Top 7 geheime hoekjes van Torremolinos om op instagram te zetten
24 febrero, 2022
Top 7 coins secrets très instagrameables de Torremolinos
24 febrero, 2022

Top 7 secret corners of Torremolinos to put on instagram

For decades, Torremolinos has become one of the most appreciated destinations for photography lovers and social networks addicts, especially Instagram. And it is that the town has countless very photogenic corners where you can immortalize yourself with a selfie and become the envy of your followers. Today, in this article, we want to show you some of the most Instagrammable secret corners of Torremolinos.

1. Lookout Tower from the Park “La Batería”

The “Parque de la Batería” Watch Tower offers one of the most incredible panoramic views of Torremolinos. There is probably no other place in the whole city that is better to Instagrams than this. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most appreciated places in the whole city to take memorable photos.

2. Molino de Inca Botanical Garden

Make sure your battery is properly charged when you visit the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden. Surrounded by one of the greenest landscapes in Torremolinos and home to three water sources – La Cueva, El Inca and Albercon del Rey – it is rich in plant species and one of the most special settings for posing and creating your perfect story.

3. La Cañada del Lobo ( the Glen of the Wolf )

La Cañada del Lobo as the highest lookout point in Torremolinos, is the ideal place to take the most beautiful pictures of the beautiful landscapes of Torremolinos and its surroundings. A viewpoint of which the beauty equals that of the Parque de la Batería. So, if you want to breathe in the fresh mountain air, put on cozy clothes, go upstairs and enjoy the unbeatable views of Torremolinos, the Costa del Sol and the Sierra Nevada in the background. Don’t miss it.

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4. El Morro (the point or the rock of Torremolinos)

El Morro is one of those places that, without wanting, steal your heart. It is a natural promontory that separates the two beaches of Torremolinos, La Carihuela and El Bajondillo. It is without any doubt one of the most charming places to take pictures that you can do on a walk along the sea. Ideal for taking pictures at sunrise or sunset.

5. Photographs with art

If you love art, Torremolinos is an ideal destination. You’ll find plenty of places to immortalize in your photos and share them on Instagram. Such as the «Street Art» murals made by the artist Nesui src in the corridors of the Centro Comercial España, where you will see world-famous artists such as Picasso, Paco de Lucía and Camaron; actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Spike Lee and Tommy Lee Jones, among others; And the iconic Brigitte Bardot, on the Plaza Costa del Sol. And the statues of Elena Laveron in Avenida Palma de Mallorca, Plaza Costa del Sol and the gardens of Centro Cultural Pablo Ruiz Picasso are some of the ideal places to improvise a selfie.

Of course you should not miss the chance to stroll through La Carihuela, Torremolinos’ most maritime district, full of narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed facades and colorful flower pots filled with flowers that create dozens of very photogenic corners for you to share on your social networks.

Fotos de Torremolinos
Pasaje Carihuela

6. Neighbourhoods of Montemar and Playamar

The neighbourhoods of Montemar and Playamar are two very attractive residential areas that still preserve part of the history of Torremolinos and a lot of artistic essence. In Montemar you can discover the most literary side of the city, where many artists, especially painters and writers, were inspired by their works, such as Dalí, Sánchez Dragó, James A. Michener and Juan Gotysolo.

For its part, Playamar is a true reference point for the architecture of Relax, where in the 1970s the famous Playamar Towers were built, representing an architectural trend in which Torremolinos played a key role.

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7. Los Alamos Beach Clubs

Los Álamos has become one of the most popular areas of Torremolinos, where you’ll find a wide range of beachside beach clubs with a chill-out atmosphere. The sandy beach, the tranquillity of the Mediterranean and the colourful cocktails are ideal for taking dozens of photos.

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