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22 octubre, 2021
Torremolinos, un paraíso para sentirte como en casa
29 octubre, 2021

Torremolinos, a paradise to feel at home

Torremolinos is a modern city with a great seafaring tradition that is located just 10 minutes from Malaga airport, connected by plane, train and road. With an enviable climate all year round and more than 325 days of sunshine. Full of parks and green areas for quiet walks, idyllic beaches to relax and numerous points for active tourism and sports activities. And, if that were not enough, it has exquisite local gastronomy and countless international restaurants, including dishes typical of British cuisine.

But also, it should be noted that Torremolinos is a cosmopolitan city where a multitude of nationalities coexist, which makes the city a multicultural corner full of unique events that commemorate the traditions of different cultures. The English community is one of the largest in the town. In fact, 13% of the foreigners living in Torremolinos are of British origin, so the English language and culture are deeply rooted among the locals.

In total, more than 210,000 Brits come every year to enjoy the benefits of this English corner on the Costa del Sol, many of whom are completely captivated by the city and decide to buy a holiday home in the area or just stay to live in it.

Why is Torremolinos a fantastic destination for Britons?

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1 Direct connection to Malaga airport 

Torremolinos offers a direct train connection to Malaga airport, from where flights arrive daily from 25 British airports, with Manchester, Liverpool and London being some of the cities with the cheapest flights. In addition, the commuter train makes it very easy to reach different points of the city. But you can also move by bus, taxi or private vehicle.

2 The beach of La Carihuela

La Carihuela is the old fishing district of Torremolinos, where much of the essence of the city’s culture is preserved, where it is still possible to see the traditional fishermen’s seines moored on the beach. But you will also find a wide range of restaurants where you can enjoy a fantastic menu full of British specialties, such as The Mirage British Cafe Bar, The Carvery, Nicks Bar and Winstons Bar.

3  British leisure activities 

In Torremolinos you will also find a wide variety of British style pubs and nightclubs. Two of the pioneers are The Galloping Major and the Tina’s Bar, which opened their doors in the 1960s and where the British soundtrack of their dicos and their English cocktails and beers has not ceased to excite visitors as much as the locals themselves.

4 A destination with a variety of experiences to enjoy

In the streets of Torremolinos you can enjoy a wide range of sensations. Discover its history, closely linked to that of the United Kingdom, and special spots such as the Morro, the Pimentel Tower, the Battery Park or the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden. Enjoy the exhibitions of the Casa de los Navajas and the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center, feel at home in the restaurants of La Carihuela specializing in English cuisine or enjoy a cocktail at one of the beach clubs overlooking the sea.

The main reasons why the British choose Torremolinos as a destination year after year are its climate, the sympathy of its people, its gastronomy and its great cultural diversity. 

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