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6 agosto, 2020
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If you walk through the area of ​​Bajondillo, you will be surprised by this neo-Mudejar style mansion that stands out among the architecture of Torremolinos. This unique building, built in 1925, belonged to Luque-Navajas family, linked to the sugarcane business in the lands that are now part of Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport in Málaga. At that time, it was one of the most fruitful industries, rising because those lands were irrigated with the water that emerged from the springs of Torremolinos.

Antonio Navajas decided to build this small residential palace on a cliff in front of Bajondillo beach. It was one of his great dreams, he wanted to have a house facing the sea and up to three generations of Navajas family lived in it. In 1925, he was fascinated by a barren estate in Torremolinos. It had water and it was enough for him. Immediately he realised that it was a privileged place and over the years, it has been proved.

The building was built with the aesthetics of that period, the Neomudéjar style, which stood out in the province of Malaga at the beginning of the 20th Century. In fact, if you visit the capital of Málaga during your visit, you will find other emblematic buildings with a very similar aesthetic, such as the old post and telegraph construction, the Rector´s office of the University of Málaga, Málaga City Hall or the market of Salamanca in El Molinillo.

How the palace is

The palace has two floors. On the first one, which at that time was destined for family housing, you will find a large lobby and several rooms. The second floor was allocated as a viewpoint with two towers that allows to contemplate the Bay of Málaga.

The exterior decoration of the house highlights the use of Sevillian tiles with geometric motifs and the representation on the main facade of an allegory of the four seasons, although in this case and according to the mild weather of the Costa del Sol, the winter was not represented. In the viewpoints there are small tiles with traditional scenes. In the interior, we can find arches, plaster-works and other decorative elements of romantic Islamic inspiration.

Remodeling and valorization

After the declaration by the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía as a Building of Historical Interest in 1991, the City Council acquired the mansion in the year 2000, with the condition that the last of the daughters of Antonio Navajas still lived there during three more years. Years later, in 2011, the Municipal Government decided to begin the restoration works of the palace, which stopped the deterioration of the building. This reopened its doors in October 2014. In its rehabilitation a large room was set up to celebrate civil weddings, being one of the preferred frames for the residents of Torremolinos. Besides the weddings, other official ceremonies are also held there.

Today the Navajas House is one of the most emblematic buildings of Torremolinos and one of the most unique. Its silhouette stands above the apartments that have been built around it. This building has witnessed the development of our city and it normally houses much of the city’s cultural agenda.

As a result of the Covid-19, the visiting hours of the Casa de los Navajas have been adjusted and the changes can be consulted via the following link on our website.

Free admission: Visiting hours from Friday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm.

The focus of the best photos

The Navajas House has also turn into a photographic icon. It is one of the most portrayed corners by neighbours and visitors. From its viewpoint, you could portray the best sunsets. It´s a must-see corner, along with others such as the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden, the Pimentel Tower or the Batería (battery) Park. Its gardens, which are maintained and full of adapted vegetation to each time of the year, are also highly valued by tourists who are appealed by this unique building that you will surely fall in love with just seeing a picture.
If you come for several days or if your visit is more fleeting, find a space in your schedule to feel the beauty of this palace. Surely you will not regret it. Also if you do not know how to organize yourself, you can find out our visit itineraries or ask our technicians from the three tourist offices, who will help you to design a perfect visit to get to know Torremolinos thoroughly.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
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