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It´s a modern naval city, just ten minutes away from the airport, connected by plane, train and highway, with good weather all year round, more than 325 sunny days. It has spaces to walk, beaches to rest, sites for outdoor sports. Is there anything else you can wish? Of course, enjoy our wide gastronomy, start with some tapas and continue tasting a huge international variety, do not miss feeling like at home in our English bars, restaurants with British cuisine and above all, a city that cultural and historically is linked to illustrious Englishmen and a multitude of British who have made you feel like at home when you come to Torremolinos.

Torremolinos is a city that thanks a lot to United Kingdom and especially British illustrious figures for the tourism and culture, as it would not be understood without them. It is the case of George Langworthy, known in our streets as El Inglés de la Peseta, who is considered a pioneer on La Costa del Sol, by transforming in 1898 the old barracks of rifleman of Santa Clara into a spectacular residence with magnificent gardens and viewpoints over the sea which years later it was transformed into the First Hotel in Torremolinos, el Hotel Castillo de Santa Clara. This hotel became a meeting point for British liberals but also for illustrious figures of our Spanish culture, such as the members of La Generacíon del 27 or the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and his muse and wife Gala.
Langworthy was named years later, Favorite Son of Torremolinos and his remains can be visited at the English Cemetery in Malaga.

A large British community with a leisure and restaurant offer inundates Torremolinos

Our city is a cosmopolitan city where many nationalities live together making Torremolinos a multicultural city full of unique and different events that commemorate the traditions of our different communities. Besides Dutch and Indian community, British is one of the largest in our city, with more than 1,600 English people living here. 13 percent of foreigners living in Torremolinos are in fact British so forget about having problems with the language and feeling strange, because English language and culture are deeply rooted among us.

As a starting point, we propose la Plaza de la Independencia where you can follow the Premier League in any of the English and Irish pubs. Branigans Pub, The Bailey Irish Pub, Three Lions Bar, The Rugby Club … wherever you go, beer and the good atmosphere are assured.

La Carihuela, an essential stop to enjoy the British experience

La Carihuela is a must to stop. The old fishermen’s neighborhood also includes the essence of our culture, where the image of fishing boats on the beach is a snapshot to take,and a multitude of restaurants specialised in British cuisine. If you want to taste a rich English breakfast, this is your area.  

The Mirage British Cafe Bar, Fig & Olive, the Irish Father O Malleys or The Ivy on Salvador Allende Street; The Carvery on Saltillo Street, Nicks Bar on Chiriva Street and the Winstons Bar on Carihuela Street are restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a menu with British specialties.  

If you stay in another area of ​​Torremolinos, you will also find British corners such as Tudor Rose, Copacabana Street, The Lime Avenue, Antonio Navajas Ruiz Street or The Real Oak on Callar de la Playar, 9.

The Galloping Mayor and Tina’s Bar are essential

There are two pioneer bars that stand out in the British leisure offer, The Galloping Mayor and Tina’s Bar, places that have been open since the 60s and where the British soundtrack of their albums and their English cocktails and beers have got foreigners and neighbors of Torremolinos worked up.

The first in opening was the Shelagh’s Bar, now Tina’s Bar on María Barrabino Street, which became one of the most visited in the 60s by chance. Two years later, in 1964 The Galloping Mayor, that still lasts and where to have a beer or a cocktail is part of Torremolinos´history.

In total, more than 210,000 British come every year to enjoy the advantages of this English corner on the Costa del Sol and many of them fall in love with our city so much that they become part of that percentage of our foreign community.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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