Día del Carmen, procession with Hail Mary, full of emotion and authenticity
20 August, 2019
Do you fancy an ice cream? Follow the freshest and most exquisite route in Torremolinos.
24 September, 2019

Celebrating la Romería and San Miguel Fair. Two of the most anticipated events of the whole year.

Tradition, fiesta and colour come together in Torremolinos, starting Sunday with two of the most expected celebrations on our festive agenda: la Romería and San Miguel Fair.

Romeria is the perfect event to start a week full of festive atmosphere, so if you are here on vacation, do´t miss it. The carts are colorful and beautifully decorated; filling the streets with music and good atmosphere

The most important Urban Romeria in Andalucia

A total of 18 carts and 39 tractors will participate this year and compete for prizes: the best decorated and the most cheerful. This day, Torremolinos will be full of joy starting in the early morning. Traditionally the carts to meet at 9 o’clock on Los Manantiales Avenue, at the height of “Los Palacios Residential Area”, from there the procession will start, on foot, or on carts and tractors, everyone wants to enjoy music, typical andalusian dances, good food and drinks. The highlight of the day, is the arrival at the hermitage of San Miguel at around 5.30 pm, where a mass in honor of San Miguel the Archangel is held. Its a chanted mass by the San Miguel choir, different from the traditional ones and worth seeing. We recommend, not to miss this special moment.

If you want to live the tradition as a pilgrim, don´t hesitate to wear a flamenco dress and take part of the most important urban pilgrimage in Andalucia. This year they will walk along Los Manantiales avenue, Madre del Buen Consejo Street, Río Arba Street, Isabel Manoja avenue, Palma de Mallorca avenue, Joan Miró avenue, Rafael Quintana Rosado street, Benalmádena road, Pozuelo crossroads until they reach the pine woods, where the fiesta will be at its peak, until it is the time to head to the hermitage.

Romería with an ecological message

This year, apart from the traditional fun, joy and color during La Romería, Torremolinos has joined the initiative #HazAlgoMalaga, which consists of the collection of plastic materials in order to highlight the negative impact of garbage generated on a single day. All the plastic collected, will be made into a sculpture. If you want to cooperate, the NGO “Travel, Enjoy and Help”, will wait for your of plastic items, on Rafael Quintana avenue, at the entrance of the old Fire Department.

A day before the Romería, Torremolinos will celebrate another traditional activity included in our September calendar, the ‘Friends of the Torremolinos Classics’ will gather at 9.30 in the morning. Blas Infante square will be filled with classic and vintage cars, which will go around town. If you are a car lover or just curious, don´t miss it.

Lots of music at San Miguel Fair from the 26th to the 30th of September

Music is important during La Romería and San Miguel Fair, which this year will last from Thursday 26th to Monday 30th of September, you can live the good atmosphere during the day Fair and at night, different themes can be enjoyed by everyone.

It is tradition to start the Fair with the pregón, (proclamation) this year, by Alfredo Taján, author of the book ‘Torremolinos, de Pueblo a Mito’ and with the lighting of the fair lights. The stellar performance will be by “The Travellers”.

On Friday the 27th, the Day Fair begins, with 7 stages where you can enjoy live performances and good atmosphere, share fun with friends on the main squares in town: Plaza Andalucía, Plaza de la Nogalera, Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Plaza Independencia, Plaza de la Unión Europea, Plaza San Miguel, Molino de Manoja Street and Palma De Mallorca Avenue, where the day fair is held.

The night fair continues on the fairgrounds, at different casetas (boths) and at the “Principe de Asturias Municipal Auditorium”, for the main performances: Mario Diaz on Friday, Maldita Nerea on Saturday and humorist Manu Sánchez on Sunday.

You can also enjoy the best cocktails with #COCTELMOLINOS that continues to offer “its best version” at twenty-six participating establishments, all included in our fair program, which makes this edition even more complete and attractive.

The most traditional moment: The Procession of San Miguel

On Sunday the 29th, the day of San Miguel, there is a moment full of devotion and emotion; during the Procession of San Miguel. We recommend, not to miss the floral offering, starting at 5:00 p.m. on Plaza de la Independencia, departing to San Miguel church, where the Procession begins at 7:00 p.m. To know the route, check out our social networks and those at Torremolinos Town Hall.

A Fair where children come first

Torremolinos is a #familyfriendly city where children play the main part and have their own booth at the fairgrounds during festivals,with workshops and daily performances. Also this year to make the inclusion of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, easier, the noise and lights of traditional carriages will be reduced for two hours every day, so that all children can enjoy San Miguel Fair.

If you are thinking of coming to Torremolinos in September, try to come for the Pilgrimage or the Fair, for the fun good atmosphere and to enjoy two of the most traditional events in our town.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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