Romería y Feria de San Miguel de Torremolinos 2023
15 septiembre, 2023
Descubre el Encanto de Torremolinos en el Día Mundial del Turismo
26 septiembre, 2023

Tradition, bright colours and fiesta come together next Sunday September 24th in Torremolinos with the beginning of the two most expected events of our cultural calendar 2023: the pilgrimage or Romería and San Miguel Fair or Feria de San Miguel.

Our Romería is the perfect start for a week long festival that you cannot miss on your holidays in Torremolinos. Carts decorated with beautiful flowers on cheerful colours take part in a parade filling the streets of the town with music and great atmosphere.

Romería de Torremolinos: the most important urban pilgrimage in Andalusia

A large number of carts and tractors will participate this year in competition for the best garnished and most lively and cheerful awards. What is clear is that joy and fun will fill the streets of Torremolinos today from early in the morning. This year again, as tradition demands, there will be a pilgrims mass at 9:00 o´clock at San Miguel hermitage, with the blessing of the pilgrims and welcome and start of the procession led by San Miguel, the patron saint of Torremolinos. The gathering of carts and tractors will take place at 10:00 h at Avenida de los Manantiales, by Urbanización Los Palacios as usual. Here, another pilgrims mass in honour of San Miguel will take place, with the participation of San Miguel Pilgrims Choir. Then, the pilgrims will start the parade walking, and on carts and tractors, all wishing to share a beautiful day and have good fun, singing joyful songs, dancing Andalusian music, and enjoying good food and a drink.

This year again we will be delighted with live music and shows. At 16:30 h, the bands Callejón and singer Carlos Bravo will perform at San Miguel hermitage, together with a stellar performance of the band Raya Real.

This pilgrimage or Romería de San Miguel is unique and different to any other that you may know in Andalusia and Spain, with both joy and a profound religious feeling as its distinguishing characters.

If you want to experience the tradition as a real pilgrim of San Miguel, dress with a flamenca or flamenco suit and take the tour of the most important urban pilgrimage in Andalusia.

Pilgrimage with an ecological message

Added to the traditional fun, joy and colour of our Romería, in this 2023 edition the town of Torremolinos wants to reminds us of the importance of our environment with a message of awareness.

The maintenance of the natural beauty of our Paradise is a task for everyone, and so the message is clear: «Enjoy our pilgrimage, take care of our environment», seeking to raise awareness of the need to keep clean «Los Pinares” natural area as well as the other open air areas of Torremolinos that are involved in this Romería day so special for our town.

Classic Cars: Essence and passion on wheels

Two days before the Romería, on September 22nd at 11:00 h, at Centro Cultural Pablo Ruiz Picasso, as a novelty and as part of the program of events for Feria de San Miguel, there will be a meeting of classic cars or “National Classic Cars Club Seat 1430 – 124 and 124 Sport”. These cars will depart on a route through the streets of Torremolinos around 11:30 h.

Furthermore, the next day, Saturday 23rd, the traditional meeting called “Friends of Classic Cars in Torremolinos” will take place in Plaza Blas Infante, by the town hall, hosting up to 70 classic and vintage cars that will also tour through the streets of our town. If you are a car lover, or just curious, don’t miss these events!

A lot of good music in Feria de San Miguel 2023 from September 27th to October 1st

Music plays an important role not only in the Romería, but also in the fair or Feria de San Miguel, which takes place from Wednesday September 27th to Sunday October 1st this year. During this period, the convivial and fun spirit floods every corner of Torremolinos, both during the day fair and at night.

This year the fair will be more inclusive and accessible. For example, hearing protectors will be provided to children and young people with functional diversity so that they can enjoy the fair anytime.

It is a tradition that the fair begins with the floral offering to San Miguel in the Madre del Buen Consejo parish church. Also with the Fair Opening Speech at 20:30 h in Plaza de España, this year with the presentation of the Spanish actor Manuel Bandera.

To start our Feria de San Miguel 2023, on Wednesday 27th, the renowned singer Paco Candela, one of the best voices in Spain, will perform at midnight in the Municipal Auditorium Príncipe de Asturias in the fairground. Other important artists will also perform at the Municipal Auditorium Príncipe: the band Funambulista will perform on the 28th. On Friday 29th the band Efecto Mariposa. And on Saturday 30th, the popular band Siempre Así.

The most traditional moment: the Procession of San Miguel

September 29th is San Miguel Day, our patron saint’s day and therefore the most important day of our Feria. The events will start at 10:00 h in Plaza de San Miguel with a mass in honour of our patron San Miguel, with the performance of a choir. After that, at 11:00 h, it is the departure of the Procession of San Miguel, organized by the San Miguel Brotherhood, a parade through the main streets of Torremolinos with the image of the Saint followed by hundreds of pilgrims, being this a moment of great devotion and emotion.

Apart from the Procession on September 29th, do not miss the Floral Offering on September 28th at 18:00, as well as the parade departing from Madre del Buen Consejo parish church. To know the route, visit our web and social networks.

Children are the protagonists of Feria de San Miguel

Torremolinos is a #familyfriendly town where children are always welcome and the protagonists with their own “caseta” (Caseta Infantil) and their own parties and shows, workshops and daily performances in the fairground during the feria.

Least but not last, we have a great news for children and everyone. The last day of the feria, that is October 1st, all faiground attractions will be at a reduced price for the Children’s Day Celebration.

If you are thinking of visiting Torremolinos or coming for your holidays in September, why not save your dates to experience two of the most traditional events in our town: Romería and Feria de Torremolinos, with good fun and a great atmosphere all over the town day and night.

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