Mural Frank Sinatra
Illustere bezoekers die verliefd werden op Torremolinos
19 octubre, 2021
El Morro o La Punta de Torremolinos, un rincón natural que te sorprenderá.
22 octubre, 2021

Illustrious visitors who fell in love with Torremolinos

Did you know that Torremolinos was the destination that many movie stars and European royalty have chosen in the past to spend a season or many summers? Since the Crown Prince of Denmark arrived in the city with his wife in October 1950 on the occasion of their honeymoon, countless celebrities, adventurers, novelists, millionaires, members of the kingdoms, ambassadors and sheikhs began to appear through our streets and squares.

In fact, it is precisely this tireless passage of artists, writers, athletes, musicians, politicians, designers and other illustrious personalities that have made Malaga’s coastline itself a real pole of attraction. The world of film and song brought glamor to the Costa del Sol: Rita Hayworth went to the El Copo nightclub; Ava Gadner stayed with friends in La Roca; Greta Garbo at the Tres Carabelas hotel; Marlon Brando in the chalets “La Verdad”; and Raquel Welch at the Tropicana Hotel.

The point is that Torremolinos’ intense heritage and historical baggage, added to the «tourist boom» it experienced in the mid-20th century, makes it impossible to list all the illustrious visitors that have passed through here. However, we would like to remind you of some of the most famous:

Brigitte Bardot

Cinema as entertainment, added to the tourism «boom», made Torremolinos fashionable among film makers in the 1950s. One of the productions shot in those years was «The Jewelers of the Moonlight», a French-Italian film starring the great Brigitte Bardot and shot in Torremolinos, Mijas, Alhaurín el Grande, El Chorro, de Desfiladero de los Gaitanes and the capital Málaga. There are several points of our municipality that appear in it, such as the train stop El Pinillo or the beach of La Carihuela, where the actress spent a lot of free time.

Brigitte Bardot

Frank Sinatra

While filming some scenes in the movie «Colonel Viv Ryan» (1965), the famous singer Frank Sinatra performed at the famous hotel Pez Espada. The point is that while flirting with a Cuban actress, he was photographed, which the singer did not find very funny and would become a cause for a fight. He was arrested and the case was to be settled with a fine of 25,000 pesetas.

But Frank Sinatra wasn’t alone in making his mark on this mythical hotel once considered the best in Spain. In the 1960s, the Pez Espada hotel marked the beginning of fame and for many it also forged the Costa del Sol brand. A true fashion pasarela for big celebrities such as Charlton Heston, Anthony Quinn, Orson Welles, Elisabeth Taylor or Ava Gadner, and that continued between big parties until the 1970s.

Mural Frank Sinatra

Gala’s first Top Less pose

The one who was Salvador Dalí’s companion and muse of the generation of 27 was also the one who performed the first Torremolinos topless in the summer of 1930. At that time Torremolinos was little more than a modest fishing village and the sailors there had the surprise of their lives when they saw this woman with bare breasts and only a short skirt, posing for Dalí.

Famous Spanish Personalities

Manolo Escobar, Lola Flores, Carmen Sevilla, the Duchess of Alba, El Fary or Rocío Jurado were some of the national celebrities who also toast under the Torremolinos sun, filling pages and pages of newspapers in the 1970s, converting the city to the epicenter of luxury, class, distinction and greatness.

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