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Scary Torremolinos: enjoy Halloween with the family at the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden and Plaza de Andalucía

Fifteen ghosts have taken over the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden, where a spell has turned it into «The Enchanted Mill». Magic, fear and above all fun are guaranteed at this year’s Halloween celebration in Torremolinos, with various activities but where the party organized in this green corner of our city stands out.

The Halloween activities start on October 31, the night in which the ‘Trick or Treat’ is usually lived and where, as is traditional in Torremolinos, we will enjoy activities on the street, in the Plaza de Andalucía. There will be costume contests for both children and adults, workshops and live music, where the concerts will move to November 1 at night.

A botanical garden converted into «The Enchanted Mill».

But this year, the main Halloween scene moves to one of Torremolinos’ favorite corners, the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden, which on the occasion will become «The Enchanted Mill», to experience the most terrifying night of the year.

It is an activity to enjoy with the family on November 1st, starting at 4:30 pm. A great gymkhana with workshops, games and the «Search for the Mystery», with fourteen skill and dexterity tests that the participants must pass.
In front of the teams, a small group of 15 ghosts who have taken over the Botanical Garden and have no intention to make it easy for them.
A fun afternoon night to share with the little ones where each group will have to pass the tests identified on a map. The key for teams, where an adult must always go, will be togetherness.

Makeup, magic and terrifying surprises

Fun is guaranteed for all ages and in addition to the gymkhana, there are several workshops to complete the night of terror. Wear terrifying makeup in the workshop and make sure your costume has the perfect dress accessories to be the master of the party, paint your hair in terrifying colors and be amazed by the magical shows not suitable for the fearful people.

All Saints Day in Torremolinos

But on these dates we not only celebrate Halloween, but also the traditional All Saints’ Day, where we honor our relatives and friends who are not longer with us. Therefore, in order to facilitate families’ the visit to their deceased, the San Miguel Cemetery will extend its opening hours from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm until the 2nd of November.

A perfect option after complying with the tradition is to visit any of the bakeries in Torremolinos and enjoy the traditional cakes in honor of these festivities. Don’t hesitate to try the «Huesos de Santo» ( Bones of Saint ) or the special Halloween cookies that will make you fall in love from their showcases.

You may also want to enjoy any of the themed parties organized by the beach clubs and discos in Torremolinos. Try the bloodiest cocktails, win prizes with your costume and above all, enjoy a bridge marked by fear but also a lot of fun in our city.

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