Torremolinos, sport ook op vakantie.
4 septiembre, 2020
Wat te doen in Torremolinos als je alleen maar voor een weekend komt
7 septiembre, 2020

Torremolinos has become a benchmark for sports tourism in recent years thanks to its well-maintained facilities and its wide range of activities for professional athletes, but also to spaces focused on family and sports tourism, making it a sport-friendly destination.

Our mild climate, with 325 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 18.5 degrees Celsius make our city a perfect destination to train at a high level and not to forget to do sports also on vacation.

Facilities prepared and available for you

If you are one of those whose favorite hobby is to do sports, Torremolinos will be the ideal place for your holiday and the Sports Village «Ciudad de Torremolinos» will be your favorite place in our city. In it, you will find several football fields with natural and artificial grass, four tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, an artistic skating rink and a skateboarding track and of course, a large athletics track where you can keep in shape with practice various activities.

In the same enclosure you also have access to two Olympic swimming pools, one of which is an outdoor pool and where you share streets with many sports teams who choose Torremolinos for their stages. Next to it there is a jumping pool and the pool complex for therapeutic use, where you will find backstroke schools and other modalities.

Even if you are one of those who cannot spend a day without going to the gym, you will enjoy all the beauty in the sports city with a large gym with different bodybuilding areas, cardio spaces and steam rooms and a hot bubbelpool to relax after training.

Special prices for tourists

Also making use of the facilities if you are a tourist and spend the night in Torremolinos, it will be economical for you. The Municipal Sports Council is considering bonuses and special rates for our visitors, providing that you are staying in a hotel or in a tourist area of our city. For more information on how to access the facilities of the Sports Village, do not hesitate to go to the Municipal Sports Council, which you will find in Pedro Navarro Bruna street, in the facilities of the Sports City.

It is located in the upper part of the city, next to the fairground area, and you can get there on foot, taking a pleasant walk, by train at the Montemar Alto train stop or by bus, thanks to the urban bustransport from Torremolinos.

Try new sports, such as golf or horse riding

One of the things you should do while on vacation is to let your imagination fly and try new experiences. In Torremolinos you can do it too by practicing new sports disciplines such as golf.

If you are one of those who have never played golf before, you can try a golf baptism at Miguel Ángel Jiménez Golf School, an academy opened a few years ago by the international golfer from Malaga and which has become an ideal place for the smallest of the house but also for the adults to start with this sport.

On the other hand, if you are a professional golfer, Torremolinos has a 9-hole golf course, practice area and technology area to perfect your swing. Keep an eye out for hole 7, hole «Angustias» (Fear) as it is a replica of hole 12 of the Augusta National, a part of the North American Amen Corner.

Another unique experience if you have never tried it is riding a horse for the first time. At the El Ranchito Riding Center you will find a space to take a horse ride, whatever your level, from beginners to expert riders. Ask for group and personal classes and for the little ones, ask for information about the summer camps, so that they start from a young age to feel love for horses.

Enjoy nature by hiking

Torremolinos is an excellent place to enjoy a good walk in a natural environment, as it has different hiking routes that will take you to enjoy our natural corners.

If you have a low intermediate level, perhaps your best option is to enjoy a pleasant walk by the sea on the 6 km route that runs along our Promenade and Coastal Path, «Paseo Marítimo y Senda Litoral». For athletes in better shape, discover the natural environment of the Ravine of the Wolf «La Cañada del Lobo», where in the highest part you can get one of the best views of the bay of Malaga from the viewpoint.

Of a medium difficulty, you will also find the route that is part of the Great Malaga path «Gran Senda de Málaga», with a duration of about 4 hours and that takes you along the path connecting Benalmádena, Torremolinos and Alhaurín de la Torre . Discover all our hiking routes in the post that we dedicate to the practice of this sport. 

Water activities, to enjoy the coast of Torremolinos

If you move like a fish in water, an excellent option, especially in the summer season, is to go to the sea and practice some water sports. Catching the waves on a surfboard, exploring the coast of Torremolinos by kayak or scuba diving are some of the options that our town offers you.

Another option is to take a jet ski, enjoy the classic pedal boats or try new things like Parasailing, Fly fish or Twister.

Open sea swimming competition and other sporting events

If you like to compete, you may also want to know about the sports events that take place every week in Torremolinos, since our town is constantly promoting the sport with outdoor competitions. The Torremolinos Coastal Crossing Swimming Journey, the Jábegas League, the Surfcasting Fishing League, Judo and Paddle Days and many more competitions you can find on the Sports Board page of our Municipal Sports Council.

A space for running and cycling

If you are a runner, Torremolinos is your city, and running while enjoying the smell of the sea is priceless. And also, if you like to compete, you might want to sign up for the cross, triathlons and the various popular races that usually take place in our city. You can also set the goal to participate in the 2021 half marathon which will be celebrating its 31st edition and will take place on the first weekend in February.

If you prefer to go by bike, you will find several places where you can rent one and take a ride. In addition, many of the hiking trails can also be done by bicycle thanks to the network of trails.

Whatever sport you practice, in Torremolinos you will find the ideal city, thanks to the temperature but also thanks to the facilities we offer you.

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