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10 octubre, 2019
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What can you do in Torremolinos on a weekend?

Torremolinos is a perfect destination to spend a weekend and get away from your daily routine, in our town you will find all types of fun activities. No matter if you are the adventurous type, prefer to relax, like stories about history or if you are more the gourmet type, you will enjoy Torremolinos.

In this post you have 10 perfect plans for a weekend and no matter what you choose, time will stand still and you can enjoy to the fullest. Here are the best options for things to do in our city.

1. Visit the Botanical Garden “Molino del Inca” and let your mind travel to our greenest corner

The Botanical Garden Molino de Inca is a perfect place to let your imagination fly and forget about all your daily problems. The sound of water and the history of the botanical garden, closely linked to our mills, will make it a perfect visit. There are almost a thousand different types of plants, with a great variety of palm trees and a dozen different types of birds. In our greener area, the water and the sound of its small waterfalls and fountains will stay with you. Stop to take some pictures at the natural labyrinth in the centre of the botanical and in the Japanese garden, share them on Instagram and of course, enjoy your visit.

2. Walk through Parque de La Batería and enjoy the views from Torre Mirador.

Parque de la Batería is another recommended visit during your weekend, especially if you come with children as it´s one of the kids favourite in Torremolinos. The park is well-connected, right next to Montemar Alto train station. There are several interesting sites at the park. Enjoy the boat ride on the artificial lake and fall in love with the views from Torre Mirador, you can climb the stairs or use the lift. Either way,climb to the top, about 15 meters high, breathe and enjoy the coast of Torremolinos.

Let time go by on the Venetian Carousel, at the bottom of the park and take a quiet walk through the enclosure.

3. Walk along the promenade and discover “La Casa de los Navajas”, a mansion facing the sea.

After the park, we recommend to take a long walk along the promenade to enjoy the view of the sea. Go to one of the coffee shops or ice cream parlours along the way and give yourself a treat.

When you get to el El Bajondillo, look out for “La Casa de los Navajas” facing the sea, overlooking the coast, guardian of thousands of people passing by. The palace dates from 1925, located on a cliff, built in “neomudéjar” style. The entrance is free and it opens every day. We know you won´t regret it.

4. Enjoy the central San Miguel street and discover some of the shops in the neighbourhood.

After visiting “La Casa de los Navajas”, you deserve a rest. You can go to the central San Miguel street and stop at La Bodega or in Guerola to eat something. After the well-deserved rest, how about some shopping? San Miguel Street and its surroundings are the shopping centre of Torremolinos where you can find traditional shops with a special charm and also the large chains of clothing and accessories. Do not leave Torremolinos without visiting this special street and without a souvenir.

We also recommend to stop at Cuesta del Tajo and enjoy the majesty of “Torre Pimentel” tower, which gives our city its name, “the Tower of Mills”. If you want to know a little more, visit this post.

5. Try new experiences, like a golf baptism

Do you like trying new experiences when you visit places? In Torremolinos you have many opportunities. If you have never played golf, you can start here thanks to the Golf School, Miguel Ángel Jiménez. If you are more like a fish in water, maybe take a diving baptism on the weekend.

6. Relax and pamper yourself with a treatment at any of our wellness centres.

If you prefer to relax and pamper yourself on the weekend, or get a health cure, there are a variety of wellness centres and Hotels with beauty and spa areas, in Torremolinos. Check out everything Torremolinos offers for your well-being.

7. Watch the sunrise from any of our beaches

On one of the days, we recommend to get up early and watch the priceless sunrise from El Morro or Punta de Torremolinos. Afterwards, you may want to take a dip on one of our beaches. Something possible almost everyday, as there are 325 sunny days a year with magnificent temperatures.

8. Visit icons of our history, like the Relax Architecture.

Torremolinos is a city with history, many anecdotes and a pioneer in many aspects in Spain and Andalusia. During the 50s and 60s, Hollywood stars, like Brigitte Bardot and Ava Gardner fell in love with Torremolinos, some like Frank Sinatra lived great anecdotes. To know the history of Torremolinos and visit some of the corners as Pez Espada Hotel or the icons of the Relax Architecture, is a fantastic plan if you come for a weekend.

9. Eat “espetos” and taste our extensive gastronomy at our Beach Bars and Restaurants.

Torremolinos is also a gastronomic city where enjoying its cuisine is a great plan. You can not leave without trying “espetos” and fried fish at our famous beach bars. You can also combine different types of dishes. Our restaurant network is wide, you decide the flavours you want to try.

10. End the evening at any of our beach clubs and enjoy Torremolinos by night.

A weekend worth it´s salt, deserves to end with a good cocktail, a great dinner and most importantly, the best company. You can do just that, on our terraces and at the beach clubs.
Here are only 10 perfect things to do, but the beauty of Torremolinos is immense, if you come for a weekend, you´ll be back soon, to get to know it better. Don´t forget to share your experience on Instagram, we love to see you having fun.

Torremolinos Tourism
Torremolinos Tourism
Browse our blog and you will discover that Torremolinos, always associated to beach and summer, is also a cultural and modern destination where you can visit places like the Botanical Garden or take a ride aboard a traditional seine.

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