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Torremolinos, uw beste plan voor Pasen
31 marzo, 2021
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Diversión en el Puente de Semana Santa
31 marzo, 2021

Torremolinos, your best plan for Easter

Now that it is Easter, and although we cannot live it normally in our streets and squares this year, as we have chosen to take care of you and ourselves, but we still want you to feel our region and our tradition, and that we want to let you know that we carry Easter in our hearts.

We invite you to share our Holy Week with our brotherhoods and our parishes with an audiovisual tour that we have prepared, to relive the tradition and emotion of Easter week in #Torremolinos. Located the 7 totems that make up this itinerary on this map. In each of them you will find a QR code that gives you access to the videos of the various processions of our municipality when you scan, in order to enjoy them in a different and safe way.

We miss you and can’t wait to #volverteaver (see you again) in Torremolinos!

Strolling through the four processions from Torremolinos

Our city organizes four different processions every year in Holy Week which has its strongest days on Palm Sunday, Easter Tuesday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Two important main points and protagonists of our Passion Week are: the Parish of Our Lady, Mother of the Good Counsel and the Parish of Our Risen Lord Christ.

The Holy Week in which joy and solemnity go hand in hand and which binds both devoted and curious people of the local population and of the tourists who are eager to learn about our culture and enjoy our traditions.

The routes are extensively studied and developed by the brothers of the guild.

Palm Sunday: The Pollinica.

Following the Christian religion, Palm Sunday is the day when a Brotherhood carries the massive throne (“trono” in Spain) of Nuestro Padre Jesús a la Entrada de Jerusalén (Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem) in a procession commonly known as “La Pollinica”.
The traditional blessing and distribution of palms leafs begins at 10:30 h. at Madre del Buen Consejo parish, then the procession starts at 11:00 h. with all the nazarenes carrying palm leafs, and more than a hundred children wearing ivory colour robes and damask blue colour hoods walking in procession through the historical centre of Torremolinos, that is, Calle San Miguel, Plaza de la Nogalera, Avenida Joan Miró, Calle Europa and many other streets, until their return to the parish church.
The Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem throne carried in procession is preceded by the music band Agrupación Musical Virgen del Carmen (from Torrenueva, in the province of Granada). The throne of the virgin Santa María de la Paz is preceded by Benalmadena Municipal Band.

Holy Tuesday: Christ of Judgment and Lady of Calvary

Another procession of the Holy Week takes place on Holy Tuesday, when the thrones of Cristo Jesús de la Sentencia and Virgen Nuestra Señora del Calvario leave the Cristo Resucitado parish church located in the traditional neighbourhood called El Calvario. After 8pm the thrones will be carried out through the streets of the town until they are back in their church: Calle Rafael Quintana Rosado, Calle Europa, Avenida Isabel Manoja, the centrally located Plaza Costa del Sol, Avenida Palma de Mallorca, Avenida Joan Miró and Calle García de la Serna.

Both thrones are preceded by the music of Malaga band «Banda de Música de Cornetas y Tambores de la Reales Cofradías Fusionadas de San Juan».

Good Friday: Passion Friday in memory of the death of Jesus

On this day we remember Jesus’ death on the Cross.
Early on Good Friday we make the solemn Way of the Cross departing from La
Carihuela parish church Nuestra Señora del Carmen, carrying the throne of Santísimo Cristo de Los Milagros as Jesus on the cross. The Via Crucis starts at 9:00 pm, carrying Cristo de Los Milagros on a tour through the streets of La Carihuela neighbourhood, stopping at each one of the 14 Stations of the Cross to say the selected prayers and reflections.
The members of the brotherhood take the throne of Jesus to the shore while praying in a long-awaited moment.
In the evening, after 7:30 pm, the processions of Good Friday will start again from the parish church Madre del Buen Consejo. Women and men of the brotherhood will carry the thrones of Padre Jesús Nazareno and María Santísima de los Dolores. This is one of the most solemn days of the Holy Week to evoke and represent the crucifixion and death of Jesus.
In the evening and part of the night, the brotherhood will carry the thrones (tronos)
through the streets of Torremolinos before returning them to the parish church:
Avenida de los Manantiales, Calle San Miguel, Plaza de la Nogalera, Avenida Joán Miró, Calle García de la Serna towards Cristo Resucitado parish church, Calle Rafael Quintana Rosado, Avenida Isabel Manoja and Calle Río Arga.
The procession of both thrones will be following music bands: the throne carrying the Lord will be led by Agrupación Musical San Lorenzo Mártir (Malaga Viñeros
, and the throne carrying the Virgin will be led by Banda de Música Felipe Moreno (from Cullar Vega in Granada).

Blog Semana Santa en Torremolinos Via Crucis La Carihuela

The last day of Processions: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is the last day of the Holy Week, and Torremolinos commemorates Easter or the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The procession departs at 11:30 am. from Cristo Resucitado parish church, and the nazarenes carry the thrones of Jesús Resucitado and Virgen de la Estrella through the streets of El Calvario neighbourhood before taking them back to the parish church:
Calle Rafael Quintana Rosado, Calle Europa, Calle Buenos Aires, Calle Doctor Jiménez Encina and Calle García de la Serna.

So far our walk through the processions to commemorate our Holy Week every year, in accordance with the Covid19 measures and social detachment.

Don’t miss the typical Easter sweets!

If there is one thing you can do this Easter that you shouldn’t miss, it is to go on a sweet route through Torremolinos and enjoy the best of Easter. What better way to experience the audiovisual tours we have prepared than with a delicious sweet? Everything tastes better this way, don’t you think?

Here we leave some pictures so you can see these delicious desserts with the family and send us your pictures! in «My Torremolinos» or tag us on Instagram @ttorremolinos.

Torrija-caléndula-tradicional de pan mojado en leche con helado de leche merengada

Don’t miss the traditional «torrijas» (slices of bread topped with egg and milk), such as those with sugar and honey and without ice, that now flood Torremolinos’ bakeries and restaurants. They are the typical sweets of these important days, but you will also find «pestiños» (sweet dough) or baked milk.


(Photos provided)

And for those who do not want to lose the traditions, enjoy our Easter cuisine with some cod fritters with cane honey or the typical Vigil Pottage that takes away the senses.

Potaje de Vigilia

And the rest of the days you can enjoy our itineraries that we have prepared for you from the department of tourism where you can get to know the most beautiful corners of Torremolinos such as, , La Torre Pimentel, El Parque de la Batería, (with its recently extended opening hours from 9am to 9.30pm) La Casa de los Navajas, El Vivero Los Pinares (with its beautiful flowers in spring)and enjoy our gastronomyTake a walk by the sea on our more than 6 km long beach promenade (Paseo Marítimo), or go shopping on Calle San Miguel. 

And for the most intrepid walking routes such as,, El Camino del Agua (entrance behind the Hermitage) a walk of 3 hours in total duration or the climb to the Mirador de la Cañada del Lobo(access at the car depot). 

Ruta del Agua
Mirador Cañada del Lobo

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