Komando Bike Festival en Torremolinos y Concentración Mototurística: circuito paraíso
10 octubre, 2022
«Komando Bike Festival» in Torremolinos, een Moto-touristische Bijéénkomst: Circuit Paradijs
11 octubre, 2022

Komando Bike Festival in Torremolinos and touristic motor rally: a paradise circuit

You just cannot feel satisfied when attending the usual motor events? If this is the case, keep reading, because we have good news for you. To get all the adrenaline you need and roar your engine with the perfect scenario, pay a visit to the Komando Bike Festival, the Motorcycle Concentration of Torremolinos.

Paradise on Wheels, Xth Motorcycle Concentration

The Komando Bike Festival is scheduled in Torremolinos on October 14th, 15th, and 16th at the Palacio de Congresos. During the festival, there are lots of activities for motorcycle lovers, so treat yourself and show off your ride in paradise on the Ruta Mototurística.


During this Motorcycle Show and Outlet event, major international motorcycle brands take part in the exhibition held at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones. You can positively find your ideal bike there, whatever the model. The exhibition includes all sorts of bike models: scooters, sport, electric, road motos, etc. You just can’t miss this roaring fiesta!

During the show, you can also have a look at different and specific complements designed for bike practice. Latest novelties of the two-wheels world are also on display.

Register to attend one of the conferences or enjoy the Guardia Civil classic motorcycles exhibition. When a motorcycle manufacturer, join the classic motorcycle show contest and get a chance to demonstrate your bike is well worth a champion title.

exposicion- moto

Concerts and shows

Predictably, the music to escort the sound of tires on the asphalt needed to be special. Because every great road adventure is always accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. So, the La Guarida and Estrella Negra bands are to perform in a showcase of musical magnificence during live concerts at the festival.

Get all the adrenaline you need and more. Feel those goose bumps and don’t miss Emilio Zamora’s Stunts Shows scheduled to move the race with impossible acrobatics on his bike.


Bikers’ gastronomy track

After all these adventures and emotions surrounded by the thunder of motorcycles, your stomach will probably need to be filled with fuel. This is no problem at the X Motorcycle Concentration so enjoy the Food Trucks and discover the first Biker Tapas’ route on the following virtual map. To participate in the Bikers’ Tapas raffle, fill in your Tapasport and get it all stamped in the Tapas’ Route bars.

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