Torremolinos is Cultuur: geniet van de gebeurtenissen in onze stad op het ritme van muziek
18 agosto, 2020
More than 30 activities and a great Parade to enjoy the Christmas Holidays in Torremolinos
19 agosto, 2020

Torremolinos is Culture: enjoy the events of our city to the rhythm of music

If you are a culture lover, you will enjoy coming on vacation to Torremolinos because Torremolinos brims with culture on all four sides. In addition, it is lived on the street and to the rhythm of music, with events taking place throughout the year and that will make you enjoy different activities and styles.

Throughout the year, the main squares of our city are turned into cultural venues to host different festivals, performances, concerts and various activities as Torremolinos is a cosmopolitan city for all types of audiences.

Different scenarios for activities that will excite you

In Torremolinos it is shown every day that any space can become an environment flooded with the magic of culture. This is the case of the beach, which during the summer becomes the best place to listen to classical music thanks to the Classical Music on the Beach Cycle.

Music in Torremolinos resounds in many unique spaces, such as the Casa de los Navajas, which hosts various cultural activities throughout the year, both exhibitions and musical performances such as the Flamenco cycle that filled this summer with sound and Andalusian color our palace at the Bajondillo. 

The main concerts and festivals are moved either to the Municipal Auditorium of the Prince of Asturias or to the Plaza de Toros of Torremolinos. It is impressive to see the arena lit up every year thanks to the dim light of the 200 candles, accompanied by the music of a piano during the event, «One piano and 200 candles». For those of you who love Carnival, experience it in Torremolinos as we do it not only in February and March, but also in the summer with the now traditional Carnival Festival of the Costa del Sol, where several «murgas» and «comparsas» ( groups with different singing styles), in some cases singing their sour, but always emotional lyrics while making you laugh.

New events to enjoy to the rhythm of salsa

Torremolinos is an innovative city that likes to organize new activities to welcome all styles. If you are one of those who move to the rhythm of salsa, the International Salsa Festival that takes place from August 13 to August 15 in the Municipal Auditorium of the Prince of Asturias will enchant you. And it is that the poster does not disappoint, led by a great Eliades Ochoa, winner of three Latin Grammys, and in the company of Isaac Delgado and Haila Mompié.

The music also resonated at the 1st Fair for Youth Associations, which filled the Plaza de la Nogalera with capoeira, magic, dance, percussion and even a catwalk for dogs on September 7. If you want to enjoy the culture and folklore of Torremolinos, you should definitely mark Plaza de la Nogalera on your map, as many events take place there all year round.

Events with great tradition on the Torremolinos agenda

There are events that mark Torremolinos’ agenda and where music plays the leading role. For example the Ruta del Rock, which is done in winter and repeated in spring and where concerts take place on different stages throughout the city. More than 30 different bands and artists meet in this already traditional event on the Torremolinos agenda.

And it’s that Torremolinos sounds like rock all year round, so if you’re into rockabilly you’re in the perfect town. Every February, our city hosts the Rockin ‘Race Jamboree, with more than 25 years behind it.

Coctelmolinos, an event to enjoy the best cocktails in our city

Between so much dancing and enjoying the rhythm of music, you’re going to need to refresh yourself and what better than with the best cocktails in town. How? Following the route of the bars and cocktail bars participating in the first Coctelmolinos, which takes place in our town until October 4th. All the cocktails you can try all have something in common: they should evoke the best of Torremolinos and leave you with the flavor that always reminds you of our city.

Hey, if you want to know the cocktail bars that are participating, all you have to do is take a look at the «Feeling Torremolinos» website. You will have no regrets.

Find out about all the events through social networks and the monthly agenda

If you are coming to Torremolinos for a holiday or to spend a weekend and want to know what events are on the program, we recommend yuo to follow closely the Tourism social networks on Instagram and Facebook as well as the Facebook Eventos de Torremolinos (link : ), where you can read about everything that is going to happen in our city in the near future.

But if you are more forward-thinking, you may want to check out the monthly agenda organized by the Torremolinos City Council which you can visit here

In this post, we have listed just some of the events to the rhythm of music that we can find in Torremolinos throughout the year, but we assure you that the agenda is more extensive. Exhibitions, children’s activities, theater, cinema, informational talks. You will find everything you are looking for.

Because in Torremolinos we have the best places to enjoy your leisure time and if you add to that our gastronomy and our most innovative flavors, you will not be disappointed.

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