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20 mayo, 2019
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Walking and cycling are two of the healthiest and easiest sports to practise and, in addition, they are available to everyone. In this post, we give you the hiking and bike routes that you can do when you come to Torremolinos.

If you prefer to walk

In Torremolinos you will find different routes and paths for all levels of difficulty. If you are ambitious and are used to hiking, we suggest two routes of medium difficulty: the Cañada del Lobo and stage 34 of La Gran Senda de Málaga.

But if you are one of those who simply want to enjoy a simple route and get to know Torremolinos while you walk, you have three good options: enjoy Stage 6 of the Litoral Path, walk along our promenade or take the path that links one of the main icons of Torremolinos, the Pimentel Tower, with the Bermeja Tower, in the neighboring municipality of Benalmádena.

Cañada del Lobo

On this route you will get to know the natural environment that surrounds Torremolinos and you will discover one of the best views of the Costa del Sol. The starting point of this route is located in the pine woods of Torremolinos, next to the Hermitage of San Miguel. If you go by car you can leave it near the nursery.

This route, will enter one of the lungs of Torremolinos, where pine trees are linked to holm oaks and among trees and bushes, palmetto stands out. Pay attention to the sky, because usually on this path, you can see raptors like the booted eagle and the sparrow hawk. Along the route, you will find different informative posters so you don´t get lost on your way to La Cañada del Lobo.

At the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view of La Hoya de Málaga. You will not be alone, as you will be accompanied by a wolf statue that gives the complex its name.

The Great Path of Malaga. Stage 34

Stage 34 of La Gran Senda de Málaga, the great trail that runs through the province of Malaga, along Torremolinos. Going from Benalmádena to Alhaurín de la Torre, on this route you will find a path full of vegetation where you can see pines, palmettos, thyme and rosemary.

Although the path is accessible, it is still a half-mountain route, so you will find some slopes along the way. The steepest elevations occur at Cerro Calamorro, where the Benalmádena cable car arrives, which you can use to shorten the route or make it easier.
This stage of the route starts at Luis Cernuda street, in Benalmádena, in the upper area near the Mediterranean motorway. However, if you want to know further details, you have more information on the website of La Gran Senda de Málaga.

The Litoral Path. Stage 6

The Litoral Path proposes a different hiking route, which will take you along the coast, as it runs along the promenades, crossing beaches and cliffs, of the towns that mark the coast of Malaga. In its 6th stage, the Litoral Path enters Torremolinos on a route that will take you along the Bajondillo Promenade, until you reach Benalmádena.

The route of the towers

Most of this route passes through the Litoral Path but both the beginning and the end will make you travel to historical moments of both Torremolinos and Benalmádena. The route starts at the Tower Pimentel or Torre de los Molinos, one of the historical and tourist icons of the city of Torremolinos. It is one of the defense towers that was raised by the Nasrids along the entire coast by the former Kingdom of Granada. It is located between San Miguel Street and Cuesta del Tajo, on the road that leads to Bajondillo Beach.

In fact, the route continues along Bajondillo promenade and along the Litoral Path, until reaching the neighboring town of Benalmádena. Here you will find another defense watchtower of the coast, Torre Bermeja. This emblem dominates a large stretch of beach next to Quebrada Tower and Dock Tower (Torre del Muelle), as part of the network of towers of Benalmádena.

As a return route, you can choose to walk along the N-340 avenue until you reach the uphill street that leads to Parque de la Batería, already in Torremolinos, another icon of the city, where you can telax and enjoy the scenery . In addition, you will find a contemporary tower (Torre Mirador) , where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay.

From here we suggest you finish at «Castillo Santa Clara», an iconic building in in the history of our tourism.

Promenade of Torremolinos

If you like to walk, Torremolinos offers you 6 kilometers of promenade where you can enjoy its stunnig beaches and the best views of Málaga Bay.

In addition, the town hall of Torremolinos is working on an ambitious project, the Water Path, which will allow to combine routes through urban and mountain areas, knowing the link of Torremolinos with water through its fountains of drinking water that coexisted in the past until today in the town.

Permanent Orienteering Circuit (CPO)

In Torremolinos a permanent orienteering circuit (CPO) has been created in accordance with the rules of the Spanish Orienteering Federation (FEDO), so that the circuit is approved for sporting events. This circuit has 35 signs, divided into three levels of difficulty, that have included the Pinar de los Manantiales, the Pinar Molino del Moro and sports areas. The highest level has been extended to the northern area of the motorway to give the circuit greater amplitude. The signs are numbered from 100 to 135 and each one of them is independent from the rest, being coded for digital race tracking.

This is a Permanent Foot Orienteering installation (O-foot), this being a form of orienteering sport in which the competitors, moving on foot, visit a number of controls marked on the terrain, spending as little time as possible, using only a map and a compass.

Three levels of difficulty have been designed, according to route and distance: Basic, Medium and Advanced. It is also possible to create tailor-made routes and levels.

Route map with the green, blue and red route

Three levels of difficulty have been designed according to route and distance: Basic, Medium and Advanced. It is also possible to create tailor-made routes and levels.
Green Basic Route of 3.2km
Blue Intermediate Route of 4.0km, and
Red Advanced Route of 5.2km

Places of location of the signs

The signposting consisted of:
– 1 start panel placed next to the sports facilities in the Pinar de los Manantiales pine forest, with basic information and three QR codes including a tutorial.
– 1 control sign at the start of the route
– 35 route signs
– 1 sign at the end of the route
– 1500 printed maps to follow the route
– Digital support that can be downloaded from the start panel and allows access to the tutorials and applications to follow the route, both individually and collectively.


A place for running

If you are a runner, Torremolinos is your town, and running while enjoying the smell of the sea is priceless. Also, if you like to compete, you might want to sign up for the cross, triathlons and the different popular races that take place regularly in our city. You can also set yourself the goal of taking part in the XXXV Torremolinos International Half Marathon, which will be held on the 2nd of February 2025.

And if you prefer cycling… immerse yourself in Torremolinos.

There are signs for a mountain bike circuit in the Sierra de Torremolinos-Periurban Area. It is a project included in the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI) AVANTE Torremolinos, line of action A8. Opening up the city to the mountains: Periurban Park.
You will find different spaces where you can rent a bike and go for a ride. In addition, many of the hiking routes can also be done by bike, thanks to the network of trails.

If you like the mountains and nature, you can choose the tour, La Cañada del Lobo, which lasts 2 and a half hours and will take you through the natural environment of Torremolinos until you reach the viewpoint La Cañada del Lobo where you can enjoy the best views of the Costa del Sol.

Another option to get to know the surroundings of Torremolinos is to take a guided bike tour with QQ Bikes. It is also suitable for everyone, as you can do the tour on an electric bike.

Whatever kind of sport you want to practice, in Torremolinos you will find your ideal city, thanks to its temperature but also to the facilities we offer you.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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