¿A qué te suena Torremolinos?
27 julio, 2022
Torremolinos es vanguardia, es turismo: del primer hotel de la Costa del Sol a la innovación turística
9 agosto, 2022

What do you think Torremolinos sounds like?

Torremolinos is an adventure for all the senses, not only will it captivate you with its incredible landscapes, its radiant sun, or the smell of its beaches, but also with its sounds. Because Torremolinos is a feeling, because Torremolinos has its own sound, and what better way to feel it than through music.

Feel Torremolinos

Many well-known artists of the national scene are from Torremolinos, and other international ones have been captivated by our town and its way of life. Throughout history, these artists have paid tribute to their homeland, and many others, even without being from Torremolinos, have fallen in love with a place as magical as Torremolinos.

The best example of this is Danza Invisible, one of the musical references of the movida madrileña during the 80’s in Spain. Ricardo Teixidó creator in its beginnings, Manuel Rubio, Chris Navas Antonio Gil, Paco Vilchez, and the incombustible Javier Ojeda, have given rhythm to our most recent history with their genius and good energy. And they continue to delight us with their creativity and mastery, seeing them in concert is a real spectacle where you can not stop dancing. Silent witness in the heart of our city, we walk along a street named after the musical group Danza Invisible, born in Torremolinos.

New groups such as Rubio Americano, Kinki Cortex or the Ten Shots and Kao are also born in Torremolinos and continue to sow the seeds of art in our town. 

Likewise, great artists such as musical group Los Zafiros, back in the 60’s, dedicated a song to us, as also did the British Dorothy Squires, who sang to our town, although they were not born in Torremolinos, they and many other artists have paid tribute to this so magical land.

Spots in songs

Torremolinos welcomes all genres of music, because just like the music, Torremolinos belongs to everyone, and so it reflects in its streets.

If you stroll along the beach and stop to listen to all its sounds, you will realise that the atmosphere in the chiringuitos is very different from how it is in more central streets, with chill-out music that will relax you and make you live movie moments while you enjoy the sun and the sea breeze.

However, if you want to make the most of the last hour of the day, your plan is to go out to La Nogalera, where reggaeton and Latin rhythms will be the soundtrack of your night.

Whether alone or in company, in Torremolinos every spot sounds different, there are thousands of experiences that Torremolinos offers you, there are thousands of songs that represent us and without you the sounds would not be the same.

Do you venture to compose the Torremolinos Playlist?

Now it’s your turn, we want to know what Torremolinos sounds like to you. We want you to make Torremolinos part of you and of everyone.

Share with us the song that reminds you of Torremolinos and that has been part of your most special moments to create the Torremolinos Playlist.

Leave your song here and make Torremolinos sound more and better.

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