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1 septiembre, 2020
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4 septiembre, 2020

Torremolinos, destination for instagrammers. Discover our most photographic corners.

Torremolinos has been a perfect destination for a few years for all those who are lovers of photography and addicted to Instagram, because in our city you will find perfect corners to immortalize yourself in it with a selfie and that you will become the envy of your followers.

One of the corners that is most often captured in the photos of our visitors is the Casa de los Navajas, our mansion from 1925 and where, thanks to its neo-Mudejar aesthetic and its great color, the photos acquire a special chalice. Perhaps that is why it is the protagonist of many weddings and civil ceremonies, because everything that is done in its environment has a different color, a touch worthy of being photographed. Many users use the stairs as a backdrop to immortalize themselves, or as their viewpoint from where you will see the beach of El Bajondillo and the Bay. Play with its chiaroscuro and then share it on our social networks.

If you like the heights, the Mirador Tower of the Battery Park is also one of the most appreciated spots in photography. You will leave with one of the best views in all of Torremolinos, perhaps even rivaling with an other of the most instagrammable points, especially for those who don’t mind going out in tights, such as the Cañada del Lobo (the Ravine of the Wolf).

In both locations, the views are breathtaking and the pictures come out spectacularly. Of course, and thanks to our network of trails, in La Cañada del Lobo you are surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. And in the Battery Park, due to a large number of elements and together with the watchtower «Torre Mirador», make this corner of Montemar an ideal place for photography enthusiasts. Dare to take a snapshot while rowing on a boat or immortalize the Venetian carousel that you will find in the background.

Selfies in natural surroundings and historical corners

Next to the Battery Park, the Casa de los Navajas and La Cañada del Lobo you will find other places worthy of being photographed. Make sure you have a battery in your mobile as you approach the Molino de Inca Botanical Garden, where in addition to one of the greenest landscapes in Torremolinos, you can enjoy an educational visit surrounded by over a thousand plant species. Take advantage of the scenarios and viewpoints you will encounter on your walk to pose for the perfect story.

The battery should last as you go down to the Pimentel Tower, located in the heart of Torremolinos on its the way down to the beach. In addition to the tower, which also gives the city its name, you can find the perfect photo in the surrounding streets and in the craft shops. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @ttorremolinos or upload your photo with the hashtag #Torremolinos #EnjoyTorremolinos.

Among the favorite corners of our instagramers are the beaches, and who has not ever immortalized the perfect sunrise or sunset while enjoying a relaxing moment on any of our beaches. Special admiration has the natural monument Punta de Torremolinos or El Morro (Point of Torremolinos or the Nose). On one side the beach of La Carihuela and on the other El Bajondillo.

Photograph art and share it with the hashtag #Torremolinos

If you’re more of those who prefer to enjoy art, orremolinos is a perfect city for that. Come and immortalize your photos next to the statues of Elena Laverón in the central areas and unique places such as the Costa del Sol square and the avenue Palma de Mallorca, as well as the gardens of the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Cultural Center. These are works that must be touched, lived and of course, also photographed and shared. Ideal for improvising a selfie.

If you go to Plaza Costa del Sol, Plaza Costa del Sol, next to the statue of Elena Laverón, you will certainly enjoy the pergola that invades the square with life, designed by the architect Salvador Moreno Peralta and that it puts the perfect icing on the cake in a square which has been completely renovated a few months ago.

In addition to the statues full of life, the urban art is the perfect setting for a multitude of photographs. In this sense, Carlota Alessandri Avenue is one of the favorite places for Instagrammers.

And between wall painting and wall painting, don’t forget to stroll through La Carihuela, our most maritime neighborhood, where you will find perfect corners with narrow streets with Andalusian decorations and where the color of the plants contrasts with the white facades of the houses and the «Jábegas», the fishing boats on the beach. This area is also perfect for taking different snapshots, but with a memory of our more traditional side.

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