XXV Dag van de buitenlandse inwoner: een viering van broederschap en multiculturalisme in Torremolinos
11 diciembre, 2020
The Torremolinos Tourist Information Offices.
18 febrero, 2021

XXV Day of the Foreign Resident: a celebration of brotherhood and multiculturalism in Torremolinos

In Torremolinos approximately 21 percent of the population is foreigners, from different countries, which contributes a great multiculturalism to the city, expanding its customs and traditions. For this reason, every year there is a great party for the whole family where folklore, gastronomy and crafts from the different nationalities of Torremolinos come together in the Plaza de la Nogalera.

In 2021 it will be held on April 10 and 11

The XXVI Day of the Foreign Resident 2021 will be celebrated on April 10 and 11. From 12:00 to 11:30 pm, on a perfect day, you can enjoy a cosmopolitan atmosphere to try new cuisines and enjoy the folklore of our foreign neighbors. A perfect day to enjoy it with the family and spend a great day in Torremolinos.

In total, representatives from 17 countries come together at this great festival with musical performances, gastronomic traditions and crafts thanks to the work of 24 different associations.

How is the event?

The Day of the Foreign Resident is traditionally enjoyed in the Plaza de la Nogalera. As soon as you arrive, you will find, dominating the square, a large stage that will be where the folklore performances of the different nationalities take place. This year, the communities of residents of Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, the Philippines, Finland, Honduras, India, Morocco, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Singapore will be represented. On stage you can see from live musical performances, from various singers, orchestras and bands, to international folkloric exhibitions of the represented nationalities.

Next to the stage, in the square you can visit different tents dedicated to each of the countries. And next to them will be the booth of the Cancer Care Association (CUDECA) and the booth of the Office for Foreigners (Oficina del Residente Extranjero), where you can get tourist information and answer to all your questions, so that your visit goes perfect.

Ideal to come with your family

The day of the Foreign Resident is an ideal celebration to come as a family, because together with the tents and the musical and festive atmosphere, you have a large central area with chairs and tables so you can taste all the gastronomic specialties of all the participating countries. So if you are curious and always want to try the typical cuisine of other countries when traveling, you have the perfect opportunity to take a gastronomic journey without leaving Torremolinos.

Artisan displays

But in addition to cuisine and culture, on Foreign Resident’s Day, crafts become very important, so don’t miss the large handicraft demonstrations that the participating associations and groups bring every year. You will find pieces and objects from Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, India, Morocco, Mexico and Peru.

How to get to the Plaza de la Nogalera?

The Plaza de la Nogalera is one of the main squares in Torremolinos, which hosts a large number of events every month. From «Turismo Torremolinos» we recommend you to travel by public transport, because if you use the shuttle train you will find a stop right in this square. The bus also get you very close to it, just two minute walk. You can also come by car and park for free at the Picasso Cultural Center.

Why the Foreign Residents Day?

This festival has been celebrated for 25 years, which is already a tradition in Torremolinos. For two days, the city exhibits how cosmopolitan it is. And it is that our city has 14,717 neighbors from 123 different countries, approximately a 21 percent of the population.

Each year, this celebration pays tribute to the different nationalities that live together in Torremolinos, which has always been a pioneer in welcoming people from other countries who eventually fell in love with our city. A multicultural and tolerant Torremolinos, open to coexistence, based on solidarity and respect with neighbors who will make you feel at home.

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