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Parque de la Bateria, a perfect place to have fun with your family in Torremolinos

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If you come with children or want to spend some quiet time, enjoying one of our green areas, you have to mark Parque de la Bateria on your map, a privileged site in Montemar Alto, where you can do sports, walk or relax with one of the best panoramic views of Torremolinos.

What is the park like?

You will find Parque de la Bateria, facing the sea. It has a watch tower and more than 74,000 square meters where you can relax and share moments with family or alone, enjoying this area designed for leisure, sports or having fun with the younger ones.

The park is divided in different areas, with a huge artificial lake, where rowing in their boats becomes an adventure to share with children or with your partner as a romantic option. The Venetian Carousel which delights young and old. “The DummyTree”, a tree where kids hang their dummies once they decide to stop using them, as they grow older, this is one of the few dummy trees in Spain and the watchtower, with the best panoramic views of Torremolinos.

Lago Artificial Parque Bateria
barcas parque de la bateria
Estatuas Parque Bateria
Arbol Chupetes Parque Bateria

Families from all over Malaga come to visit every day

Parque de la Bateria has become a must for those families with children over the years. In the northern area you will find a large playground, divided into two parts, with different equipment suitable for younger and older children. But undoubtedly the greatest attraction for them is the outstanding Venetian Carousel, with more than 50 figures of giraffes, horses and carriages. The Carousel is not open all day, so if you plan to come with children, check the opening hours before comming, in order to avoid dissapintments.

Boat rides on the artificial lake

E It is one of the main attractions in Parque de la Batería, you will be surprised by the size of more than 9,000 square meters. In the center the statue of god Neptune, will watch over you, during your visit. You can enjoy a pleasant boat ride, thanks to the rental service which offer a different experience for a reasonable price. As for the carousel, the service is available according to schedule, which you can check here:

A tower to take the best photos of Torremolinos

Are you addicted to Instagram? You will love this area in Parque de la Bateria . La Torre Mirador, a modern watchtower, which offers the best views of Torremolinos and the bay. It is 15 meters high, with a lift, so if you can´t, or dont want to climb stairs, you can still enjoy the wonderful views. If you like taking panoramic pictures, you may want to get to know other areas of Torremolinos with fabulous views.

First Dummy Tree in Spain

Parque de la Bateria is a family orientated area, where you can find the first tree full of dummies in Spain. It is a swedish tradition, which is becoming more and more popular in other countries. A ritual to help children say good bye to their dummies. In this area of ​​the park, the little ones, can hang their last dummy on the tree, with a note, or a drawing, for the next visit, when they come back to the park with their families.

Other cities in Spain have followed this initiative of Torremolinos and also have dummy trees, helping to promote this tradition, which became popular in Sweden.

Torre Mirador Parque Bateria

Walking along its paths, or doing sports among a thousand trees

Beyond all the leisure areas in Parque de la Bateria , it is one of the great green lungs of Torremolinos. In its 74,000 square meters you will find a fabulous path, with cobbled roads and different ornamental elements along the way. The park also has several sports areas, such as a bike lane and a race track. In addition, there are five different sports areas, so everyone can do their exercise routine while enjoying the grove and the landscape of the park.

History of the park

When you arrive at the park, there are more elements that will catch your eye, such as the artillery cannons. It is not by chance, because the name of the park comes from the fact that there was an old coastal defensive battery in the area, which protected the city from attacks by sea, during various stages of our history, from attacks by sea. Next to the cannons, there are two underground bunkers.

How to get to Parque de la Bateria

Parque de la Bateria is located in Montemar Alto, well connected by train, car or bus. The suburban train, C1, is very confortable, since our green lung is next to the Montemar Alto train stop. You can also use the L1 bus line, which will leave you very close to the park.

If you prefer to walk, you can access from Carmelo Avenue. Although if you come with your family, you must know, that it is a rather uphill walk. However, in the near future, a lift is planned to be built in the southern part, connecting it with Carlota Alessandri Avenue.

It is easy to come by car, as there are 150 parking spaces available, including several reserved for disabled people.

It is not important how or who you come with, to enjoy one of our favorite corners of Torremolinos and remember to share your photos on our social media.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
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