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15 septiembre, 2020
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21 septiembre, 2020

If you come with children or want to spend some quiet time enjoying one of our green lungs, you should mark La Bateria Park on your map. A privileged place in Montemar Alto where you can exercise, walk or relax with one of the best panoramic views of Torremolinos.

What does La Bateria Park look like?

Facing the sea and with its Mirador tower in front, you will see La Bateria Park. A leisure place with more than 74,000 square meters where you can leave the stress of the day behind and share moments with your family, your friends, with your partner or maybe you want to spend a little time alone, enjoying nature and tranquility, or sports such as running, or simply walking with your kids.

La Bateria Park is divided into several leisure zones. The artificial lake stands out, where rowing in their boats becomes an adventure to share with your little ones or the most romantic option to enjoy with your partner. The Venetian merry-go-round is a delight for young and old; the «Chupetes» pacifier tree, one of the few in Spain, where children say goodbye to this precious object and facilitate their transition to «aging»; and of course, the watchtower, where you can enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Torremolinos. The opening of the playground, boats, merry-go-round, pacifier tree are subject to changes.

Families from all over Malaga come to visit every day

If you come with children, this is a «must» visit. El Parque de la Batería,  north of La Carihuela and next to the ‘Montemar Alto’ train stop, is the perfect place to disconnect and have a good time. More than 74.000 square metres with over a thousand trees of 25 different species. One of the attractions is a large artificial lake where you can also take a boat ride, which you can rent on site.

Another of the park’s great attractions is the beautiful Venetian-style merry-go-round in the background, where the youngest members of the family can enjoy more than 50 figures with giraffes, horses and carriages.
For those who love panoramic views, you can enjoy one of the best views of Torremolinosrom from the 15-metre high watchtower . But don’t worry,  the top of the tower can also be reached by lift.

A artificial lake to take a boat trip

It is one of the attractions of the Battery Park and when you arrive, the large artificial lake of more than 9,000 square meters stands out. In the center stands the God Neptune, in the form of a statue, and accompanies you during your visit while enjoying a pleasant boat trip. Thanks to the boat rental service, you can enjoy a beautiful experience at an affordable price. As with the carousel, the boat service is available on schedule, which you can check here:

A tower from which you have the best panoramic view of Torremolinos

Addicted to Instagram? You will love this area of Parque de La Bateria. The «Torre Mirador» watchtower, a modern tower of 15 meters high, offers the best view of Torremolinos and the bay of Malaga. It has an elevator which, if you need it or if you have trouble climbing the stairs, it can take you to the top of the tower. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view. If you like to take panoramic photos from the heights, you may want to get to know other areas of Torremolinos where you will enjoy fantastic views .

First pacifier tree in Spain

The Battery Park is a recreational area very much aimed at families and it is there that you will find the first soother tree in Spain. It is a Swedish tradition, which is gradually becoming popular in other countries. A ritual to help the child say goodbye to the pacifier. In this part of the park, the little ones can hang up their last pacifier with their family, along with a note, a drawing or an appointment, and visit it every day they come to the park.

After Torremolinos, other cities in Spain have placed pacifier trees to promote this tradition, which became popular in Sweden.

Walk along the network of trails or play sports among a thousand trees

But outside of all the recreational areas that La Bateria Park has, this is one of the great green lungs of Torremolinos. In its 74,000 square meters you will find a fantastic network of paths with cobblestone paths and various ornamental elements in its path. The park also has several sports areas, such as the bike path and the running track. In addition, there are five different sports areas spread over the park for everyone who wants to exercise while enjoying nature.

History of the park

When you get to the park there will be more elements that will catch your attention, such as some artillery cannons. It is not trivial, since the name of the park has its origin in the old coastal defensive battery that was in the area, and that protected the city at different stages in the history of Torremolinos, from attacks by sea. Along with the canyons, two underground bunkers are also preserved.

How do you get to the Battery Park?

La Bateria Park is located in Montemar and communication by train, car or bus is excellent. Most comfortable is to use the local train, as our green lung is located next to the Montemar Alto train stop. You can also use bus line T-1 Solhouse Hotel, which will leave you a few meters from the park.

If you are one of those who prefer to walk, you can access the park from Avenida del Carmelo. Although if you come with your family we must warn you that you will encounter some slopes along the way and sometimes steep.

Getting there by car is easy, as the park has 150 parking spaces, including some reserved for people with reduced mobility.

Come as you come and with whom you come, enjoy one of our favorite corners of Torremolinos and share your photos on our social networks.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
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