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8 junio, 2020
Wat te doen?Perfecte ideeën om van Torremolinos te genieten
8 junio, 2020
Pérgola Casa de las Navajas El Morro Cañada del lobo Torre Pimentel Molino de Inca Gastronomía

Feeling Torremolinos Interactive Banner

Here you have our first Tourism Interactive Banner. Just click on the different images of the town in our Interactive Heart, and you will see more information on each one of the images to fully enjoy Torremolinos.

We show you 7 Torremolinos landmarks to have a wide range of options, so that you can choose your favourites and plan your visit. One destination, diverse experiences. From practising sports in La Cañada del Lobo to a visit to Casa de los Navajas or a stroll through El Morro, and much more.

Landmarks in the Feeling Torremolinos Interactive Banner

Casa de los Navajas

One of the most photographed places by instagrammers and curious people is Casa de los Navajas. This is a neo-Mudejar style palace from 1925 built as the Navajas family’s vacation home. You will fall in love with its rooms and gardens.
A place to be visited with your partner, and to let yourself be seduced by its stunning sea views. A place to enjoy a ”slow moment” in all cases. It may be one of the most romantic plans in Torremolinos: discover all our romantic plans on this part of the interactive banner. This palace will also delight families, admission is free, and it is located in El Bajondillo area near the seafron. Don’t miss it out.

Plaza Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol Square)

Torremolinos has transformed its central boulevard into a modern pedestrian street. Designed by architect Salvador Moreno Peralta, this square now consists of big architectural and decorative elements thought to the delight of residents and visitors, like the large pergola featuring waves ondulating as if the pergola was the sea. Magnificent sculptures by artist Elena Laverón. A fantastic mural reproducing film star Brigitte Bardot painted on the facade of the hotel in this square, an iconic image that reminds us of her visit to work in one of her films. Elements to watch and touch, and to enjoy street art. The perfect square to participate in all types of events with your friends and family. #Torremolinos.

Torre Pimentel (Torre de los Molinos or Tower of the Mills)

This is one of the ancient  atchtowers in our coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Built more than 700 years ago, back in 1300, Torre Pimentel was a strategic and lookout point for the Kingdom of Granada. Officially declared to be a spanish Bien de Interés Cultural  Protected Cultural Heritage), it will be restored soon. Torre Pimentel is a symbol of Torremolinos, full of history. You will find Torre Pimentel when you go shopping in San Miguel Street and walk to Cuesta del Tajo, it is a very nice picture.


Torremolinos cuisine is a fundamental part if you want to know all the aspects of this vibrant modern town. From the traditional “espetos” (spit-roasted sardines) to the delicious “pescaito frito” (fried fish), you will find a great variety of restaurants to suit all tastes. Quality, experience, tradition and good service in a town that has succeeded in maintaining its traditional cuisine combined with innovation and modern cooking. Chiringuitos on the beach, restaurants, bakeries, cocktail bars, and of course the famous Spanish “tapas”, make Torremolinos a paradise for food lovers.

El Morro

Historically, this natural monument divided El Bajondillo and La Carihuela beaches and was the physical limit between these two areas of the town, which are now connected by means of a promenade where we can walk along the cost and enjoy beautiful and unique views. If you love walking on the beach and along the seaside, Torremolinos offers you a 7 km long sea promenade for the best views of Malaga Bay.

Cañada del Lobo viewpoint 

This if one of the favourite places for hikers and adventurers, who get there on foot or by bike. From there you will have unique panoramic views in Torremolinos and on the Costa del Sol. You can enjoy a network of hiking trails that pass by dense forests with pinewoods, holm oaks, cork oaks, and other Mediterranean trees and vegetation. Once you get there, take a selfie next to the sculpture of a howling wolf installed on the top #cañadadellobo

Botanical Garden Molino de Inca

Torremolinos has several water springs that were essential for its important miling industry in the past, with flour mills or fulling mills located all over the town. Today, the Botanical Garden Molino de Inca preserves some of its water springs and you can visit the one called Albercón del Rey. There you will also find a recreation of a water mill and learn how the strength of the waters was used to grind wheat into flour. This botanical garden covers 40.000 square metres, the perfect place to go for a nature walk. Birds of pray, many different botanical species, ceramic tiles and pieces of our history, all together in one of our recommended places to visit with your friends and family. #MolinodeInca Have your own Torremolinos experience and share with us @ttorremolinos #Torremolinos. Visit our blog to search for your favourites and make your plans. Enjoy Torremolinos.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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