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Torremolinos: A destination to be happy
11 junio, 2019
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Do you fancy a cocktail? Take it in Torremolinos
21 junio, 2019

Enjoy Torremolinos as if you were part of the neighbourhood. Orange Tourism Experience.

Tired of going on holidays and doing the typical things that all tourists do? Do you live in La Costa del Sol and you want to do something different? Well, Torremolinos offers you much more, an orange tourism experience, based on enjoying our city as if you were one of our neighbours.

The Orange Tourism is experiential, based on creative, cultural, outdoor activities, enjoying the environment. It is to live the destiny as if you were from the city you visit, and here in Torremolinos, you have plenty of things to do.

Exhibitions and cultural workshops

If you are a lover of culture, creativity, if you like attending workshops of lettering, reading, workshops of different topics, it will be a must to go to Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center located in 42, de la Cruz, street. In this cultural environment, you will find a multitude of activities throughout the week to do during your visit to Torremolinos. Every Tuesday, it hosts movie nights with a LGBTI focus, every month you will find new exhibitions of different themes, the reading club Ellas Escriben, it is a place where every week a writer and her work are honored and several workshops with different teachings, from lettering to ayurveda, which are given by La Térmica Málaga in many occasions.

Turismo Naranja Torremolinos
Turismo Naranja Torremolinos

In addition, every month you can find the cultural offer on the Tourism page of the City Council of Torremolinos, you will be surprised when you arrive at the Cultural Center with the exhibition that floods its gardens. The ‘outdoor sculptures’ of the artist closely linked to Torremolinos, Elena Laverón, are distributed not only in this cultural building but in other singular spaces of the city, such as Costa del Sol square and Palma de Mallorca avenue. The pieces that make up the exhibition are a mixture of bronze and artificial stone and these are works created to be touched and lived, ideal to enjoy your experience in Torremolinos, or to improvise a selfie. As examples ‘Woman-bank’, ‘Seated family’ or ‘Couple as a column’.

Torremolinos is a city closely linked to art, apart from the travelling exhibitions that you will find as you go through the city, you can also enjoy different exhibitions at the Navajas House, another building that usually hosts different cultural activities such as theatre, concerts and now, even yoga. Because in Torremolinos, we like to innovate and practise relaxation or a sports practice like yoga in one of the icons of the city or in the open air, it is always a good plan. You can check the class days on the facebook of Yoga de Mar, which usually fills with good vibes, relaxation and liberation in unique and very emblematic spaces of Torremolinos. The Botanical Garden Molino de Inca and the Costa del Sol Square are usually the settings of the Outdoor Yoga program. Do not miss out on living this experience.

Turismo Naranja Torremolinos

Activities for children that fill Costa del Sol Square with enthusiasm

If there is a square that since its remodelling, is full of life is Costa del Sol square, and even more when it hosts activities for children as it is usual. Storytelling, magic, climbing walls, theatre and concerts aimed at the smallest of the house flood the square with hopes and become a perfect activity to join with the families of Torremolinos and enjoy all that Torremolinos has to offer if you come with children. You can take advantage to go shopping in San Miguel Street and have a plan for the whole family.

Artisan Markets and Murals that are pure art

If you want to walk through our city as if you were a neighbour, you can not miss the Craft Market of Athena Association of Artisans and Craftsmen of Torremolinos that during the month of June, you could see on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5pm to 10 pm at Palma of Mallorca avenue and from the 15th of June, only on Saturdays in Plaza Chiriva at Carihuela Area . You can find out where to find the craft market through the Facebook of the group.

And between walk and walk, discover jewels on our walls. Like the ones made by the urban artist Nesui who usually highlights actors, artists and outstanding musicians of the national and international scene and gives them a street touch to decorate our streets. Rosalia, Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson or Picasso have already been graffitied by this genius of the spray. The lastest grafitti is the French Actress Brigitte Bardot at the new Bulevar of Costa del Sol at his instagram you can see his new creations or if you prefer, take a walk along Carlota Alesandri Avenue, through the arcades of España Shopping Center and surprise your friends by sharing your experience #Torremolinos on Instagram and follow us at @ttorremolinos not to miss a single instant.

Turismo Naranja Torremolinos
Turismo Naranja Torremolinos
Turismo Naranja Torremolinos
Turismo Naranja Torremolinos

Eat the local products

Between route and activity, a tapa never comes badly. What about choosing any of the establishments to taste their specialties? Or maybe you want to go up to the beach bars and enjoy the noble art of cooking the espetos (sardines). You will discover that we do not only cook sardines, all kinds of fish can be roasted on the grill of the special cooking boat by the sea. We are sure that you will like the experience of eating what is cooked in the embers. You can meet any of our restaurants, improving your Torremolinos experience with a delicious meal.

However, if you want to truly experience an orange tourism experience, we advise you to go directly to our #AnfitrionesDigitales and #MyTorremolinos sections of this blog where our neighbours advise you where to go, where to eat, where to have a cocktail and which is the best place to see the sunrise and sunset in our city, among many other things. We also invite you to share your experience #Torremolinos. Because the best tour guides you can find in Torremolinos are our neighbours who with their hospitality will always make you smile and fill you with experiences to remember forever.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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