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10 agosto, 2020
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Perfect ideas to enjoy in Torremolinos

If you are planning to come to Torremolinos for a few days to enjoy a getaway or because you have chosen us as your place to spend your holidays, you are surely wondering what you can do here to enjoy it fully. In this post we propose 7 ideas to get out of the conventional, because in Torremolinos you have a lot more.

1. Enjoy a sunrise from our beaches

A great idea is to get up early in the morning and discover the sunrise while strolling through any of our beaches. From Torremolinos, the sunrises are seen with a different color, with depth and above all, welcoming the day with its beautiful views along the seven kilometers of coastline. There are those who prefer to see the sunrise without even going to bed. For this it is better to choose the Los Álamos beach and enjoy an evening of partying by the sea in the beach clubs. Balinese beds, chill-out areas and the best cocktails to wait until dawn and take a perfect picture to end of your party-night.
Whether you choose to get up early or stay up late, see the sunrise from our beaches, it is one of the experiences that you must do if you come to Torremolinos. The colors, the fresh air, the waves breaking on the shore, the tranquility and the views will leave you breathless.

2.Taste the authentic fried fish

Torremolinos is the gastronomic cradle of fried fish. Don’t be surprised during your visit if someone tells you that it is here that the sardines skewers were born, that peculiar way of cooking grilled fish in a small boat, so popular in these areas and how much it pleases to those who taste it. Enjoy a generous portion of anchovies or squid in any of our beach bars. You can choose which one to go to using our interactive map, or let yourself be carried away by your intuition and enter the one that most captures your attention as you stroll along our promenade. It doesn’t matter where you decide to go in to try it, the important thing is that you savour it and that you enjoy it.

3. Feel the essence of Torremolinos in La Carihuela

Torremolinos is one of those cities that mixes pioneering, modernity with its purest essence, that of a fishing village that one day opened up to tourism and to leisure and became a benchmark. That’s why it’s a perfect plan to lose yourself in the streets of La Carihuela, the neighborhood that preserves the essence of what was once our city.

It is an old fishing district, still on the beach you can see the different rowing boats ( Jávegas ) that give color to that so characteristic fine sand, faithful trace of what once was La Carihuela. Take advantage of the kindness of its people, and ask about our origins. Lose yourself in its streets, where bougainvilleas climb the walls of low houses. And stop at one of the bars or cafes and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

4. Come as a family and have a great time with your little ones

If you are thinking of coming to Torremolinos as a family, we already anticipate that it’s a great idea. Here you will find a family-friendly destination with many opportunities to enjoy and have a great time with the little ones. Be sure to visit the Battery Park in Montemar Alto, a benchmark for playgrounds in the province. The merry-go-round and the leisure areas will be the destruction of the little ones, while the older ones can enjoy the wonderful views offered by the Mirador Tower.

Other options to enjoy with the family is to go to the Crocodrile Park, a different leisure park where children can learn more about this animal while you take a walk along the trails through the tropical vegetation that you will find on the way. There are about 300 crocodiles waiting for you and you can even take a photo with a baby crocodile, a tender picture to close a family day. For the summer months, another option very close to this park is to enjoy Aqualand Torremolinos, a water park with lots of experience and days of fun behind it.

5. Live a day of shopping and relaxation

Are you shopaholic? Well, if you love shopping, you are in the perfect city. We recommend that you go to the central Calle San Miguel, the main shopping street of Torremolinos where you will find all kinds of shops: shoe stores, accessories stores, clothing stores, gifts… Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here or in the surrounding streets. If you are looking for the big brands, you also have a choice.

But if you prefer to browse more and discover unique pieces in craft stores, do not hesitate to go to the Cuesta del Tajo and with the Pimentel Tower in the background, let yourself fall in love with the precious things that you will find there.

plaza costa del sol

6. Early in the morning …, go up to the highest viewpoint in Torremolinos, the Cañada del Lobo

If you have already visited the main corners of Torremolinos, a perfect idea is to be surprised by the views of Torremolinos from the different viewpoints of the municipality. But there is no doubt that the Cañada del Lobo one will not leave you indifferent. The PR A-172 route that crosses a dense pine forest, dotted with holm oaks, cork oaks and wild olive trees, will take you there … you will get the best panoramic views of the coast, the mountains, the La Hoya de Málaga and, in the distance, Sierra Nevada. It is the perfect place to learn about the botanical wealth and fauna of our environment.

If after this excursion you continue with strength and courage, we recommend one of the most special viewpoints, the Mirador de la Torre, in the Parque de La Bateria, from where it seems that you touch the sea and, why not, the Mirador de la Plaza Cantabria, from where you can see La Carihuela Beach and the fishing district of Torremolinos in all its magnitude.

torremolinos en familia

7. Try new experiences like doing a Golf Baptism

A perfect plan for your vacation is to let yourself go and carry out an experience you have never done before. Here you will find different varieties but in this post we suggest you to do a Golf Baptism. Come to the Academy of Miguel Ángel Jiménez, one of the best professional golfers in Spain, and take your first steps in this sport.

These are just seven proposals to enjoy Torremolinos in a different way, but the options are wide and varied. The best thing is that you make your own planning. Discover everything we have to offer you through this blog and our tourism page and enjoy your perfect holyday.

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