La Ruta del Pescaíto: jornadas gastronómicas con sabor marinero
12 septiembre, 2022
La Ruta del Pescaíto : des journées gastronomiques aux saveurs de la mer
16 septiembre, 2022

La Ruta del Pescaíto: gastronomic days with a sea flavour

Here comes another of these expected days for fish lovers: start your Pescaito Route in Torremolinos!

Isn’t your mouth yet watering when thinking about fried fish and skewers? This year and, after two years off that local experience, we are back to celebrate -with enthusiasm and appetite- another Pescaito Route.

What about some fish in Torremolinos?

Freshly grilled sardines served with lemon. Torremolinos, Costa del Sol, Andalusia, Spain

The Pescaito Route starts on September 20th. The event lasts four days when you can participate and enjoy very flavory fish days; last day for fish eaters on the route being September 23rd. Remember that the Pescaito Route will be offered only in the lunchtime!

During the Pescaito Route, you can taste a wide variety of fish dishes at special prices, in restaurants and beach bars participating in this long-awaited event.  The fixed price is of six euros per serving, and you can either choose between anchovies, squids, rosada and sardine skewers, with a glass of refreshing beer or water for one euro.

The participating restaurants are in the center of Torremolinos, in the La Carihuela and El Bajondillo areas. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover the hidden corners of Torremolinos and eat on the promenade overlooking the sea or enjoying the restaurants located in the center of Torremolinos. Your best Torremolinos moment awaits with some sardine skewers on the beach!

Centre de Torremolinos
Carihuela Beach
Bajondillo Beach

Like for the Tapas Route, during the Pescaito Route you enjoy tapas in Torremolinos, though this time, you are quite likely to be served fish tapas in the beach bars.

The Pesacaito Route circuit

During these Pescaito Route days, you can taste the most typical dishes and meals of Torremolinos during the opening hours of restaurants and beach bars.


You simply cannot miss the sensations experienced on this very special route! Enjoy an unforgettable stroll in the nice Torremolinos streets to investigate the restaurants and find the special one you were looking for; this is a magical experience. If you think you cannot possibly find the time to taste it all, have a look at the route map bellow:

Which fish would you say was the tastiest? Vote for the restaurant you liked most using the enclosed form and choose you winner of the Pescaito Route 2022. Help us decide on where to go next time for a nice fish meal!

You simply cannot miss this unique Torremolinos experience! We are waiting for you!

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