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23 septiembre, 2020
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Torremolinos of cinema. Discover the scenes of the series of the moment: Brigada Costa del Sol, Toy Boy, The Crown

Torremolinos has once again been another great film set in recent years, where many of the current series have found the perfect setting in our city. Intrigue series such as the Costa del Sol Brigade, Toy Boy or Snatch or even the story of the Queen of England, with The Crown have been filmed in our town.
If you are a series lover and every night you see a new chapter on Netflix or on your television, you should know that many of the titles of the moment have been recorded or are currently in it in Torremolinos, along with other municipalities of the province of Malaga. And it is that our city was already until the 80s, the protagonist of many recordings of different styles, including the Landism films (Films with the Spanish actor Landa). Now, years later, the big production companies have once again set their sights on our city and Torremolinos has become the setting of Toy Boy, Brigada Costa del Sol, Snatch, The Crown, The Paradise, as well as several films such as «Toro» or «Contigo no», «Bugs» and documentaries, video clips and even reality shows.

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Costa del Sol Brigade, set in Torremolinos in the 1970s

Hooked on the new Telecinco series? Perhaps the streets that Bruno (Hugo Silva), Leo Villa (Álvaro Cervantes), Martín (Miki Esparbé), Terrón, (Jesús Castro) and La Buhíta (Sara Sálamo) walked through sound familiar and it is that Brigade Costa del Sol Torremolinos is, the beaches, the promenade, the Hotel Pez Espada or the urbanization La Roca.

Torremolinos is so much that it tells the story of the work of the Costa del Sol Narcotics Special Group which, in 1970s, fought drug trafficking more with olfaction than with means.

From, Exhibition and Congress Center to Airport with The Crown

The Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Torremolinos has hosted many types of fairs for many years, but it has never been an airport. But in the Cinema everything is possible and if you don’t believe it, ask the producers of The Crown, who saw this architectural icon of Torremolinos (link: architectural route) and turned it into an airport from 1960s. And it is so that our city hosts the filming of the third season of one of the most successful series in Netflix history, which tells the life of Elizabeth II. This season, the biopic focuses on the 1964 and 1970s story of Isabel. Very attentive because if everything goes well, it will be released from September.

More international series on the Torremolinos set

The Crown is not the only international series to spotlight Torremolinos as the setting for the chapters. The Finnish «The Paradise» is currently being filmed in many of our city’s enclaves, such as the Plaza de Andalucía and the Santa Elena Clinic. The Paradise, starring Fran Perea, known in Finland for «Los Serrano», is about memories and those people who remain anchored in them. It is a police thriller produced by Mediapro and the Nordic television YLE. The thriller begins with the disappearance of a Finnish family on vacation on the coast of Malaga and if all goes well, it will be released on Finnish television later this year.

Blog Torremolinos de Cine

Snatch was one of the first series to re-establish Torremolinos as a set and was filmed in Pablo Ruiz Picasso square, in the Real de la Feria, in the Iglesia del Buen Consejo and in Río Subordán street. Snatch tells the story of a group of twenty-something scammers among whom you will be familiar with the face of Rupert Grint or what is the same as the good Ron Weasley in Harry Potter.

Another Atresmedia and Netflix super-production, Toy Boy, also used Torremolinos as a backdrop in several of its locations. In the first three chapters of this series, you will see Hotel Isabel, on the Playamar promenade, or the Frutos restaurant in Los Álamos. Toy Boy tells the story of Hugo, who one day wakes up on a sailboat next to the burned corpse of his lover’s husband. After spending 15 years in prison, he will try to prove his innocence while becoming a stripper.

Toro and other movies also set in Torremolinos

In 2015, Toro released the Kike Maíllo feature film starring Mario Casas and Luis Tosar, revolutionized Torremolinos with its recording. The film once again placed our city on the stage of the big screen and from then until now it is experiencing a new golden age in audiovisual productions.

From 2016 to the present, our city has hosted four video clips, three commercials, four reality shows, one feature film, four series, four documentaries, three television programs and two tourism promotions.

Operation Torremolinos, Cinema under the Sun

But long before Netflix existed, the world of cinema was already in love with Torremolinos. From the 1940s to the 1980s, our city was one of the favorite sets. It was common to see great artists and actors in the locals of our city and the anecdotes are numerous. From Brigitte Bardot and her donkey who went up to her room, while filming The Jewelers of the Glade to Frank Sinatra’s wrath atHotel Pez Espada.

And when we talk about cinema and Torremolinos, despite the fact that the films did not show the reality of the Costa del Sol, we have to refer to «Landismo» (films with the Spanish actor Alfredo Landa), since there were many films at that time recorded in Torremolinos, taking advantage of their locations, and showing us today, the landscapes of that time.

Years later, in 2002, Pablo Berger recorded the film «Torremolinos 73», winner of the «Biznaga de Oro» in 2003, which tells the story, based on a true event, of a married couple going through financial difficulties and whose life changes when they are asked to make erotic films in Super 8 format.

Blog Torremolinos de Cine
Blog Torremolinos de Cine

There are many productions that have been taking place in Torremolinos for years. If you want to know a little more about the movies that were filmed in our city or about curiosities that occurred during the filming, «Los amigos de Torremolinos Chic» make a very interesting tour.

And if you want to visit the sites where the scenes of your favorite series were recorded, do not hesitate to share it with us through our networks.

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