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In the Night of St. John, in Torremolinos, we launch the summer: tradition, boat rowing, fair and funfair, gastronomy and good times.

Torremolinos and St. John are synonymous with tradition, good times, parties and conviviality, but also for evening parties and «Jábegas» fishing sloops competitions. Because if there are three areas where the arrival of summer is lived intensely, they are in the neighborhoods of Montemar Alto, in La Carihuela and in Cantarranas.

“Moraga” or the Fire Festival on the beach of la Carihuela

Tradition marks that the night of June 23 to 24 celebrates the arrival of summer. The change of the solstice in Torremolinos and in the entire Málaga coast we celebrate it with the traditional «moragas», where the night is illuminated by thousands of bonfires and where friends and families gather around barbecues and even brighten up the night with different rituals to take advantage of the magic of the moon and be lucky for the rest of the year.

In Torremolinos several areas have been enabled to perform the moragas, so if you walk along the coast you will find the beach full of them. Of course, if you are in the area of La Carihuela, we recommend that you go to the one carried out by the Brotherhood of the Sailors of the Blessed Virgin Carmen “Virgen del Carmen”, in collaboration with the City Council, in Playa del Remo, where there will be music and where you can also enjoy drinks, tapas and «espetos» (skewer of sardines) at popular prices without worrying about the barbecue.

Moreover, every year it also has a great concert that begins before and continues after the traditional burning of the “júa” rag dolls which, in a humorous tone and of course normally, has a well-known symbolic meaning making a satire about a particular current event. If you have heard of the «Fallas of Valencia» Fires of Valencia where various works of art are burned in the street, we can say that this one is a small «Falla». At 12 midnight, the júa is burned with a large bonfire and after it, the concert and music will continue until 3am. This Sunday the group Alejados will perform, a cover group with a large repertoire of pop music, especially from the pop group “Último de la Fila” and Manolo García.

We are at the Fair in Montemar Alto and Cantarranas

But San Juan in Torremolinos is celebrated for many more days than the Night of San Juan, as both Montemar Alto and the Cantarranas neighborhood, celebrate their traditional summer fair this weekend

In Montemar Alto it will be as traditional in the “La Marcha Verde” neighborhood, and during the festivities, to a large extent, children become the main protagonists, as one of the main attractions is an amusement park located on Calle Decano Miguel Marengo. From this Friday to next Monday, the youngest can ride the strollers until 4 a.m. For the elderly, there is food and drink at popular prices in the main stall on the sports field, along with music from local artists and academies.

The 24th of June is the big day of the Fair with the celebration of the procession of San Juan that will run through the streets of Montemar from 7.30 pm to almost midnight. Devotion and tradition come together, having one of their most emotional moments when they leave the Convent of the Barefoot Carmelite Sisters.

Cantarranas also celebrates its traditional evening parties, with musical performances and drinks and tapas at popular prices, and where the traditional burning of the rag dolls «Júa´s» will also take place.

Tradition also at sea

Around San Juan, the tradition is not only lived on the beaches, but also on the sea, with the Carihuela Grand Prix of the Pepe Almoguera Traditional League of sloops “Jábegas”, a vibrant show worth seeing and which will take place at June 23 from 11 am.
The “Jabegotes” rowers, divided into different categories, will compete against each other in these regattas that are part of the competition organized by the Rowing Federation together with the Malaga Provincial Council and contested throughout the province of Malaga during the summer months, with 14 stages and 400 rowers.

In Torremolinos it is the rowing club “Club el Remo y Pala Tradicional” that organizes the competitions, where 8 different clubs compete in the categories of youth, women, seniors and veterans.

The goal of the League and the La Carihuela Rowing club “Club el Remo y Pala Tradicional” is to preserve the tradition of Sloop Rowing, a boat with 3000 years of history and deeply rooted in Malaga. It is a rowing boat designed for fishing, where you can find attached to it different symbols such as the painted eye that recalls the Phoenician era. From the origins of fishing, it has passed to a sporting use, as its practice is a specialty that is practiced throughout the year.

If you are going to the beach of La Carihuela to watch the race, we recommend that you bring sun protection and above all, be very attentive to the competition, as when the sloops and their rowers go into the sea, the battle to get the first to the beach is fast, breathtaking and exciting. So pay attention to the different boats and enjoy the commitment of the participants.

Go to a Moraga (Fire Festival) or enjoy the traditional sloop regatta, experience this San Juan with emotion and a smile and remember to share your experiences with us through our social networks.

We are also waiting for you in San Juan.

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