Esta Semana Santa 2024 ¡Torremolinos te espera!
21 marzo, 2024
XXV Dag van de buitenlandse inwoner: een viering van broederschap en multiculturalisme in Torremolinos
11 abril, 2024

This Easter 2024, Torremolinos awaits you!

Looking for an Easter with a difference?

Are you thinking about where to go and haven’t decided yet? Do you not know what to do and want to experience it in a unique way? Well, here we have the answer to all those questions: Torremolinos!

Why? Keep reading this post and you will discover why Torremolinos is the perfect choice for your Easter…

Our town transforms into a magical setting during Easter. Spring dresses the streets with colours and aromas, while religious solemnity blends with the festive atmosphere of the city.

Tradition and modernity merge into an unforgettable experience, where relaxation and fun are perfectly complemented. Come with whoever you want, family, partner, friends or alone, Torremolinos will surprise you.

If you fancy a different kind of Easter, here are some plans and places to make the most of this special time in Torremolinos:

For lovers of tradition

Witness the splendor of the procession


Semana santa
Pollinica -2018- Rohu
  • Marvel at the artistic mastery and craftsmanship showcased in the processional floats.
  • Observe the «costaleros,» the skilled bearers who carry these floats with impressive strength and devotion.
  • Immerse yourself in the palpable emotions of the local people and experience the unique traditions that come alive during Holy Week.

Unmissable Processions:

  • The Procession of «La Sentencia» (The Sentence): This exceptional addition to the Easter itinerary takes place on Friday, March 22nd, also known as «Viernes de Dolores» (Friday of Sorrows). Witness this historic moment as it makes its way through the heart of Torremolinos, departing at 8:00 pm from the Parish of Our Lord Jesus Christ Resurrected, located in «El Calvario,» one of the town’s oldest neighborhoods.
  • Palm Sunday Procession – «La Pollinica» (The Little Donkey): Mark the beginning of Easter on Palm Sunday with this vibrant procession. Commemorating Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, children carrying palms and olive branches join the images of Jesus and Santa María Reina de la Paz on their processional route. The procession departs at 11:00 am from the Parish of Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel, located in Plaza Picasso.
  • Procession Route:

    Calle Madre del Buen Consejo, Avenida de los Manantiales, Plaza Costa del Sol, Calle San Miguel, Plaza de la Nogalera, Avenida Joán Miró, Calle Doctor Jiménez Encina, Calle Río Yeguas, Avenida Joan Miró, Calle Rafael Quintana Rosado, Calle Europa, Avenida Isabel Manoja, Calle Río Arba, Calle Madre del Buen Consejo.

    Enhancing the experience, the throne of Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem will be accompanied by the Musical Group of Torrenueva (Granada), while the throne of Santa María Reina de la Paz will be graced by the Municipal Music Band of Benalmádena.

Good Friday, the day to remember the death of Jesus Christ, starting from Nuestra Señora del Carmen parish church (La Carihuela).

Early in the morning on Good Friday, at 9:00 am, a Via Crucis will take place along La Carihuela’s streets. The religious image of the Lord Santísimo Cristo de Los Milagros will march in procession through the streets of this former fisherman’s area.

The members of the Brotherhood taking the image of the Lord to the shore while reciting as penitents is one of the most moving moments. All the members of the Brotherhood, men and women, wish to participate and will take turns carrying the image of the Lord.

  • Good Friday Procession – «Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno y María Santísima de los Dolores» (Our Father Jesus Nazareno and Mary Most Holy of Sorrows): Witness the most significant procession of Easter in Torremolinos on Good Friday. This solemn procession, departing at 7:00 pm from the Church of Buen Consejo, winds its way through the central streets, creating a powerful atmosphere where faith and tradition intertwine.
  • Procession Route:

    Calle Madre del Buen Consejo, Avenida de los Manantiales, Plaza Costa del Sol, Calle San Miguel, Plaza de la Nogalera, Avenida Joán Miró, Calle Doctor Jiménez Encina, Calle García de la Serna, Calle Rafael Quintana Rosado, Calle Europa, Avenida Isabel Manoja, Calle Río Arba, Calle Madre del Buen Consejo.

    Adding to the solemnity, the throne of Our Father Jesus Nazareno will be accompanied by the musical group «Nuestra Señora del Carmen» from Calahonda (Granada), while the throne of Mary Most Holy of Sorrows will be escorted by the Symphonic Band of Puertollano (Ciudad Real).

  • A Tip to fully experience Easter in Torremolinos, you should plan your attendance so I recommend you:

    1. Check the Torremolinos Tourism website where you will find updated information.
    2. Use the informative totems. They are located throughout the city and show you the routes as well as information about the tourist attractions and services available.

Connect with the emotion

Immerse yourself in the spirituality and beauty of sacred music at the parish concerts organized by the Cultural Delegation.

Enjoy a repertoire ranging from classical works to contemporary compositions.

Be enveloped by the unique atmosphere of Torremolinos’ churches, steeped in history and tradition.


  • A repertoire that ranges from classical works to contemporary compositions.
  • The unique atmosphere of the churches of Torremolinos, full of history and tradition.

Don’t miss:

  • The mass-concert by violist Bogdan, on March 22nd at the Parroquia Ntra. Señora Madre del Buen Consejo, which will be held at 7:30 pm with free admission until capacity is reached.
  • The musical performance of the Coral Santa María del Mar at the Iglesia del Sta. María del Mar, in Playamar, on March 23rd at 8:30 pm.
  • The musical ‘El Mesías’ which will be performed in the Plaza Federico García Lorca on March 30th at 7:00 pm.

Admire the beauty

Contemplate the artworks depicting the Passion of Christ in the various exhibitions throughout the town.

Marvel at the artistic skill of the local creators.

Don’t miss:

  • The 3rd Easter Exhibition «Nuestra Pasión» until March 27th at the Torremolinos Town Hall.
  • The Exhibition of brotherhood paintings «Rumbo a la Pascua Florida» until April 28th, 2024 at the Casa de los Navajas, near the Paseo Marítimo del Bajondillo.

Savour the flavour of our Easter

Like any festivity in Spain, Easter is closely linked to gastronomy. And what does Easter in Torremolinos taste like?

Tradition, its aromas flood the streets… It tastes like freshly soaked torrijas in syrup, crispy pestiños, and heavenly leche frita.

Nevertheless, you can taste the flavours of our Easter in other typical dishes like Codfish stew with potatoes, vigil stew, and codfish fritters (tortillas) that transport you back to childhood.

Beyond tradition: But additionally, Torremolinos delights us with:

Typical tapas such as:  ensaladilla malagueña or fried fish, sardine skewers, and other handmade pastries.

Local wines that pair perfectly with each bite and will conquer your palate.

Come to Torremolinos and discover it for yourself!

Tip: Try the Lenten sweets from Polichinela, Marescri and Castillo cake shops and patisseries, or Francisco’s Bakery, among others. All their products are 100% made in their own workshop, with select raw materials… don’t resist the temptation, and remember that you only live once!

Potaje vigilia-Frutos

For those looking for something different beyond the festivities

Explore its golden beaches

Relax on the golden sand, let you be caressed by the sun, and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea on our beaches of La Carihuela, Bajondillo, Playamar, or Los Álamos.

Tip: Take advantage and visit one of the many beach bars to enjoy a paella or a delicious skewer while you look at the sea and feel its breeze.

Stroll through its lively streets

Walk through its lively streets, such as the emblematic San Miguel Street, and let yourself be enveloped by a special atmosphere. Explore its shops, bars, and restaurants. Feel the energy of the city and let yourself be carried away by its aromas, flavours, and sounds. In Torremolinos, every step invites you to live a unique experience!

Discover its cultural heritage

Delve into the history of Torremolinos. Visit:

  • The Torre Pimentel, a 14th century watchtower, just right on Cuesta del Tajo  street.
  • The Casa de los Navajas, a unique neo-Mudéjar (new abaric) style palace located close to Bajondillo promenade.
  • The Molino de Inca, a 15th century watermill.
Encuentra el Molino de Inca

Uncover its secrets

Enjoy the urban art that pays homage to stars who visited us like Brigitte Bardot or Frank Sinatra and many more. Don’t miss the Begoña passage, a space full of colour and symbolism that represents the LGTBIQ+ spirit of Torremolinos.

Relax in the large and green Parque de la Batería.

Be amazed by the colourful flowers of the Botanical Garden…

Torremolinos invites you to discover its secrets. Don’t miss it and don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes in your luggage!

Tip: The Tourism Department has prepared itineraries so that you don’t miss any corner of Torremolinos. Check our Torremolinos tourism website.

Casa de los Navajas

Go on an adventure

Hike the trails: the Camino Del Agua, or the climb to the la Cañada Del Lobo viewpoint, and enjoy the breathtakingly views of the city and the coast.

Mirador Cañada del Lobo
Mirador Punta de Tarifa

Practice your favourite sport

If you are looking to practice your favourite sports or start a new one during Easter, Torremolinos offers you a perfect combination of spring weather, top-level facilities, and activities for all tastes. Whether you are an amateur athlete or an elite athlete, you will find options for you:

  • In our sports centre with an excellent infrastructure where you can practice athletics, swimming, tennis, paddle and many other sports…
  • Or on your own, you can cycle or rollerblade along the promenade, practice water sports on the Los Álamos beach, improve your swing on our wonderful Miguel Ángel Jiménez golf course, or go hiking in our mountains…

As you can see, Torremolinos offers you an Easter full of possibilities, the ideal destination to make your week unforgettable!

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a different Easter. What are you waiting for? Book your trip to Torremolinos and get ready for a memorable experience.

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Have you already experienced Easter in Torremolinos? Share your experience in the comments!

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