas normally hosts exhibitions, concerts and theater, you can check out the exhibits here this weekend.


Outdoor sports

And if you want to have some action, you can always equip yourself with a paddle surfboard that you can rent, to sail the waters of our beaches. You can also rent a few bicycles or the most daring ones to hike to the viewpoint «Mirador de la Cañada del Lobo», as well as on the days with «Poniente» wind you can go windsurfing in Playamar or those other days with «Levante» wind where you can go surfing and catch some good waves with our local surfers at strategic points on our beaches of La Carihuela, Bajondillo-Playamar and Los Álamos. And we are not done yet. How’s Golf? Here you can play golf in the golf course of Miguel Ángel Jiménez.

A city of relax

Sometimes, all you need is a long weekend and to do nothing. Enjoy the peace, tranquility and personal care in the beauty and aesthetic centers of Torremolinos. Book a massage, alone or with your partner, spend a few hours to pamper yourself and have a massage, dry sauna session, aesthetic treatments accompanied by some fruit with chocolate and champagne and experience Easter in a different way.

Spa Don Marcos
Spa Don Marcos

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