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21 septiembre, 2020
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Where to eat in Torremolinos if you fancy Japanese

If you are one of those who, wherever you go, love international flavors, especially Japanese food, than you are lucky since Torremolinos is a mix of cultures and flavors, and in our town you will find a good selection of Japanese restaurants where you can, among other dishes, enjoy excellent sushi.

Eating in a Japanese restaurant is quite an experience. The bittersweet mixture is very different from the Mediterranean and traditional dishes, its natural flavors with a high use of fresh products or the eating with chopsticks among many other sensations, give us a different experience when selecting a Japanese for lunch or dinner.

In Torremolinos you will find a great gastronomic variety and Japanese food should not be missed. From «fast food» and food deliveries to charming places where you not only enjoy Japanese food but also a complete experience, as if you were moving to Japan itself.

Tasting at a good price in a quiet environment

If the restaurants specializing in Japanese food in Torremolinos are characterized by something, it is for their cozy atmosphere, where you can enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner with friends, as a family or as a couple. To enjoy each bite, explore each dish and savor extensive and careful menus.

From here we recommend that you try the tastings, where you can discover the variety of the menus, for example the Japanese Nozomi, highly valued by visitors for its value for money or the Aota Sushi, where you can enjoy its buffet to leave nothing behind without trying.
Another highly recommended option is to go to the Tiki Restaurant where you of course will need to make a reservation as it is a highly rated restaurant and maybe if you go without a reservation you will not find a seat. Original decoration, cozy atmosphere with soft background music and the best food. Very close you will find the home delivery restaurant, the Tiki-away that we will talk about later.

In the Makitake Torremolinos, you will find next to a very cozy restaurant, a wide variety of menus for those who have never tried Japanese, it is a good choice so that you can enjoy the experience but also ideal for those who love Japanese food. With an urban touch, this spot of the Makitake chain in Torremolinos is the perfect space for lunch and dinner in the purest Asian style.

Japanese chill out zone

Tired of daily stress? Looking to relax while trying new things? The feeling of relaxation and the good atmosphere created stand out in the Kabuki Lounge which stands out for its beautiful decoration, its chillout area for drinks and for the reception with free Japanese tap beer that whets your appetite to try its sushi and its extensive menu of foods.

The covered terrace ofKibo Gastrobar is also perfect to escape from the day to day routine and enjoy a rich gastronomic experience, where you can enjoy aswell, a blend of flavors between Japanese and traditional food creating a rich sensory experience.

Sushi home delivery

Another option for those who don’t want to leave their hotel or apartment is to choose to order from home, where you will find a great variety in Torremolinos too. Many of the Japanese restaurants in our city offer this option, although we emphasize the Tiki-away , with all the traditional flavors of Tiki, but specializing in take away food or the Show Sushi. For when you end up without a table, but despite everything, you want to delight yourself with good sushi, savor a miso soup or a tasty sashimi.

A Japanese hotel for a complete Japanese experience

If you are looking for a different experience and want to live a night differently, you may want to complete your dinner or lunch with a complete Japanese experience. And it is that in Torremolinos we have one of the few Japanese hotels in Spain.It is a meeting point between Japanese and Spanish culture, but above all it is an oasis of peace, where you can escape from daily stress and where you can transport yourself to Japan without leaving Malaga.

Do you want to try the furo or Japanese bath? Want to check the comfort of sleeping on a futon? Well you can do it in Torremolinos at La Luna Blanca. Here you can enjoy a true Japanese experience, ideal for couples who want a different experience and perhaps want to end the perfect evening in their Japanese suite.

Beyond Japanese food, in Torremolinos you will find a great gastronomic variety, where many of the city’s restaurants incorporate some Japanese food in their menus. However, if you are more into tapas, come to any of those who participated in the «Ruta de la Tapa» Tapas Route, one of the traditional events held in Torremolinos.

And if you want to have a complete Japanese experience, you might first want to discover the charming Japanese garden of the Molino de Inca, a corner of Torremolinos where you can lose yourself among springs, birds of prey and vegetation. With 500 square meters, it reproduces a garden with typical Tsukiyama lakes and where you will find a large collection of bonsai.

Wherever you go, don’t forget to share your experience with us through your social networks or in the #MyTorremolinos section of our website, where visitors and residents of Torremolinos tell us about their experience in our city.

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