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30 agosto, 2023
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Give love to Torremolinos. Enjoy it in a sustainable way

If you are planning a trip to Torremolinos, an experience that goes beyond traditional tourism awaits you! We tell you all about the campaign «We love you to enjoy Torremolinos. Give love to our environment«, an initiative that demonstrates how every small gesture can make a difference in the preservation of our corner of paradise.

In Torremolinos, we aim to keep our natural and urban environments in the best possible condition, and to do this we all need to give love to them with our day to day actions. Actions collected in five eye-catching posters with which the council seeks to convey that natural resources are not infinite.

Use water responsibly

In our quest for more sustainable tourism, every drop counts. As you stroll along the beaches and listen to the gentle whisper of the waves, remember that it is also essential to take care of our coastline.
When using the fountains and showers on the beaches around Torremolinos, make a conscious choice to avoid wasting water. Especially in the showers, where bath gels and other polluting products should not be used. Take care of the natural ecosystem of the sea and use biodegradable sun creams.

And if you are an adventure lover, we invite you to explore the Water Route, an experience that will connect you with the aquatic essence of our environment. This route, linked to the Water Trail, links the Coastal Path with the Great Path of Malaga. With hiking and urban sections, it will take you to discover unique places in Torremolinos and delve into the importance of water in our lives and in the local ecosystem.

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Grifo fuente Camino del Agua
Molino de Inca en Torremolinos Agua

Recycling, a fundamental gesture towards

And let’s also talk about another small gesture: the proper use of litter bins and recycling. In Torremolinos, every time you use a litter bin you are helping to take care of our environment.

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Here, recycling is not just a chore, but an experience that combines responsibility and, why not say it, fun.
All over the city you will find recycling bins with cool designs that include pictures of Torremolinos.
include pictures of Torremolinos. You’ll also find litter bins in our pine tree forests, so be sure to use them. And if you walk through our mountains, bring bags to take your waste with you.
Every little effort adds up, and every time you recycle or use the bins, you are doing your bit to make Torremolinos shine even brighter.

Take care of street furniture

Now let’s talk about something we can all do to ensure that residents and visitors alike can enjoy the amazing places that make up Torremolinos: take care of the street furniture.
In every bench, lamppost and corner of the town, there is an opportunity to preserve the beauty that makes Torremolinos such a special destination. So, when you visit and stroll through our town, use and treat every corner with respect.

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Molino de Inca Hidalgo

This way you can enjoy unique enclaves, such as the Parque de la Batería, a green space in the heart of the city that is an oasis where you can relax and recharge your batteries using the bio-healthy park, the jogging track or the bicycle lane, and to keep it that way, we need your help.

Move sustainably

Now, let’s shift gears and explore another way to show our love for our environment: the use of public transport and sustainable means, such as cycling.

In Torremolinos, getting around in a sustainable way is as easy as enjoying a sunny day at the beach. The city is designed for it, several bus lines and the suburban train cross the municipality, and the bicycle becomes your perfect companion to explore it. Can you imagine the sea breeze caressing you as you cycle along part of the promenade of Los Alamos, Playamar and Bajondillo, or through our streets, discovering every corner of the town at your own pace?
It’s an experience not to be missed!

In addition, we have routes that you can do by bike, which are simply fantastic, which will take you through natural and cultural sites, allowing you to immerse yourself in the essence of Torremolinos in an active and sustainable way.
Are you ready for an exciting tour through some of the treasures that our city has to offer?

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Senderismo bicicleta Torremolinos
Senderismo bicicleta Torremolinos

Torremolinos, a benchmark destination in terms of
tourism sustainability

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In addition to the posters, the campaign has been extended to social networks, allowing the Torremolinos Town Hall to reach a wider audience and, in this way, together we can build a future for Torremolinos more respectful with the environment and turn our city into a reference destination in terms of tourism sustainability.

So, on your next visit to Torremolinos, don’t forget to give love to our environment. Only in this way we will be able to enjoy the beauty of every corner of our wonderful town for many years to come. Tomorrow depends on our actions today!

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